5 benefits of playing Sudoku

5 benefits of playing Sudoku

Benefits of playing Sudoku:

Sudoku is one of the most famous board game. People love this game for different reasons. Some play it for leisure, while others love the thrill that comes while they unravel the hidden tricks of this game. There are some benefits of playing sudoku that I would like to share this post.

Did you know that playing Sudoku could help boost your brain power?
Whether you play it online, on a paper or on your phone, sudoku helps kids of all ages.
It works towards training the brain to perfection.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are of my own.

Here are some benefits of playing sudoku:

Mental math:

Sudoku being one of the best learning game for children and a brain game, helps polish a child’s cognitive skills. It familiarises a child with numbers and also improves his mental math skills.

Problem solving:

Since sudoku urges a child to use different thinking processes, it is highly thought provoking.

Does this series make sense? Are all the numbers in the series correct? Do all the numbers match? Should this number fit?

All these questions help a child to learn how to think critically, since he would keep trying to find the solution till he should surpass the level of failure and would get the solution.


It’s difficult to remember if you used a particular number in a row, column or box, and Sudoku helps you to remember it. This game helps in polishing a child’s skills of remembering where he placed a number.
When one repeatedly solves sudoku, it helps in sharpening the long and short term memory.
So all you mommies who keep complaining of memory loss after becoming a parent, do practice playing sudoku😁😎.

Positively diverting energy:

Any kind of Puzzle involves trial and error, and children usually don’t succeed at it in the first go.
This gives a child an opportunity learn two important lessons: never to give up and also be patient.
Instead of wasting time on television or YouTube channels, a child could spend time solving sudoku which works wonders for the brain cells and it’s something more constructive and positive too.

Increases focus:

Sudoku helps a child to be more focused and alert, which would have a positive influence on his performance. It helps a child to control his wandering mind and helps in clearly focusing on a task.

So next time don’t shout at your child when he is playing sudoku, instead join him.

You can play sudoku online as well on a website called Livesudoku, which gives you an option to randomise Puzzles with your own preferred settings, instead of offering you a set of pre-made Puzzles to try slowly and beat.
Trust me there is nothing that could beat a free online Sudoku which you could enjoy playing anytime, anywhere.
This website also gives you an option to compete with other players across the globe.
Click the link to check it out: www.livesudoku.com

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How I bust gender stereotypes – My parenting mantra Blog train

How I bust gender stereotypes – My parenting mantra Blog train

How I bust gender stereotypes – ‘My parenting mantra’ Blog train

I always thrive to break the stereotypes if it makes rational sense to me. Even before my first child was born, my husband and I had decided to bust the usual gender stereotypes in our family. We wanted to give a gender neutral environment to our child. Today, I want to share with you all about how I bust gender stereotypes and how I ensure that my little muffins know, that they could achieve anything they want in life, irrespective of their gender.Gender stereotypes

Welcome aboard our blog train – MY PARENTING MANTRA- an amazing Blog Train journey of some really wonderful bloggers. This train has been driving around for over a month now and I promise you that it would bring you some enriching content that would add to your own parenting experience.

You can meet all the super talented drivers of this Blog Train here.

I would like to Thank Pranita from Merogandmom for introducing me as the next driver. Read about her parenting style here!

It’s hightime we flex some muscles and bust the gender stereotypes in our society.

Kids have a natural ability to see the world without any limits. However it’s often observed that the adults usually signal that certain behaviour or things should be off the limits for kids based on their gender.

When this happens, the little heart gets smaller and smaller and it could also damage the child’s character.
All parents have the best intention for their child, however one might end up promoting stereotypes unknowingly, that could fence your child in.

The mantras that I follow, would ensure that your child understands that he or she could accomplish anything in life.

1. Let there be just toys:

Give your child a wide variety of toys to play with, for the sheer reason that it’s still unknown what the child would gravitate towards and why.
Your son might like playing with the kitchen set, since he sees you in the kitchen most of the times and wants to be like you.
Your daughter might like action figures merely because she enjoyed watching the latest super hero movie.
You won’t really know what your child might want unless you give her some options and encouragement to seek out what interests her the most.
That also means that if your daughter chooses to play with dolls, accept it as long as it’s absolutely her choice and isn’t the only option presented to her.

2. Make your child meet some meaningful people:

By meaningful people I mean making your child meet women who have followed all sorts of paths in life.
The reason why I’m suggesting this, is that the kids often take women as the ones who are responsible for taking care of her family. It’s important for the kids to understand that women have passions, interests and career outside of their family life. It would help expand your child’s horizons and would show her all the things women could do.
You could also get your child some child friendly biographies that showcase the real life achievements of women all over the world.

3. Discuss what you watch:

Television shows and online videos have a really short period of time to convert a story, and kids usually rely on the visual cues they get from there which is quite often gender stereotypical.
I wouldn’t suggest to avoid watching such things, rather watch and discuss.
Ask your child questions like, was the main character male or female? Would it make sense if that character’s gender was reversed?
The more you help your child look at the media critically and understand the negative impact of the gender stereotypes, the better equipped he or she would be, to defy them throughout their lives.

4. Think and then speak:

Your child is watching you all the time. How you speak about the women in your life has a big impact on the way your child would view a woman (or herself if you have a daughter).
When you compliment a girlfriend, your sister or a co-worker, avoid complimenting all the time about their clothes or how they look.
What I would suggest is, try to broaden what you praise in other women. Compliment them about how you admire their work, or like how they nailed it in a meeting.
All women, including your daughter definitely love being called beautiful, but they also need to know that they are valued for so much more than just their looks.
Also avoid talking ill about how someone looks, this could make your child learn about judging someone based on their appearances.

5. Chores have no gender:

You should try to assign household responsibilities in a rotating schedule, so everyone could get to try their hand at everything. If you have same gender Kids like me, try to showcase an environment where your husband and you switch your household tasks often, so your child understands that there isn’t any gender based chore.

6. Be adventurous:

Try to have some time together with your child where you could just do whatever you want. If you have a daughter you could paint your nails someday, but ensure you don’t do it most of the times or everyday. Be adventurous and try some fun outdoor sport too. This helps a girl child to see herself as capable and strong and not just a pretty kid. It would also teach her that the sports aren’t just for boys.

On this note I would like to thank you for hoping on the Parenting Journey of our famous Blog Train. Kindly meet our next driver Vasantha who is an amazing blogger who blogs at www.mysweetnothings.in .

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Why all mom’s need a jigsaw therapy | Check out Jigsaw puzzles for adults on JSPuzzles

Why all mom’s need a jigsaw therapy | Check out Jigsaw puzzles for adults on JSPuzzles

Why all moms need a ‘Jigsaw therapy’

(Check out JS Puzzles that offer Jigsaw puzzles for adults)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are of my own.

Jigsaw puzzles are games that are not only entertaining but also have an exceptional educational and health benefits. It’s one of my favourite activity to indulge in with my little muffins. It acts as a stress buster for me.
Jigsaw puzzles help me relax and always help put my mind on a better place.

Whenever I play jigsaw puzzles, I’m forced to concentrate all of my attention on just one specific thing, hence there isn’t any room for my mind to wander around and stir up unnecessary trouble.

I always wished I had a pocket jigsaw puzzle, which I could carry anywhere with me.
I came across this really cool concept of a website called JS Puzzles, which provides some really interesting online jigsaw puzzles for adults. Now I have something that could help me unwind and recharge my mommy battery.

Don’t we all mom’s have a chatter going on in our mommy brains all day long?
Well! I have realised with my personal experience, that jigsaw puzzles have a calming and relaxing effect.

Jigsaw puzzles are a way to have some ‘sane ME time’, in between the daily juggling that every mother has to go through.

Ever since I got to know of JS Puzzles, I spend atleast half an hour on enjoying my jigsaw puzzles, and once I’m done, it feels as if someone just pressed some ‘reset’ button installed on my brain and I’m all refreshed to tackle new mommy situations?.

We have to accept, that apart from the joy that parenting brings along, there are many times where a mom needs a quick break which works like a power nap. JS Puzzles helps me enjoy my quick break.
At times it’s just 10 minutes a day that I require on this website ( along with my super strong coffee) to feel rejuvenated.

I love indulging in various activities with my muffins, and we do have many jigsaw puzzles with different concept, shapes and sizes at home. However, this online jigsaw puzzle website is my ‘on the go entertainment partner’ now. Whether it’s waiting in queue at a doctor’s, a quick break in between my work, or my ‘ME time’ washroom breaks, this is something that helps me have a quick therapy that refreshes my mind.

Why should you choose JS Puzzles (Jigsaw puzzles for adults) ?

JS Puzzles helps you to create your puzzle as per your preference. You can also upload your own image to play a customised jigsaw puzzle.
They have a lot of themes you can choose from.
You can choose the number of pieces as per your mood. If you are in a competitive mood, you could choose smaller puzzles with more number of pieces, and you could also choose large and less number of pieces,  incase you are just in a mood to relax.
If you are in a mood to challenge yourself even more, you can choose some complex shaped puzzles too (Yes, they have a choice to choose the shape of the puzzle too).
And the best feature that they offer is that you could time yourself and compare your timing with the other players.

Jigsaw puzzles for adults

Jigsaw puzzles for adults

Jigsaw puzzles for adults

I would suggest you to give jigsaw puzzles a second chance to come into your life, and you would be surprised to know the benefits of this ‘jigsaw therapy’.

If you want to check out JS Puzzles website, check out this link:http://www.jspuzzles.com

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Bloggers and Influencers, Mumbai event organised by Johnson’s India and BabyChakra

Bloggers and Influencers, Mumbai event organised by Johnson’s India and BabyChakra

Here’s what I experienced at the Bloggers and Influencers Mumbai event organised by Johnson’s India and BabyChakra.


I was invited for an event organised by Johnson’s India and BabyChakra, on 8th May’2017.
Firstly, the fact that this was BabyChakra’s initiative made sure that I would attend it. This event was in collaboration with Johnson’s India, where there were over 25 Bloggers and Influencers invited at Hyatt Regency Mumbai.

It was more of a privilege to join in. For those of you who follow me, know that in the past I was nominated by BabyChakra to be a member of Johnson India’s Mom influencer council, and got a chance to visit Johnson’s plant in Mulund, and saw what goes behind the making of this brand (To know what I did back then, You could click on the link right at the bottom).

BabyChakra like I always say is like a parenting encyclopaedia. There’s a pool of information out there on the app and real mothers have written the reviews. It’s a great platform for new and expecting parents, where they get an opportunity to connect with various child related services and products, which are reviewed by honest parents. So if you are looking for a platform that could help you take the right decisions for your little muffins you know whom to trust.

Johnson’s India on other hand has been synonymous to motherhood. A brand that has been here since decades and have instilled great trust in the world of parenting.
When I visited their Mulund Plant, I was awestruck with the amount of research that goes behind the making of their products. They are  really strict in following their guidelines and very particular about it.

This event here was wonderfully organised, with a view to be transparent and to hear out the mothers in an open forum.
I reached well before time and had a warm welcome by Naiyya Saggi (founder of BabyChakra and a wonderfully inspiring woman) along with Neha Agarwal and Rhituparna from BabyChakra.

Naiyya spoke about how she had put up this event to help various moms voice out their queries and opinions about the Brand.
I was handed over a welcome kit and was offered some coffee and snacks.

People who follow me know, how I take my girls to all the events. This time around to my luck, I had someone to take care of them, while I could go for this event. So this mama here had a gala time driving all alone and chilling, and since I was up early today that coffee was a saviour.
One more thing that I would like to share is that they had organised a cute play area, so the little ones could enjoy themselves while their mommies were having a great time.
It was as if the entire virtual world came out right in front of me. It was great meeting so many wonderful BabyChakra momstars and fellow bloggers, whom I had known just virtually.

Minutes of the event:

The event began with a small talk given my Neha Agarwal, who is the community head at BabyChakra. She spoke about the agenda of the day and conveyed that all were free to speak their heart out here.

What my moment of the day was the fact that, the event began with a video made by Google, for BabyChakra which also featured my two daughters and Me. I was really overwhelmed and since this was the first time I ever stepped out for an event without them, this made me miss them even more. My girls would have been so happy to see themselves up there. Here’s the video:

Followed by this Deepali Agarwal who is Marketing Manager  at Johnson’s India, spoke about the Brand and what was the the agenda for the day.
Then came a selfie session?, to break the ice.
Well!! Who doesn’t like some selfies and boomerangs?.

This was followed by a fun quiz, where we could pick up a green or red placard to show if we approve of certain information which was shared by them.
All mommies shared some experiences and lots of myths were busted by Deepali.
We also had a super fun contest where we got a chance to conduct some fun experiments right at our tables. We called our team “The pathfinders“. This was so much fun. With the buzzer right in the middle and everyone racing to win, the Adrenaline was running high in the room.

What a wonderful way to prove some facts about their products.
For example we did a small experiment to compare the moisture content of Johnson’s Baby wet wipes, and I was surprised to look at the difference in the quantity in comparison to another popular brand.
Well!! Johnson’s wipes certainly proved itself to be a winner in this one.

We also washed clothes right on the table. Yes!! You heard me right?.
Never had I ever enjoyed washing a cloth so much before.
Johnson’ India has launched a new Baby friendly detergent liquid. So much cheer, so much energy in the room just to clean a piece of cloth and hit the buzzer. Water splashed all over the table and our clothes. But do you think that could stop from putting our heart into washing the cloth. We were really surprised at the result, since we put the different types of stubborn stains on it before cleaning it.

We also did a small experiment to check how Johnson’s top-to-toe makes hard water, mild for babies.
It was one crazy contest with teams rushing and pressing the buzzers like crazy.
It felt like being back to school.

We then had a rhyme quiz, just for fun, to lighten up the competition that was built up in the room.
It’s amazing how me mommies excel in the field of rhymes?. Aren’t we haunted by them all the time?.

Then came the time that we all were waiting for.

It was an open forum time, where we could put up our queries that Deepali from Johnson’s India was eagerly waiting to hear. She began by mentioning that we could ask the most difficult of questions and she would be more than happy to answer.
We mommies made it really tough for her. I was amazed at how she didn’t shudder away from the questions, rather happily and in a very straight forward way answered us all.

I would say that we all were convinced with her answers, more coz her explanations made sense.
This direct approach is what pleases parents, isn’t it?
We believe in what we see or hear, and not merely rumours.

A lot of myths busted and I feel more clear about the brand. They have been here since over decades and yes definitely for the right reasons.
You can watch a little clip of what Deepali spoke here :


Once the discussions finished it was time for us to catch up on some live action. Some live videos were made and we mom’s spoke our heart out as to what we take back home from this event.

To sum it up we all were at ease and had much trust in the brand now. Specially after conducting those experiments and hearing out those answers to the real tough questions we asked them.

This was followed by the lunch. So we just couldn’t wait to hog on some yummy food and tempting dessert. Well this was the time we all got to catch up in some casual discussions.
It was fun catching up with fellow like minded bloggers. I really wish I could stay longer, but then my clock was ticking since my little muffins wouldn’t stay without me for so long.

We got some amazing goodies from Johnson’s India and a voucher from BabyChakra.

I would again wish to thank BabyChakra and Johnson’s India for putting up this wonderful event with some really interesting mommy bloggers from around the city. This was indeed an informative day for all of us.
I have taken back with me an immense faith in the brand.
Looking forward to many more such events.

Also I have shared tweets and messages on my digital media handles, from the event. Please do hop on and check out those live moments we experienced.

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Superbottoms cloth diapers Review | Fluffy Quirky Cloth diapers

Superbottoms cloth diapers Review | Fluffy Quirky Cloth diapers

Superbottoms Cloth diaper Review

I have been using Superbottoms cloth diapers since over two weeks now, and just can’t get over about how comfortable and safe it is, not just for #mylittlemuffin but also for our environment.. . . 

4 years back, I have had some disasters with those cloth nappy pants. How I wish I knew about cloth diapers backs then.
Superbottoms not only serves the purpose of keeping the baby bum sorted, but also brings in some quirkiness in your house. Trust me it just fills me with joy when I watch my girl roam around the house with the supercute cloth diaper from superbottoms.
Here is my detailed review of Superbottoms Plus TRIM AIO diaper.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by superbottoms for my honest and unbiased opinion.

My first reaction to the product:
I received this Cloth diaper in a really cute paper bag, tied up with a ribbon. The packaging got me really excited to check out what was in there.
Inside was a fluffy quirky cloth diaper that I fell in love with the moment I saw it.

Product description:

I received a Superbottoms Plus TRIM AIO diaper called Mitti. This particular type is known for its high absorbency.
It has 8 layers of inbuilt bamboo cotton, which is a great option for heavy wetting babies. This pack comes with one Superbottoms Plus which has an attached soaker and one additional organic bamboo cotton soaker which can be inserted inside the back pocket of the diaper.

Price of the Superbottoms Plus diaper: Rs 890

Availability: www.superbottoms.com ,
flipkart and Snapdeal.

The high fives of Superbottoms Plus TRIM AIO diaper:

  • It’s has 2 levels of absorbency:
    1. The attached soaker with a snap on one side.
    2. You can also choose to place a hemp booster soaker or any other insert in the additional back pocket of the cloth diaper.
  • The attached soaker gives it a suede dry feel.
  • It fits amazingly snug on the baby.
  • The bamboo cotton soakers and the booster that snaps on the back of the diaper, both have 4 layers each, which makes the diaper extremely absorbent.
  • It’s a one size fits all kind of diaper, so you don’t have to worry about your baby outgrowing it.
  • It has closure of snaps on the front which contains two rows of snaps for an easier adjustability.
  • It has Square tabs in the front which can be crossed over to give a snug fit around the baby’s waist.
  • This Cloth disorder lasts upto 2-3 hours without a booster and it adds upto an additional hour and a half of absorbency if the booster is used too.
  • I felt the inside of the cloth diaper was really stretchy to make it breeze even when a soaker was inserted.
  • I also observed it is cool and breathable.
  • The elastics of the diaper are quite narrow, hence it fits comfortably on the baby’s waist and thighs.
  • It also generously fits larger babies as I tried it on my 4 year old daughter too ( though I know for sure how angry she got at me, coz it’s been long time since she has been potty trained??).
  • Superbottoms offers some really quirky and beautiful cloth diapers. Toh should definitely check their Facebook page for more designs.
  • My favourite high five of this product of that it dries really fast.

Not so high fives of Superbottoms Plus TRIM AIO diaper:

Please ensure that you use the right snap for your baby, else you would end up making it look wonky at the front. It basically needs a bit practice for you figure out which would be the right snap for your baby. Though this wouldn’t affect the function of the cloth diaper at all.

Mylittlemuffin conclusion:

I really like this Cloth diaper. I love the fact that it creates a dry feel for the baby. This is a great buy for those of us whose babies are chunkier too or aren’t potty trained even after 3 years.

Check the below links to check out Superbottoms’ Social handles:

Visit them and buy their products at: www.superbottoms.com

For regular dope on Cloth Diapering: www.facebook.com/superbottoms

Follow them on Instagram for supercute fluff pics: www.instagram.com/superbottoms

How would you like a chance to WIN a cloth diaper from Superbottoms?
Stay tuned and follow me on Facebook and Instagram to know more details coming soon.

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Giveaway and review: Nursing dress from Threads and Shuttles | For an easy and most functional nursing access

Giveaway and review: Nursing dress from Threads and Shuttles | For an easy and most functional nursing access

***Giveaway and review***

Nursing dress from Threads and Shuttles – For an easy and most functional nursing access

We all often get caught up in buying some of the obvious things for our babies: the stroller, the crib, the car seat, the baby carrier, etc.
As a nursing mom, I’m sure you might have not thought as much about what the heck you would wear.
Most mom’s have underthought about themselves. It’s great to have an easy to nurse piece in your closet.

When Sapna Krishnan, a Stay at Home mom put her heart into her passion and belief in breastfeeding, she became a Mompreneur and gave birth to a new online venture called Threads and Shuttles.
All her social handles focus on the products that she sells, that include : Nursing Covers, short and long Nursing Kurtis, short and long Nursing Dresses and short Tops.
These products are indeed a boon to all nursing mothers. Sapna even has a blog that she dedicates to breastfeeding. 

Threads and Shuttles completed a year on March 8th and have expanded into Women’s Wear (non-nursing) too.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by threads and shuttles  for my honest and unbiased opinion.

My first reaction to the product: I was highly impressed with the feel of the fabric. When I tried it, there was no fumbling around to nurse my girl. I found it perfect for a discreet nursing experience.

Product description:

Price: Rs 1500 + shipping extra
Availability: All Threads and Shuttles products are available on their Facebook page only as yet.
Here is the link for the same: https://www.facebook.com/threadsshuttles/

The high fives of Nursing short dress from Threads and Shuttles:

  • The material is soft, and the dress is light and flowy ( or rather comfortably airy).
  • The patterns they offer are really flattering.
  • The nursing top part is pretty genius. The Zips on both the sides is so discreet, that you won’t be able to notice it when you look at the dress.
  • The zips makes it easily accessible and the opening is easy to manage.
  • Affordable nursing wear.
  • I found the dress quite stylish and fashionable.
  • The neckline doesn’t go too low (unlike most other nursing clothes)
  • The fabric used is breathable and this dress can be worn in any weather comfortably.
  • There is a drawstring in the front that adds a good degree of cuteness to the dress.
  • This dress is perfect for pregnant mommies too.
  • The best part is that, no one could ever guess that the dress is in the maternity or nursing category.

Not so high fives of Nursing short dress from Threads and Shuttles:
I wish it was available on an e-commerce website, since I personally find it easy to shop through a website. I believe Sapna is working on the same currently.

Mylittlemuffin conclusion: A perfect nursing wear to spice up your mommy wardrobe I would say. If you don’t want to sacrifice on your style after being a mommy, this is a great dress. I would highly recommend this to all new mommies for their early days of motherhood, when you practically are nursing your baby round the clock.
You don’t need a new wardrobe for growing curves, just the right one does the job!!

Check the below links to check out Threads and Shuttles’ Social handles

Email: threadsshuttles@gmail.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/threadsshuttles/
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.co m/groups/973498416103085/
Wordpress blog: www.threadsshuttles.wordpress.com
Twitter: @threadsshuttles (Not very active)
Instagram: @threadsshuttles

**Giveaway ALERT**

Grab a chance to win this beautiful Nursing short dress by Threads and Shuttles, by following the simple steps here on rafflecopter .

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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