Toddler who ate grass..really??

Toddler who ate grass..really??



OK so #mybigmuffin told me in the morning that “mumma I’m getting strong

Read below our conversation thereafter:

Me: How baby?
Mybigmuffin: Mumma coz I eat grass
Me (freaked out)  : Grass?  When did you start eating grass?
Mybigmuffin: You hide little pieces of grass in my rice,  I know that.  Do you think I’m a little baby to be fooled so easily.
Me (confused): Which grass?  Do you even know what’s grass?
Mybigmuffin : Mumma?  Oh god!  I can’t believe,  my mumma doesn’t know what’s grass. Have you seen the green tiny leaves in the playground?  That’s called grass.
Me: ohhhh.  But then what I gave u in food is called coriander.
Mybigmuffin : Mom I think you are confused! ( How the hell did she sense my confusion?)

The argument went on for 10 minutes,  where she kept trying to convince me that what she ate was grass,  until I showed her coriander in the refrigerator.
And to my luck she understood at the end.

She concluded : Next time mumma dont hide unknown items in my food,  I am a big girl.  It’s better if you let me know about new things. I should know what I’m eating.  I told my teacher that I eat grass everyday and she thought it was a joke.

I concluded: I am shocked at how my three year old has grown up into an intelligent little kid. As a parent never underestimate a toddler. It’s not wise to feel that your toddler doesn’t need to know a piece information about something, merely coz you feel they won’t understand.

Rather tell them EVERYTHING! You never know when they would turn around and surprise you with an extra piece of information.

Gosh it’s so much fun talking to a toddler. #mylittlemuffin

Would love to hear your toddler stories?.

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My experience of being a member of Johnson India’s first Global Mom Influencers Council

My experience of being a member of Johnson India’s first Global Mom Influencers Council

My experience of being a member of Johnson India’s first Mum’s Circle Round table

*All my opinions in this post are my own and not swayed by any outside sources.

Firstly I would like to express my gratitude towards BabyChakra, who nominated me to be a member of the prestigious Mum’s Circle Round table at Johnson and Johnson India.
BabyChakra is an amazing platform for parents, where they get an opportunity to connect with various child related services and products, which have been reviewed my real and honest parents. It’s one of the most trusted platform for parents and helps them in taking the right decision regarding their little ones.

This was a great opportunity for me, and I was totally overwhelmed. For me, motherhood and Johnson and Johnson brand have been synonymous. I have been a true fan ever since I remember. This is the brand that my grandmother used for my mother, who used it for me and I was using the same for my girls. Johnson’s is a compliant that had been passed down from one generation to another.
Mum’s Circle Round table comprises of influencer mom’s who were invited over the Johnson and Johnson, Mulund plant, to know what goes behind the making of this brand.
They don’t just make baby products, but this brand is truly dedicated to the healthy and happy development so many babies worldwide.
I was eager to learn about the research that has been recently unveiled about baby care and hear from the unprecedented panel of baby care expert.
I was able to get to know the brand more closely and was able to see the procedures their products undergo before they land on a mothers hand and then on the baby’s skin.

When we arrived, we had a warm welcome by the Johnson and Johnson team lead by Deepali Agarwal who is Marketing Manager, Johnson’s Baby IndiaMylittlemuffin

Since I was with my baby, they even offered me to     make my baby comfortable in their in-house creche. Since my girl refused to leave me then I got her in the conference room with me.
It was truly amazing how they really took care of my needs as a mother, surprisingly they got a baby cot and a bean bag and a few toys in the conference room so I could be comfortable while attending the meet. I really appreciate their gesture.

Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby

We had a great informative session with the #bestforbaby experts and got to know about some really surprising facts about baby care.

Mr Ganesh Bangalore(Vice President Marketing JnJ)  and Mr Ram Shukla (Dr Director,Global RnD) shared with us the vision and credo of Johnson and Johnson.Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby

We  were then taken around the plant and were acquainted with the formulation, conceptualisation , clinical testing, manufacturing and packaging of Johnson and Johnson Baby powder. We were all given lab coats, for the lab visit, which made us all feel like ‘doctors‘ ?.Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby

We  were shown some live experiments showing us how Johnson’s is #bestforbaby. You would find the link of the same down in this post. I was so keen on watching the experiments and understanding them, that I missed out on recording it myself. A complete Eye opener experience. We were also explained how much detailing goes behind getting their raw material, which really surprised us.

Mylittlemuffin #bestforbabyMylittlemuffin #bestforbabyMylittlemuffin #bestforbaby Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby Mylittlemuffin #bestforbabyMylittlemuffin #bestforbaby Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby

We were also treated with an open forum, where we could ask them anything, and they were eager and very much willing to face even the controversial questions.

The questions ranged from ( I would soon cover answers to all these questions on another post):

  • ‌Why Johnson’s use cologne in their products while there is a trend of scentless baby products?
  • Are the products available as per the weather of a particular region?
  • Is there anything they have for really sensitive baby skin?
  • Does Johnson’s test on animal? If not then how do they test it?
  • What does no more tear mean?
  • Are all the formulations same across the globe?
  • Can we use Johnson and Johnson Baby products on adults?

And then came the BIG BOMB QUESTION that we all influencers had in our mind. A council member finally popped the big question, about the controversy about the ovarian cancer lawsuit.

The experts reassured that the baby talc powder if safe and gentle. They stated that the talc used in all their global products is carefully selected and meets the highest quality, compliance and purity standards.
They also mentioned that however the lawsuit verdict goes against decades of scientific researches, that have always proved that the product is safe, they sympathise with the plaintiff’s family, but they strongly disagree with the outcome.
The lawsuit verdicts are decided upon by jury, hence empathy and emotions could have played a huge role in the verdict. If they would agree upon the same thing, their decisions could very well go against decades of research and science.
Johnson’s is a family oriented company, they have over 130 years of experience with baby care researches.
They truly sympathise with the family, as the person actually lost her life, regardless of the real cause of her illness.
For JnJ the safety of the babies, men and women is above all.
My conclusion is that there is actually no reason that is really compelling to believe that JnJ products aren’t safe or are harmful.Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby Mylittlemuffin #bestforbaby

Post the open forum Johnson’s launched their new range of products:
1. Johnson’s bed time routine range – which is clinically proven to help baby fall asleep faster and stay sharp longer.
2. Johnson’s top-to-toe baby bar – this is for sensitive newborn skin.
I’m too excited you use these products, specially the bed time routine range and would be reviewing both the products  very soon.

It was an amazing learning experience, and am really honoured to be a member of Johnson India’s Global mom influencers council.

To watch me live from the Johnson’s plant click here:

I will be back soon to talk more about Johnson’s. In case you have any questions for Johnson’s, I would be happy to find the answers for you.

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MY COOL MOMMY UNIFORM | mommy style that rocks

MY COOL MOMMY UNIFORM | mommy style that rocks

mylittlemuffin mommy style

I spent almost 6 years in the aviation industry, and wore beautiful uniforms with amazing footwear and makeup which was more than perfect.

Prior to that when I was in college, I had to wear uniform too (special thanks to the kind of graduation subject I chose: Hotel Management).
Somehow I feel I always was in love with the concept of uniforms.

Little did I know that the uniform I was going to wear for the life after being a mother would happen to be my favorite.

From the past 3.5 years, I’ve been sporting a very different uniformed look?…

The look which is so different that it’s probably shocking for the people who know me from the time before I became a mommy. My current look is completely different from my crisp professional pre- mommy look.
It’s a normal phenomenon for people to come up to me and ask why I always wore the same clothes.


I’ve not been wearing the same clothes everyday.
The fact is that I just wear variations of the same comfortable thing, which I call my ‘ uniform‘. ??

To a NON-MOMMY person, my look might sound like a clumsily thrown out look.

But the truth is somehow different!!

The most important FACTORS of my cool uniform are right here:

1. My soft comfy shorts: My whole day revolves around running behind my 3.5 year old naughty daughter and catering to the needs of my 6 month old little baby daughter, running up and down picking up and dropping my girl to the school. I feel it’s unnecessary to restrict myself to wear wonderful clothes. My super comfy shorts have all the possible support to make my life airy?.

2. My hair that is getting shorter day by day: My hair has been out of control ever since I became a mom. More because I never had an opportunity to look at the mirror even once a day. I always ended up as if I had put my hair in front of a blower after wearing loads of gel, by the end of the day. My most beautiful hairdo used to be a bun with my poky hair flying all over my head (which is a look that most hair stylist do for ladies as a party wear hairdo- and well!! This was the look For which most women pay a bomb).

Isn’t this reassuring?.Now that I have two beautiful babies I don’t even have time to make this bun, so ended up getting my hair chopped and got the most loved messy Wet hair look?.Thanks to my new hairstylist ( who I would be reviewing soon), who gave me a wonderful haircut that won’t require any effort for it to look amazing.

3. My all purpose footwear: I wear my animal print footwear most of the times. And when going out with friends or family I prefer wearing my all purpose comfy pumps.

The best part is that, the moment I find a comfortable pump I end up buying almost 10 colours of the same footwear?.

4. My uniform Accessories: I can’t go a day without my accessories, and trust me I’m addicted to mine.
My accessories include: my OVERSIZED SUNGLASSES ( which always hide my sleepless droopy eyes?, and also hide my beautiful black dark circles), JUMBO SIZE COFFEE MUG (to satisfy my daily dose of caffeine, which equals the dose that a normal human being has in a month?), and MY TABLET or MOBILE PHONE ( which is a part of my body, not literally though). I can’t do a second without this particular accessory, more because I use them to write for my website which is more like a mediation for me).

5. My emergency JEGGINGS: These you will always find hanging behind my door. I call these my emergency uniform gear, just incase I have a surprise visitor in my house whom I wouldn’t want to show the more clumsy (mommy) side of me?.

I totally agree that this look is different than my pre- mommy look.
But, I feel what else would one expect from a woman who has a 24/7 job.

The fact is that I love this over exerting job of mine and I totally love my uniform.

Do you wear a similar look like mine?
Please leave me a comment as to what is it that you do differently. I would love to know.

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My girl loves her morning routine.. Click to know what is it that we do differently!!!

My girl loves her morning routine.. Click to know what is it that we do differently!!!

morning routineMy girl loves her morning routine..
Read on to know what is it that we do differently!!!

Does your child always act difficult early in the morning when you are trying to get him ready for his school?

Do morning chores give you a headache?

Do you end up giving up on your patience after your child wakes up?

Morning routineIf yes!! This one goes out for you Mommy!!!

Read on to bring this revolutionary change in your life!!!

Trust me!! I have had some really bad mornings trying to get my girl ready for her school. And this big change that you will read about below has made my life super easy.

As a family, we never believed in having set routines for various things ( this is just because we felt routines make life boring. We believed in doing things differently everyday!!).

But since my girl started with her school last year, we were urged to have a routine, since the mornings were becoming really stressful for us as parents and our little girl, who was used to having a Nice slow morning.

During the time when I used to work, there were times I would have to get up at 3a.m. and get ready for a flight. It used to get too stressful on certain times. So I made a small change in my routine for such early morning flights. I used to turn on the television and used to put on a nice music channel, and would sing my way to getting ready for work. Music used to pump me up.

Music for kids

One morning wondering how to make my life easy, I happened to remember this above habit that made my work life easy. It was that time when I had to bring that habit back in life.

So we decided to make our girl’s mornings happening.
Music creates a different kind of positive energy!! Isn’t it??
It can make life so much more happy, energetic and simply more productive.
So, we chose our girl’s favourite rhymes and started playing them on our phone each morning, (since my girl doesn’t know any filmy music, merely because I didn’t want her to listen to so many meaningless songs being made these days).

Our music filled house created a happy us.?Morning routineThe reason for using music in our morning chores was not just to make our girl happy, but to make the morning chores like making bed, brushing teeth, bathing and having breakfast, more energetic and productive.

We began with just a simple rule in the beginning: One core was to be finished during one song, and in case she would finish the core before the music would get over, she would get to do whatever she wanted to, before her song would get over.
And it became pretty easy.
I would suggest you to start with a quite song, since waking up should preferably be calm. I’m sure we wouldn’t want our child to get up with a sudden jump.
Always pick up positive and motivational songs.
It would be great if you could lead by example, sing along your child and dance a little while doing stuff early in the morning.

Say goodbye to early morning yelling and nagging!!!
And say Hi to a fun startup of your day!!!
This new change will eliminate yelling, constant reminding, asking, nagging…

What’s your morning routine? Please share with us…

Please do share with me your views on the post and also if it helps you in any way!!

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Yes I Am NEERJA..And Will Be NEERJA All My Life

Yes I Am NEERJA..And Will Be NEERJA All My Life



Yes I am NEERJA..and will be NEERJA all my life

A song early in the morning just evoked a lot of thoughts in my mind. It was a usual morning, of a usual mother of two, getting one ready for school and feeding the other.
An ordinary morning, suddenly made me feel extraordinary about myself and my life.
I have flown with my love Indigo for over 5 years. And now I am a mother of two, a three year old adorable girl and a two month darling baby girl.
It was a usual day of struggle, juggling with my responsibilities, bathing my kids and feeding them their breakfast, along with getting ready for a meet at my girl’s school.
Random songs were being played on the television, when a song just gave me goosebumps. My whole life came as a flashback in front of me.
The song from the movie ‘Neerja’ , ‘ aankhein milayenge darr se’ started playing on the television. I turned around and came to my room as if it was calling me. I felt a strange urge to stop what I was doing and look at the television screen.
The song shook me. It just brought tears to my eyes, not because I was feeling sad about what had happened with Neerja in the movie, but for some other reason. A reason that has just changed the way I was looking at my life currently. I was at a point in my life where I needed strength. Strength to raise both my girls in a great way, strength to be able to manage things, strength so I would be able to explore new horizons in life along with taking care of my babies.
But somewhere down the line I was breaking down, which I wasn’t accepting. I was confused and lost, until I heard this song. It just shook me. Shook me up from a silly, lost, lazy me.
Lazy??? Well not really, my girls would let me be lazy anymore, but definitely I felt lost. Lost about the fact whether I would do justice to both my girls, lost about the fact if I could still have fun in life.
Yes this song made me realize the biggest truth of my life.
The truth, that I am Neerja. The truth that I will be Neerja all my life.
She was a brave young girl who did something that has made her a Hero.
The flashback of my flying days, made me rethink about my present life.
I was a cabin attendant, a girl who was trained every year several times so she could save lives on board. I was a cabin attendant who got to save a lady who ran short of oxygen right after the take off. I was the cabin attendant who with the help of a doctor saved the life of a passenger who was getting recurrent epileptic attacks on the flight, and who could have lost his life if things were not taken care on time.
I was the cabin attendant who saved a little girl who was travelling alone, from a sick passenger who was trying to physically harass her, and handled the situation discretely so that the girl would’t be bothered, and at the same time the culprit was punished.
I was the cabin attendant who took a stand for her junior who was physically handled by an unruly passenger.
I was a cabin attendant who have served infinite number of passengers with my heart and tried to make their day really special.
Yes I was a cabin attendant. N yes I was NEERJA.
I was Neerja, because I was a fighter then.
I am still Neerja because I am still a fighter.
And I will be Neerja all my life, because that’s how I want to live my life. Fearless, fighter, courageous, cheerful, caring and fun loving.
I was she then and I would want to be she all my life.
Indigo had been my life. It was a passion, an addiction.
What I am today, I owe it completely to Indigo.
I am grateful to Indigo for letting me be NEERJA.
The song, yes just a song has just put my life upside down.
It has made me realize my own worth. It has made me realize about what I can capable of.
If I was capable of saving so many lives on board, then yes I am definitely capable of being a good mother and raising my girls in a beautiful way.
I would no longer question my capabilities.
If life gets tough, I will get tougher and will make it beautiful for my family.
Thanks Indigo and Neerja, and this wonderful song for changing my perspective.
Thanks for making me fearless again, how I was when I was with Indigo.
Wake up world. It’s high time we realize that the cabin attendant is much more than just a server on board, its high time we realize that a cabin attendant is a fighter who will do anything to save your life.


Preetjyot Kaur

Ex-Indigo Crew

Batch #6

Please do share with me your views on the post and also if it helps you in any way!!

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Lets make motherhood ROCKING!!

Stop feeling sorry if you have a Shy Child..

Stop feeling sorry if you have a Shy Child..

Often we come across parents who keep complaining that their child is on the shy side. This is one thing that fears most parents.

My child is a very outgoing talkative one, but even she has her shy times, which freaks my husband the most. He was a shy child and fears that our little muffin too might fall in the same trap. But I feel differently about it. Shyness isn’t all that bad.

I feel it’s unfortunate that the world  demotes shy kids below their more outspoken counterparts.

Don’t you feel that we grown ups think negative about Shyness, particularly with kids?

We all are always charmed by outgoing people.shychild

But don’t you feel that your child isn’t here to perform or entertain the world?

Though we all love watching kids who eagerly dance and sing  for adults or recite their rhymes. Such kids have a wider audiences than the ones who hide behind their parents or vehemently refuse and say “No!”

Lets talk about the most common parental fear. We all fear that our child’s  shyness might be seen as a weakness. At the back of our mind we might be considering shyness as a symptom of a larger developmental delay or social constricts. Or we might be fearing that introverted kids would  be less popular or well-liked among their peers. These are all well-intentioned fears, especially as parents try to help their children navigate through social interactions.shychild2

We shouldn’t stigmatize shyness. We need to stop equating shyness as an inherent trait. I can certainly bet that even the most outgoing person has  her shy moments (just like my daughter, who has her shy moments several times, inspite of being one of the most talkative and outgoing kid in her class).

There are certain introvert people who prefer working alone than in groups. But call them for a group task with some coworkers and they would easily socialize and make their points.

Like I mentioned before, kids too have their moments of shyness that don’t necessarily define their every waking moment. There are so many kids who can be considered  shy, but in the comforts of their own home, are one comedic show.

Then why is it that children exhibit shyness ?

It may be due to some biological reasons, that make some people more likely to have shy episodes than others, Also, I feel some kids are more cautious around new people. Others might simply need more personal space and prefer playing alone, while others need to observe before jumping in on the action. Notice that none of these reasons ought to implicate quiet children as second class to the more outgoing kids.shychild4

Isn’t this theory true even for adults? Don’t we too get flustered with people we’ve just met or with others who make us nervous or even intimidate us? Unlike children though, we’re better equipped with social cues and how to handle ourselves, so that when we meet someone who makes us nervous, we don’t run to the other room.

This is one stereotype way of parenting that I totally didn’t believe in. I never apologized when my little muffin was shy, neither did I let anyone comment “Oh, she’s just shy,”. The reason behind that is that it sends a child the message that how she’s feeling isn’t a good thing, rather than the plethora of other reasons she might be withholding a hug (wanting to observe or the need for personal space, for instance).

Instead of wishing away shyness, we can accept kids for whichever characteristics they exhibit and raise them in ways that will help cultivate the traits that they do have.

Above all, let’s stop feeling sorry for our kids when they hide behind our legs or don’t want to hug or kiss everyone in the room.shychild7

Instead, simply acknowledge that she doesn’t feel like saying hello right now, and respect and uphold your child no matter what mood she is in. Because we really need to face it, that we’ve all had our shy moods, and to be apologized for our state of mind in that manner wouldn’t make us feel any better or break out of our shell any faster.

So lets all pledge to stop tagging our own or others’ kids as ‘ SHY’. Lets stop making a hue and cry over our child having her ‘SHY’ moment. Let’s not judge our kids or others’. Lets just let the kids enjoy the beautiful phase they are in.

P.S. share  and spread the love . Lets make motherhood ROCKING!!

Please do share  your views on the post and also if it helps you in any way!!!