Rude Things People Say When You’re Pregnant

Check out my video for some Rude Things People Say When You’re Pregnant. Some worst (yet hilarious) things I have ever heard while sporting my baby bump.

There’s just something about a baby bump that makes people lose their filter. They end up blurting out the first thing that comes to their mind – and chances are that’s it could be seriously offensive.

Staying Up Late? Try Some Natural Sleep Aids

Staying Up Late? Try Some Natural Sleep Aids

Whether you’re having trouble falling asleep or you are a night owl, getting good quality sleep is tough. But you need to get in your seven to eight hours so you won’t be experiencing sleep deprivation symptoms like brain fog, confusion, mood instability and of course fatigue. Stop yawning and try these tips to help you sleep better.

Duracell Durathon – Bringing family together

Duracell Durathon – Bringing family together.
It’s time for Duracell Durathon to head over to Delhi, after its successful first marathon in Mumbai last year.
Duracell is all set to encourage Delhiites to run with their family for a cause that could change their life.
This family run called Durathon is a great initiative by Duracell which encourages families to spend more quality time together. Check the post to know how you could participate.

Dear Coffee.. A letter to my favourite Drink.

Dear coffee,
I really wish ours was a mutual love affair. I wish you needed me in your life as much as I need you. We both know that this wouldn’t be possible.
The truth is that if I stopped drinking you today, you won’t even notice. Read this cool letter to my favourite Drink.

A letter to the younger me on my first day to college

Dear 18 year old Preetjyot,
Hang in there girl, I have a big secret to share with you. Something that could change your life forever. I’m your future self and I took special power from the Momsteins to send you this letter to let you know what you are getting into.
It’s your first day in college and I know you are pretty nervous, so I thought I will let you know that this new phase is going to be the most rocking one.

Letter to my siblings – my crazy 4 gang

Come join us as we celebrate the month of love ‘ The Momsteins’ way.
I’m thrilled to be hosting a five day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by us, ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up. 
Today’s prompt is ‘Letter to parents/inlaws/siblings/kids’.
And here’s a Letter of love to my 3 siblings.

Incrementally challenging toys could make your child Smarter 

I’m a firm believer of learning through play.
It’s highly believed that quite a less number of kids are born with mathematical talent, while the rest don’t have the ability to succeed at a higher level. Cognitive science has lately proven this myth to be wrong.
Human brain isn’t hardwired. It continues to develop throughout one’s life. Incremental learning could help in the emergence of new abilities. Check out my post to read about some awesome benefits of incremental challenging toys.

Amazing Ways to Wear Summer Skirts in Winter Season

If ever you are in a position of dilemma where you have to give up on your sassy summer skirts to protect you from cold, hold up right there because I have got you some amazing dressing hacks to make your wish come true. Well, this is the case with every second girl who loves her short skirts and tops and always finds it difficult to take them out of their wardrobe. We all are well versed with the phrase that fashion has no limits and boundaries. Moreover, the real fashion is what we create and own which later becomes a trend.

Vitamin B6 supplement benefits

Vitamin B6 helps the immune system of our body since it produces various antivirus that could help out body fight various diseases. Since it’s soluble in water, the body doesn’t store any leftover amount of this Vitamin. Hence we constantly need a regular supply of this vitamin in our diet.

A crazy letter to Santa from a crazy mother | a letter that all mothers wish they could write

Here’s a crazy letter to Santa from a crazy mother | a letter that all mothers wish they could write
I write this letter to you hiding in my secret hideout place (my awesome W.C. in the washroom), the lights are shut (so my girls wouldn’t know I’m in her), and my phone’s torch is being used along with my daughter’s crayon that I just smuggled out of her precious crayon box.

Garlic supplement from Zenith Nutrition – odourless garlic with great benefits

Garlic is not only a delicious culinary ingredient which gives a distinct flavour to food but is also really healthy and is used to cure various diseases, exactly why odourless garlic supplements are gaining the popularity they truly deserve.
I have recently started using Garlic Supplement from Zenith Nutrition and would love to share my experience with you all.

Vitamin B2 supplement review and its benefits |zenith nutrition 

There is something that could help us have a healthy lifestyle and that is a health supplement. If taken moderately and as per the instruction of your doctor, health supplements could do wonders for your body.
One such health supplement that I recently started using is Vitamin B2 from Zenith Nutrition.
I would like to share with you all the benefits of this Health supplement.

Buying a car : Tips for new parents

Buying a car can be really overwhelming if you are expecting or if you already have a baby, that is because your preferences change after you become a parent.So I along with my husband narrowed down on a list of what was important for us while buying a car. Here are some tips that helped us in buying a car.

Children’s day ideas that I’m sure no one gave you before

Tons of extra love, ‘brutal honesty’, ‘Pullable cheeks’ and galore of infinite questions is what could describe children the best. This children’s day let’s appreciate the blessing children are and make them feel that they are loved and valued. Here are some cool Children’s day ideas that I’m sure no one gave you before .

Amniotic fluid and it’s importance : how choosing a good maternity hospital could help

I was detected with oligohydramnios during my second pregnancy and learnt that about 8 percent women have low level of amniotic fluid. I was lucky to have found the right maternity hospital that helped me throughout my pregnancy. If it wasn’t for my gynaecologist, I would have been in distress. Exactly why I suggest all expecting parents to choose your maternity hospital wisely. 
If you would like to know more about oligohydramnios and how your maternity hospital could help you, please read on.

STEM education is getting all the attention it deserves | Skola toys

STEM education and toys are getting all the attention it deserves. The toys that our child plays with has a huge influence on his development. It’s important to introduce your child to the world of educational toys which would allow him to learn while having fun, during his growing years.
Any kind of toy would offer value to a child’s developing brain, however instructional, learning or educational toys would produce a specific value to his development.
I have been recently introduced to the world of STEM education since my daughter’s new school follows this system and I would like to share my learning about it with you all.

Gift of learning is what your kids need this festive season.

With the festive season right upon us, we all are gearing up to shop for gifts for our loved ones. You might be one of the person who has received a long wish list from your little one for some cool new gadget or some trendy toy.
However as a parent I’m sure you would want the Gaming consoles, iPads , tablets or any other gadget out of focus this festive season. The best gift for your child could be a toy that is low-tech and which could help develop his cognitive, social, emotional, motor and language skills.

Wandering Foodie Sweets – Takes the guilt out of the guilty pleasure

Festive season is around the corner and we all are gearing up for it and are excited to satisfy our sweet cravings. I have to share about something really exciting which could take away the guilt from the guilty pleasure. I was sent two boxes of healthy sweets from Wandering Foodie for my honest review – A box of Sattu ladoo and an assorted ladoo box called Treats , and I can’t wait to tell you all about these really healthy Ladoos. Check out my detailed review of this healthy brand of sweets.

The mysterious world of white noise and it’s benefits – Introducing Fade away sleep sounds

The biggest challenge that new parents face is helping their little ones fall asleep. As a new mom I often found myself struggling every night trying to make my baby fall asleep, and if I succeeded ever, I used to keep awake the entire night just because my body was too exhausted to even doze off. During this time only thing that never failed to surprise me was white noise. White noise is a combination of all the different frequencies of sounds with an equal intensity. It’s a unique kind of sound signal which is capable of overpowering any kind of background sound.

Softens complete baby care products review

Check out my detailed review of Softsens Baby care range. Being a mom for the first time, we end up doing a lot of research & experiments. With so many baby care products in the market, finding the right product for your baby could be overwhelming for a mother. It’s more of a ‘ trial and error’ process, till the time you hit the right cord, and you end up sticking on to it forever.

The Modern Indian Woman is Rocking the world- #9daysofWomanhood

Modern Indian Woman is someone who has broken all the stereotypes and is the one who believes in herself immensely. There has been a gradual change in the activities of Indian Women. From being a part of a pastoral society to enjoying the contemporary and global society, a woman’s role has changed tremendously. From a typical ‘GRAHINI’ who used to believe in just catering to the household responsibilities to a Woman who is  also working towards the socio-economic and  cultural aspects of the society, Modern Indian woman is ready to Rock it completely.

Breastfeeding baby while bonding with your toddler 

The biggest fear I had when I had my second child was that I should never make my first child feel neglected. She was our lifeline and would always be. The only time I felt that would be making her feel neglected would have been the breastfeeding time. That urged me to find a solution for it. Hope this helps all the mothers who have two kids or are planning to have the second one.

5 benefits of playing Sudoku

Sudoku is one of the most famous board game. People love this game for different reasons. Some play it for leisure, while others love the thrill that comes while they unravel the hidden tricks of this game. There are some benefits of playing sudoku that I would like to share this post.

How I bust gender stereotypes – My parenting mantra Blog train

I always thrive to break the stereotypes if it makes rational sense to me. Even before my first child was born, my husband and I had decided to bust the usual gender stereotypes in our family. We wanted to give a gender neutral environment to our child. Today, I want to share with you all about how I bust gender stereotypes and how I ensure that my little muffins know, that they could achieve anything they want in life, irrespective of their gender.

Globetrotters Review | Unique subscription box for kids

I would like to share with you a review about Globetrotters Box , which is a monthly subscription box for kids.
I love educational activities for kids, and when this fun box from Globetrotters arrived, I was probably more excited than my girls.
These are country themed boxes that you could choose to subscribe for and one country themed box would be delivered right to your doorstep. You could choose the subscription for 3 and 6 months.

Why all mom’s need a jigsaw therapy | Check out Jigsaw puzzles for adults on JSPuzzles

Whenever I play jigsaw puzzles, I’m forced to concentrate all of my attention on just one specific thing, hence there isn’t any room for my mind to wander around and stir up unnecessary trouble.

I always wished I had a pocket jigsaw puzzle, which I could carry anywhere with me.
I came across this really cool concept of a website called JS Puzzles, which provides some really interesting online jigsaw puzzles, to suit your mood. I got so excited when I realised I had a pocket jigsaw puzzle which I could use to unwind and recharge my mommy battery. Review | An online gifting portal that offers unique personalised gifts

I would like to share with you my experience about an online gifting portal that could take care of all your gifting worries, specially when it comes to personalised gifts.
I love sending gifts, more than receiving them, and I have always done a lot of brain storming for every gift that I have ever given to anyone.
I have always been a sucker for personalised gifts. I somehow feel that it’s the most special thing to gift someone.
When offered me to choose a product of my choice, I couldn’t help but chose something cool and personalised.

A solution for dry and frizzy hair | Mamaearth Argan Hair mask

I’m am so happy that I finally found a solution for my dry and frizzy hair.
All women crave for lustrous, beautiful and healthy locks. And let’s face the reality, even if you use the best of makeup techniques, it could be easily overshadowed by dry and lifeless hair.
Over 90% women suffer from dry and frizzy hair due to excessive chemicals, weather, heat, genes, etc.
Check below my detailed review of this chemical free solution for the dry and frizzy hair, and which also claims to take care of the hair fall.

Giveaway and review: Nursing dress from Threads and Shuttles | For an easy and most functional nursing access

Nursing dress from Threads and Shuttles Review. We all often get caught up in buying some of the obvious things for our babies: the stroller, the crib, the car seat, the baby carrier, etc.
As a nursing mom, I’m sure you might have not thought as much about what the heck you would wear. Check out my review for this really comfortable nursing wear.

Crazy talking apples | Cool idea for sending fruits to your child’s school for his/her birthday

Let me show you an interesting way you can send fruits to your child’s school for/her birthday.
I couldn’t find some good books for my child’s birthday this year, so thought of going ahead with sending fruits.
Well!! But I didn’t want to go the boring way.
Thought of doing something crazy with the little apples for my little muffin.
The boring apple were going to be crazy talking apples.

Toddler who ate grass..really??

I am shocked at how my three year old has grown up into an intelligent little kid. As a parent never underestimate a toddler. It’s not wise to feel that your toddler doesn’t need to know a piece information about something, merely coz you feel they won’t understand.

5 cheat codes to be a good mom

Want To be a good mom? The moment I realized I was expecting my first child, I was determined to be a good mother just like any other woman. I always knew I wanted to do it the right way. Everyone around me showered me with their take on motherhood. I was in constant search for a magic parenting formula.

12 Fun LAUGH-OUT-LOUD Reads to have a laughing session with your child

Have you come across a book for your child that made you fall down laughing?

I am sure that’s a rare case !!!
Yes!! There are definitely some fun books that would make you laugh out loud!!! If you are looking to have a fun laughing session while reading with your young ones, read on.
Here are some books that will definitely make you laugh your lungs out:

Fun April Fool’s day pranks to pep up a Flight Attendants day !!!

Are you a Flight attendant?? Go play these fun pranks and enjoy this April Fool’s Day!!!Trust me nothing can be better than cracking a joke at your work place to brighten up your day.
Now for a cabin ATTENDANT since the work place is 36000 feet above the sea level, the pressure of safety and security is really high. Hence, its really important to let go at times.

Here are the best Read aloud Books for your 0-3 year old muffin

Make sure you practice reading out aloud (which a skill, trust me!!), with your little muffin. It’s a skill to be able to draw attention of a child, by changing your volume, pace or voice.

You should pay attention to what you are reading. Make sure you reflect the drama and emotions through your voice. These emotions would also be visible on your face. The best trick here is to act silly.

A cool Chocolate Face mask

Do you feel guilty every time you indulge in chocolates? Here is a perfect way for you to fulfill your chocolate fix without feeling guilty. Who said chocolate is just for your tummy. You can use for to make your skin yummy too. The delicious raw dark chocolate, is truly a delectable treat, but with health benefits.


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

I hope everyone reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes by you have an opportunity to change. It could be a complete transformation, an interchange or just an exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings, and more importantly a refreshment of your MIND and by this you become different.

How to Trim a Baby’s Nails without any hassle

It can be a pretty scary business the first time you have to trim your baby’s nails. I am sure most of us would have had accidents while trimming baby nails .If you’re tempted to skip it, know this: nail trimming is important since babies often don’t have very good control of their arms and could accidentally scratch their face, or worse yet, an eye.

Is it a criminal offence to raise an English speaking child in India?

Is it a criminal offence to raise an English speaking child in India? I am not here to judge any language or any country. But have a little request, before we want to judge a family that raise an English speaking child, let’s judge our educational system first, let’s change the environment at work places. And if we can’t change all that,then let’s respect the parents who are making an extra effort to help their child survive and excel in this English oriented world.

T-Shirts to Boast Your Breastfeeding Status

Check these T-Shirts to Boast Your Breastfeeding Status. I found PLENTY of T-Shirts and onesies with funny and thought-provoking and in-your-face breastfeeding slogans. These slogans give out great message, which I wish all breastfeeding mothers could wear.

About me

Thanks for stopping by my website. I am going to assume that since you are on ABOUT ME section of my Website , you might want to know a little about me. I am Preetjyot K. Mehra (Juhi- as my loved ones call me) , the author of this humble website. This is my own little corner of the web, a place where I share interesting articles and ideas .

When your child won’t stop interrupting – Bring in the “Excuse me” Rule

Have you come across times when your child just constantly interrupts you? Screams ,shouts and tries to do all possible things to gain your attention , just to give you a small message, while you are in the middle of a very important conversation. Do you feel embarrassed by your child’s behavior when he interrupts ? And do you know what to do in such a situation?

Driving while Pregnant – A complete safety guide

Are you scared of Driving while pregnant ?
Every parent is worried about how to protect their little muffin even while he is “still in the oven”. Pregnancy comes with a long list of do’s and don’ts.
What about driving while pregnant?
Do you wear a seat belt?
Do you go without?
Do you just start walking everywhere?
If you keep worrying about these questions, don’t worry and read on to know all about it.