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This electric performance by an Afghan women rapper at the World New York Summit
, will give you chills.
A woman named Sonita Alizadeh raps about ‘bride sale’, at World New York Summit.

The lights became dim, and the crowd hushed, on seeing this woman on stage with barcodes painted on her forehead. Her image filled the screen at the 2016 New York Women in the World Summit.
The crowd was packed. They were awestruck with the opening of Sonita Alizadeh’s music video, “Brides for Sale,” a song that condemns child marriage, and that had itself saved Sonita from her own arranged marriage in Afghanistan.

The lights came on mid-verse, and Sonita appeared on the stage, thrilling the Mike with one hand, and sealing the other in rhythm with her voice.
She was dressed in red with a vibrant golden skirt, with a black scarf wrapped around her head.
She was seen pacing across the stage restlessly in her black flats.
While she rapped, her face and tone alternated rapidly between expressions of remembered pain and defiance.

Sonita was only 10 years old when her mother wanted to sell her as a bride, but this little girl managed to free herself using her striking musical talent.

Sonita’s family fled to Iran to escape the Taliban.
She could not get away with it when she turned 16. Her mother told her in 2014 that she would be married off for 9000$, so she could help to pay the dowry for her brother’s marriage.
Sonita felt heartbroken and turned to her love that was- rap music.

Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami, an Iranian filmmaker had been filming Sonita , since she thought would be an immigration story.
Rokhsareh paid Sonita’s family 2000$ so she could remain in Iran for a few more days and helped Sonita in producing the music video for “Brides for Sale.”
This song grabbed the attention of the whole world, and Sonita escaped her marriage yet again for good.
Sonia got a scholarship to study at ma music school in the United States.
Sonita’s mother used to state that her music was a nightmare for her.
Sonita mentioned that now her mother is her greatest fan.
Sonita was a fighter. She fought all odds and lived her passion. Her story is an inspiration to all the women out there.

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