5 benefits of playing Sudoku

Sudoku is one of the most famous board game. People love this game for different reasons. Some play it for leisure, while others love the thrill that comes while they unravel the hidden tricks of this game. There are some benefits of playing sudoku that I would like to share this post.

How I bust gender stereotypes – My parenting mantra Blog train

I always thrive to break the stereotypes if it makes rational sense to me. Even before my first child was born, my husband and I had decided to bust the usual gender stereotypes in our family. We wanted to give a gender neutral environment to our child. Today, I want to share with you all about how I bust gender stereotypes and how I ensure that my little muffins know, that they could achieve anything they want in life, irrespective of their gender.

Globetrotters Review | Unique subscription box for kids

I would like to share with you a review about Globetrotters Box , which is a monthly subscription box for kids.
I love educational activities for kids, and when this fun box from Globetrotters arrived, I was probably more excited than my girls.
These are country themed boxes that you could choose to subscribe for and one country themed box would be delivered right to your doorstep. You could choose the subscription for 3 and 6 months.

Why all mom’s need a jigsaw therapy | Check out Jigsaw puzzles for adults on JSPuzzles

Whenever I play jigsaw puzzles, I’m forced to concentrate all of my attention on just one specific thing, hence there isn’t any room for my mind to wander around and stir up unnecessary trouble.

I always wished I had a pocket jigsaw puzzle, which I could carry anywhere with me.
I came across this really cool concept of a website called JS Puzzles, which provides some really interesting online jigsaw puzzles, to suit your mood. I got so excited when I realised I had a pocket jigsaw puzzle which I could use to unwind and recharge my mommy battery.

IGP.com Review | An online gifting portal that offers unique personalised gifts

I would like to share with you my experience about an online gifting portal that could take care of all your gifting worries, specially when it comes to personalised gifts.
I love sending gifts, more than receiving them, and I have always done a lot of brain storming for every gift that I have ever given to anyone.
I have always been a sucker for personalised gifts. I somehow feel that it’s the most special thing to gift someone.
When IGP.com offered me to choose a product of my choice, I couldn’t help but chose something cool and personalised.

A solution for dry and frizzy hair | Mamaearth Argan Hair mask

I’m am so happy that I finally found a solution for my dry and frizzy hair.
All women crave for lustrous, beautiful and healthy locks. And let’s face the reality, even if you use the best of makeup techniques, it could be easily overshadowed by dry and lifeless hair.
Over 90% women suffer from dry and frizzy hair due to excessive chemicals, weather, heat, genes, etc.
Check below my detailed review of this chemical free solution for the dry and frizzy hair, and which also claims to take care of the hair fall.

Giveaway and review: Nursing dress from Threads and Shuttles | For an easy and most functional nursing access

Nursing dress from Threads and Shuttles Review. We all often get caught up in buying some of the obvious things for our babies: the stroller, the crib, the car seat, the baby carrier, etc.
As a nursing mom, I’m sure you might have not thought as much about what the heck you would wear. Check out my review for this really comfortable nursing wear.

Things you would understand if your parents are STRICT

Things you would understand if your parents are strict

I totally love my parents!!
Like most of us do..
I have really attentive, supportive, hard-working and extremely strict parents.
I’m talking about come-back-home-by-6-or-you-would-be-dead kind of strict.

Crazy talking apples | Cool idea for sending fruits to your child’s school for his/her birthday

Let me show you an interesting way you can send fruits to your child’s school for/her birthday.
I couldn’t find some good books for my child’s birthday this year, so thought of going ahead with sending fruits.
Well!! But I didn’t want to go the boring way.
Thought of doing something crazy with the little apples for my little muffin.
The boring apple were going to be crazy talking apples.

A crazy letter to Santa from a crazy mother | a letter that all mothers wish they could write

Here’s a crazy letter to Santa from a crazy mother | a letter that all mothers wish they could write
I write this letter to you hiding in my secret hideout place (my awesome W.C. in the washroom), the lights are shut (so my girls wouldn’t know I’m in her), and my phone’s torch is being used along with my daughter’s crayon that I just smuggled out of her precious crayon box.

Toddler who ate grass..really??

I am shocked at how my three year old has grown up into an intelligent little kid. As a parent never underestimate a toddler. It’s not wise to feel that your toddler doesn’t need to know a piece information about something, merely coz you feel they won’t understand.

5 cheat codes to be a good mom

Want To be a good mom? The moment I realized I was expecting my first child, I was determined to be a good mother just like any other woman. I always knew I wanted to do it the right way. Everyone around me showered me with their take on motherhood. I was in constant search for a magic parenting formula.

Baby cloth diaper shop review | with amazing absorbency level

Mylittlemuffin conclusion: I was surprised to see the way the diaper still feels dry, even after the baby pees. When my daughter had peed in the diaper, on touching the inside of this cloth diaper, it still felt dry. I have fallen head over heels for this diaper, and would definitely recommend all mommies to give it a try.


Woo hoo!!!
No housework day!!!
April 7th is celebrated as this special day..No guilt… No Work… Only pampering…
You deserve this..Here’s a fun and relaxing plan for you:

12 Fun LAUGH-OUT-LOUD Reads to have a laughing session with your child

Have you come across a book for your child that made you fall down laughing?

I am sure that’s a rare case !!!
Yes!! There are definitely some fun books that would make you laugh out loud!!! If you are looking to have a fun laughing session while reading with your young ones, read on.
Here are some books that will definitely make you laugh your lungs out:

Fun April Fool’s day pranks to pep up a Flight Attendants day !!!

Are you a Flight attendant?? Go play these fun pranks and enjoy this April Fool’s Day!!!Trust me nothing can be better than cracking a joke at your work place to brighten up your day.
Now for a cabin ATTENDANT since the work place is 36000 feet above the sea level, the pressure of safety and security is really high. Hence, its really important to let go at times.

Here are the best Read aloud Books for your 0-3 year old muffin

Make sure you practice reading out aloud (which a skill, trust me!!), with your little muffin. It’s a skill to be able to draw attention of a child, by changing your volume, pace or voice.

You should pay attention to what you are reading. Make sure you reflect the drama and emotions through your voice. These emotions would also be visible on your face. The best trick here is to act silly.

Magic scrub to get whiter underarms..

I discovered this magic combination of scrub a couple of months back which helped me to get soft, smooth and whiter underarms. This scrub will also help you get rid of any body odour and keep your armpits clean and fresh throughout the day.

Team Mylittlemuffin’s favorite Chocolate Face mask

Do you feel guilty every time you indulge in chocolates? Here is a perfect way for you to fulfill your chocolate fix without feeling guilty. Who said chocolate is just for your tummy. You can use for to make your skin yummy too. The delicious raw dark chocolate, is truly a delectable treat, but with health benefits.

Make babywearing easy this summer..

With the summers just around the corner, I feared babywearing would become difficult. I was worried that the dreadful sun would make it difficult for me and my baby to roam around in the baby carrier.

All Natural and safe mosquito repellent

Are you always running away from mosquitoes? Are you always clapping your hands hard to murder some of these ruthless fellows? Are you one of those people who attract every mosquito in the neighborhood while others around you don’t get a single bite?


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

I hope everyone reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes by you have an opportunity to change. It could be a complete transformation, an interchange or just an exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings, and more importantly a refreshment of your MIND and by this you become different.

Yes I Am NEERJA..And Will Be NEERJA All My Life

Yes I am NEERJA..and will be NEERJA all my life. A song early in the morning just evoked a lot of thoughts in my mind. It was a usual morning, of a usual mother of two, getting one ready for school and feeding the other.
An ordinary morning, suddenly made me feel extraordinary about myself and my life.

How to Trim a Baby’s Nails without any hassle

It can be a pretty scary business the first time you have to trim your baby’s nails. I am sure most of us would have had accidents while trimming baby nails .If you’re tempted to skip it, know this: nail trimming is important since babies often don’t have very good control of their arms and could accidentally scratch their face, or worse yet, an eye.

Why we said NO to Cord Blood Banking..

I’m sure all new parents must have given atleast one thought to cord blood banking for their little muffin. I’m sure most of us would get lured by the fact that how miraculously cord blood could save a precious life.

I can’t breathe !!! Battling Rhinitis during Pregnancy…

I suffered from something called Rhinitis, and the reason Why I wrote about this is, that the studies show that over 30 pregnant women go through this nasal congestion, called rhinitis of pregnancy. Even then, neither my gynecologist, the E.N.T. specialist nor my normal physician was aware of it.

Things You Don’t Owe Your Child – Something All Parents should know about

Do you want to know about Things You Don’t Owe Your Child ?Are we teaching them how to be grateful for having what they have and work hard, or are we making life too easy for them?
Is that true? Is everyone entitled to get everything they want?
Children ARE entitled to parents who will teach them the difference between the things in life they have to work for and the things in life that are given freely.

How can I help my child succeed in school???

Here is a list of few things that I feel are important to help my child succeed in school??? Its evident that the family’s involvement in young children’s education may contribute not only to a smooth transition to elementary school for children, but also for parents, by helping to prepare them for later involvement in their children’s learning.

Is it a criminal offence to raise an English speaking child in India?

Is it a criminal offence to raise an English speaking child in India? I am not here to judge any language or any country. But have a little request, before we want to judge a family that raise an English speaking child, let’s judge our educational system first, let’s change the environment at work places. And if we can’t change all that,then let’s respect the parents who are making an extra effort to help their child survive and excel in this English oriented world.

T-Shirts to Boast Your Breastfeeding Status

Check these T-Shirts to Boast Your Breastfeeding Status. I found PLENTY of T-Shirts and onesies with funny and thought-provoking and in-your-face breastfeeding slogans. These slogans give out great message, which I wish all breastfeeding mothers could wear.

Should a sleeping baby be woken up every 2 hrs to feed

I have come across many new mothers , thriving babies who are a month or two old who are still setting their alarms and trying to force their babies to nurse and take both sides at a feeding. Are you one of the mommies who are confused- Should a sleeping baby be woken up every 2 hrs to feed. Let me help you understand the reason and concept behind this rule.

Tricks to have a happy night-time Nursing experience

Breastfed infants awaken to nurse often, because breast milk is so rapidly digested. Hence your sleep will be disrupted many times during the night. Even though you know it’s going to happen, the reality of being on-call 24 hours a day for your hungry infant can be a bit of a shock.

About me

Thanks for stopping by my website. I am going to assume that since you are on ABOUT ME section of my Website , you might want to know a little about me. I am Preetjyot K. Mehra (Juhi- as my loved ones call me) , the author of this humble website. This is my own little corner of the web, a place where I share interesting articles and ideas .

When your child won’t stop interrupting – Bring in the “Excuse me” Rule

Have you come across times when your child just constantly interrupts you? Screams ,shouts and tries to do all possible things to gain your attention , just to give you a small message, while you are in the middle of a very important conversation. Do you feel embarrassed by your child’s behavior when he interrupts ? And do you know what to do in such a situation?

Flying When Pregnant

Flying is no longer a taboo during pregnancy ,many pregnant women travel without any problems.Get amazing Tips for Flying During Pregnancy:

Babymoon-Before and After

Want to make some amazing memories …Go for a BABYMOON..Babymoons can be magical, unique times, building memories to last a lifetime. There are two kinds of babymoons, BEFORE and AFTER your little muffin arrives. Whether you take a babymoon before or after, or before and after – enjoy every moment! These special times pass by far too quickly.

Rude Things People Say When You’re Pregnant

Read on for the worst (yet hilarious) things preggies have ever heard while sporting a baby bump.There’s just something about a baby bump that causes people to lose their filter. They blurt out the first thing that comes to mind