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If you are searching for the best feeding pillow, This is the one you should go for.


Why I love this pillow:
My boppy pillow was gifted to me by my friends, and it’s been a boon for me and my baby.
Boppy is a u- shaped nursing pillow, which was first introduced 25 years ago and is the most popular nursing pillow around.
This pillow is to be put around your waist while sitting and you lie your baby on it, to get the most comfortable position for nursing.
It comes in various colors and patterns.
Also there are many different boppy pillow brands around. I have put links of the ones that I found the best.

1. It puts the baby at a comfortable height for breast feeding.Boppy pillow mylittlemuffin

2. The best part about this is that it’s machine washable, so be at ease that you would be able to take care of any inevitable spit up or any unfortunate DIAPER explosion.

3. You can get slip-covers made or can even buy ready made slip covers, to complement your style or room set up.

4. It’s a great support for mommies who have a c-section, as this helps you in getting a comfortable position, post the delivery, putting no pressure on the stitches, and gives you the best support.Boppy pillow mylittlemuffin hcg

4. It’s versatile. It can be used in a lot of ways:
Feeding ( which is a definite thing).
# It can be used to help your baby, who is learning to sit ( a great support for sitting).
# It can be used to cradle the baby.
# It’s a perfect product to make tummy time enjoyable.Boppy pillow mylittlemuffin fhy
# It acts as a pillow to catch the baby when the baby may fall over while sitting or playing.
# It acts as a comfortable place for a nap supervised on the couch.

5. It’s extremely easy to recycle this pillow. I used mine for my first child, and for the second one I got a new cover made, n boom!! I had a brand new one again…

My opinion : I would give a big high five to this product. It’s a must have for all the mommies. Even for mommies who for any reason aren’t able to nurse their baby, this boppy pillow won’t go waste. Like I mentioned above, it had many more uses than just being able to be used for the process of nursing a baby.Boppy pillow nhk
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