Globetrotters Review | Unique subscription box for kids

Globetrotters Review | Unique subscription box for kids

I would like to share with you a review about Globetrotters Box , which is a monthly subscription box for kids.

I love educational activities for kids, and when this fun box from Globetrotters arrived, I was probably more excited than my girls.
These are country themed boxes that you could choose to subscribe for and one country themed box would be delivered right to your doorstep. You could choose the subscription for 3 and 6 months.
Each of these boxes contain 4-5 cool activities that would revolve around the country you choose.

You get to choose the box according to your child’s age:

  • Little explorers for 4-6 year olds
  • Young explorers for 6-12 year olds

Disclaimer: I was offered to pick a product of my choice from Globetrotters for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Subscription box for kids

My first expression of the Globetrotters subscription box for kids:

My muffins jumped with joy when they saw the box. I had to struggle to hide it away so I could make a video of its unboxing. Somehow my big muffin couldn’t wait, she found it and unboxed it herself.😁😎
Here’s the unboxing video for you all:

The box contained the following activities:

  • Pizza playset making kit
  • Italian mosaic photo frame making kit
  • Italy Puzzles and art set.
  • Italy souvenirs
  • World map ( wall sized)
  • Italy letter and stickers

Subscription box for kids

Subscription box for kids

Subscription box for kids

Subscription box for kids

Subscription box for kids

Price of the Globetrotters subscription box for kids (Italy) : 799 Rs.

Availability: http://www.globetrottersbox.comAmazon.

High fives of Globetrotters subscription box for kids:

  • The first box came with a large and really adorable world map and a passport. The world map is such an apt thing to put up in your kids’ room.
  • All the materials required to do the activities are present inside the box.
  • The box doesn’t just ensure that it makes you have fun but also gives your child an educational experience.
  • What I really liked was a letter we received from Moozo Characters: Oyo, Zu and Ask, who introduced my girls to the country box we received.
  • Each activity was wrapped separately and had a separate detailed card which showed how each activity is to be done.
  • This box has very well designed activities.
  • It can easily engage your kids for a month.
  • All the activities in the box are different from each other, hence keeps the child interested for long.
  • It’s pocket friendly.

Benefit of Globetrotters subscription box for kids:

This box has a unique concept and since they would send you a new box every month, their activities would continue to stay interesting for your child and you.

Not so high fives of Globetrotters subscription box for kids:

Frankly I couldn’t find any low five about this box, just that I wish there was something for my little muffin too who is 1.6 years old.

Mylittlemuffin conclusion for Globetrotters subscription box for kids:

This box helps you pull your kids away from “screen”. It’s such a perfect way your family could engage in some fun, exploring and learning time together. It would be perfect for days you are stuck indoors due to rains😃.

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Like us on Facebook and follow us on Google+, Pinterest and Twitter to stay connected with us always.. Review | An online gifting portal that offers unique personalised gifts Review | An online gifting portal that offers unique personalised gifts

I would like to share with you my experience about an online gifting portal that could take care of all your gifting worries, specially when it comes to personalised gifts.

Sending gifts is what i have always loved, more than receiving them.I have always done a lot of brain storming for every gift that I have ever given to anyone.

I have always been a sucker for personalised gifts. I somehow feel that it’s the most special thing to gift someone.
When offered me to choose a product of my choice, I couldn’t help but chose something cool and personalised.
I chose a hamper that consisted of a personalised coffee mug for my husband, some ready to make coffee pouches and a personalised notepad for myself. I also received a discount coupon for my next purchase.

Disclaimer: I was offered to order a product of my choice from for my honest and unbiased opinion.

About the personalised gifts I ordered:

Personalised gifts

Personalised coffee mug: It has my husband’s name engraved on it beautifully. I love the font they used. The mug send to be really sturdy and has a snap tight lid. Its such an apt mug for a work desk.Personalised gifts

Personalised notepad: It has my name engraved on it, which ensures that only I use it (well! I’m hoping that, specially now that my little girl has learnt to read my name). It has some colourful post-its and I like the quality of this notepad. It has a nice pen along with it which goes with the theme of the notepad.Personalised gifts
Coffee sachets: These are ready to mix coffee pouches which is from the brand that we use.Personalised gifts

Ordering process:

Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts

About (Indian gifts portal) is India’s largest multi category online gifting company. It provides one of the best curated collection of gifts.
Indian gifts portal specialises in flowers, chocolates, cakes, festival merchandise, personalised gifts, home and living products, kids and fashion categories.
They ship orders to 150+ countries ( that includes USA,UK, Australia, Canada etc) and 7000+ pin code in India.

High fives of :

  • It makes gifting really easy and convenient
  • It specialises in gifts for all ages and occasions
  • It provides a good level of hierarchical filter. For example the category Gifts by occasion , divides into several age and profile based sub- categories, which diverges further into individual sub categories based on your relationship. And this later subdivides into occasion and personality. Hence making it really easy for one to choose the most apt product.
  • They seem to understand the consumer’s gifting needs
  • They have a hassle free and quick delivery, with option of midnight delivery of gifts
  • The packaging of my personalised gifts was good. The products came nicely wrapped in bubble wrap and placed beautifully in a cane basket.
  • The payment procedure was hassle free too
  • There is a vast variety of gifts as per your budget.
  • For the ones who are running short of time, they also have same day delivery network in over 300 cities in India.Personalised gifts
  • Personalised gifts


Not so high fives of

I wish they had an option of gift wrapping. Maybe what I ordered didn’t have an option for the same.
However I did have an option to send a personalised message along with the gift, which made it really special.

Mylittlemuffin conclusion

I would highly recommend you to visit the website once and browse through their products. My experience of placing an order was great, more because I could really zero down on the kind of product I wanted. A perfect place that could show the magic of technology.
My mother’s house is in another city and I always have a trouble sending them gift on various occasions. Now I’m sure where to head to, for all the occasional gifting. I would definitely want to order again from

Do check out their father’s day special gifting options here

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A solution for dry and frizzy hair | Mamaearth Argan Hair mask

A solution for dry and frizzy hair | Mamaearth Argan Hair mask

I’m am so happy that I finally found a solution for my dry and frizzy hair.

All women crave for lustrous, beautiful and healthy locks. And let’s face the reality, even if you use the best of makeup techniques, it could be easily overshadowed by dry and lifeless hair. Over 90% women suffer from dry and frizzy hair due to excessive chemicals, weather, heat, genes, etc. Check below my detailed review of this chemical free solution for the dry and frizzy hair, and which also claims to take care of the hair fall.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Mamaearth for my honest and unbiased opinion.

My first reaction to the product: This product came in a really pretty recyclable cardboard box which had some cute mom quotes on it. It also had a round cut-out so it could be reused as a pen holder or for any other storage. I was really impressed by the minute details like just the packaging. I really loved the size of the bottle, quite value for money I would say. Frankly I’m a sucker for good hair products and always prefer chemical free ones, and since this one claimed to be toxin and paraben free, I decided to try it right away. Dry and frizzy hair

What Mamaearth claims: Mamaearth claims that this hair mask would take care of your dreadful hair fall specially post delivery. They also say that it has extremely hydrants and have restorative hair repair properties. It also promotes new hair growth and keeps the hair happy and healthy.

Dry and frizzy hair

Dry and frizzy hair

Price of the Mamaearth Argan Hair mask : 599 Rs. For 200 ml

Availability:,, Amazon

The high fives of Mamaearth Argan Hair mask :

  • Like I mentioned above, I loved it’s packaging, and also the bottle looks really appealing.
  • It has a perfect blend of all natural ingredients : Curd extract, Argan oil, Milk protein, Avocado oil, Collagen and tea tree oil.
  • It has a thick consistency, due to which it doesn’t drip, and you can easily walk out of the washroom and relax while the mask does It’s job (specially when you know as a mom you just can’t sit in the washroom for 20mins peacefully?).
  • The natural oils in the mask gives it a really soothing fragrance ( trust me the first time I tried I was sitting in my room sipping my coffee for almost 40 minutes. This was definitely double the time they had mentioned in the instructions).
  • It made my hair lustrous and easy to manage.
  • The effect of this product lasted for 3 days.
  • I also felt that it gave volume to my hair.
  • It’s perfect for curly hair, as I’m sure the ones who have them, know how maddening it can get to tame those locks.
  • It acts like a quick fix, if you have an impromptu outing.
  • You would need a small amount to apply, thanks to its thick consistency.
  • It being toxin free is the best high five. Aren’t we all too tired of chemically treating our hair all the time?

Dry and frizzy hair

Not so high fives of Mamaearth Argan Hair mask : You might find this a bit expensive for a 200 ml bottle. However, I feel that because a little amount is enough to do it’s job, it justifies is cost. I wouldn’t mind investing a bit more on something that would last for a long time.

Mylittlemuffin conclusion: If you are stuck with hair that has been chemically treated and looks more like a scattered hay ( just like mine?), you definitely should try this hair mask. It has brought life to my hair after using it for just 4 times. I would personally recommend this product.

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Superbottoms cloth diapers Review | Fluffy Quirky Cloth diapers

Superbottoms cloth diapers Review | Fluffy Quirky Cloth diapers

Superbottoms Cloth diaper Review

I have been using Superbottoms cloth diapers since over two weeks now, and just can’t get over about how comfortable and safe it is, not just for #mylittlemuffin but also for our environment.. . . 

4 years back, I have had some disasters with those cloth nappy pants. How I wish I knew about cloth diapers backs then.
Superbottoms not only serves the purpose of keeping the baby bum sorted, but also brings in some quirkiness in your house. Trust me it just fills me with joy when I watch my girl roam around the house with the supercute cloth diaper from superbottoms.
Here is my detailed review of Superbottoms Plus TRIM AIO diaper.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by superbottoms for my honest and unbiased opinion.

My first reaction to the product:
I received this Cloth diaper in a really cute paper bag, tied up with a ribbon. The packaging got me really excited to check out what was in there.
Inside was a fluffy quirky cloth diaper that I fell in love with the moment I saw it.

Product description:

I received a Superbottoms Plus TRIM AIO diaper called Mitti. This particular type is known for its high absorbency.
It has 8 layers of inbuilt bamboo cotton, which is a great option for heavy wetting babies. This pack comes with one Superbottoms Plus which has an attached soaker and one additional organic bamboo cotton soaker which can be inserted inside the back pocket of the diaper.

Price of the Superbottoms Plus diaper: Rs 890

Availability: ,
flipkart and Snapdeal.

The high fives of Superbottoms Plus TRIM AIO diaper:

  • It’s has 2 levels of absorbency:
    1. The attached soaker with a snap on one side.
    2. You can also choose to place a hemp booster soaker or any other insert in the additional back pocket of the cloth diaper.
  • The attached soaker gives it a suede dry feel.
  • It fits amazingly snug on the baby.
  • The bamboo cotton soakers and the booster that snaps on the back of the diaper, both have 4 layers each, which makes the diaper extremely absorbent.
  • It’s a one size fits all kind of diaper, so you don’t have to worry about your baby outgrowing it.
  • It has closure of snaps on the front which contains two rows of snaps for an easier adjustability.
  • It has Square tabs in the front which can be crossed over to give a snug fit around the baby’s waist.
  • This Cloth disorder lasts upto 2-3 hours without a booster and it adds upto an additional hour and a half of absorbency if the booster is used too.
  • I felt the inside of the cloth diaper was really stretchy to make it breeze even when a soaker was inserted.
  • I also observed it is cool and breathable.
  • The elastics of the diaper are quite narrow, hence it fits comfortably on the baby’s waist and thighs.
  • It also generously fits larger babies as I tried it on my 4 year old daughter too ( though I know for sure how angry she got at me, coz it’s been long time since she has been potty trained??).
  • Superbottoms offers some really quirky and beautiful cloth diapers. Toh should definitely check their Facebook page for more designs.
  • My favourite high five of this product of that it dries really fast.

Not so high fives of Superbottoms Plus TRIM AIO diaper:

Please ensure that you use the right snap for your baby, else you would end up making it look wonky at the front. It basically needs a bit practice for you figure out which would be the right snap for your baby. Though this wouldn’t affect the function of the cloth diaper at all.

Mylittlemuffin conclusion:

I really like this Cloth diaper. I love the fact that it creates a dry feel for the baby. This is a great buy for those of us whose babies are chunkier too or aren’t potty trained even after 3 years.

Check the below links to check out Superbottoms’ Social handles:

Visit them and buy their products at:

For regular dope on Cloth Diapering:

Follow them on Instagram for supercute fluff pics:

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Stay tuned and follow me on Facebook and Instagram to know more details coming soon.

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Giveaway and review: Nursing dress from Threads and Shuttles | For an easy and most functional nursing access

Giveaway and review: Nursing dress from Threads and Shuttles | For an easy and most functional nursing access

***Giveaway and review***

Nursing dress from Threads and Shuttles – For an easy and most functional nursing access

We all often get caught up in buying some of the obvious things for our babies: the stroller, the crib, the car seat, the baby carrier, etc.
As a nursing mom, I’m sure you might have not thought as much about what the heck you would wear.
Most mom’s have underthought about themselves. It’s great to have an easy to nurse piece in your closet.

When Sapna Krishnan, a Stay at Home mom put her heart into her passion and belief in breastfeeding, she became a Mompreneur and gave birth to a new online venture called Threads and Shuttles.
All her social handles focus on the products that she sells, that include : Nursing Covers, short and long Nursing Kurtis, short and long Nursing Dresses and short Tops.
These products are indeed a boon to all nursing mothers. Sapna even has a blog that she dedicates to breastfeeding. 

Threads and Shuttles completed a year on March 8th and have expanded into Women’s Wear (non-nursing) too.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by threads and shuttles  for my honest and unbiased opinion.

My first reaction to the product: I was highly impressed with the feel of the fabric. When I tried it, there was no fumbling around to nurse my girl. I found it perfect for a discreet nursing experience.

Product description:

Price: Rs 1500 + shipping extra
Availability: All Threads and Shuttles products are available on their Facebook page only as yet.
Here is the link for the same:

The high fives of Nursing short dress from Threads and Shuttles:

  • The material is soft, and the dress is light and flowy ( or rather comfortably airy).
  • The patterns they offer are really flattering.
  • The nursing top part is pretty genius. The Zips on both the sides is so discreet, that you won’t be able to notice it when you look at the dress.
  • The zips makes it easily accessible and the opening is easy to manage.
  • Affordable nursing wear.
  • I found the dress quite stylish and fashionable.
  • The neckline doesn’t go too low (unlike most other nursing clothes)
  • The fabric used is breathable and this dress can be worn in any weather comfortably.
  • There is a drawstring in the front that adds a good degree of cuteness to the dress.
  • This dress is perfect for pregnant mommies too.
  • The best part is that, no one could ever guess that the dress is in the maternity or nursing category.

Not so high fives of Nursing short dress from Threads and Shuttles:
I wish it was available on an e-commerce website, since I personally find it easy to shop through a website. I believe Sapna is working on the same currently.

Mylittlemuffin conclusion: A perfect nursing wear to spice up your mommy wardrobe I would say. If you don’t want to sacrifice on your style after being a mommy, this is a great dress. I would highly recommend this to all new mommies for their early days of motherhood, when you practically are nursing your baby round the clock.
You don’t need a new wardrobe for growing curves, just the right one does the job!!

Check the below links to check out Threads and Shuttles’ Social handles

Facebook page:
Facebook group: m/groups/973498416103085/
Wordpress blog:
Twitter: @threadsshuttles (Not very active)
Instagram: @threadsshuttles

**Giveaway ALERT**

Grab a chance to win this beautiful Nursing short dress by Threads and Shuttles, by following the simple steps here on rafflecopter .

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Mamaearth Natural Insect Repellent REVIEW | Makes babies unattractive to mosquitoes

Mamaearth Natural Insect Repellent REVIEW | Makes babies unattractive to mosquitoes

Natural insect repellent

MamaEarth – Natural Insect Repellent Review

Do you feel you could walk around with a mosquito net all the time?
Well if yes, you are at the right place at the right time.
I found a chemical free product that could make your day.

Mama earth is Asia’s first Made safe certified toxin free brand. This brand is by a parent, for the parent. The founders Ghazal and Varun’s world flipped upside down when they were expecting their first child. The once daring and carefree couple became safety wardens like most of us parents. Like any other new parent, they were worried about which products to use for their new little muffin. They researched a lot and found that most baby products contained toxins that were harmful for the little ones.

What they did next, is what makes them different.

They didn’t just worry about their own baby, but were concerned about all the little ones they knew. Hence, they decided to create products that would be completely safe for the babies and would be toxin free.
Hence Mama earth was born, which offers products that are mommy and baby friendly, toxin free and meet stringent international standards.

All their products are free of:

  • Sulphates
  • Parabens
  • Mineral oil petroleum
  • Dyes
  • Synthetic fragrances

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by mama earth for my honest and unbiased opinion.Natural insect repellent

My first reaction to the product: I came across this brand for baby products a while back. The fact that they claimed to be 100 percent toxin free, got attention of many mothers around. They have the most cutest packaging I must say. My daughters immediately fell in love with the bottle which had cute animal picture on. The bottle looked sturdy with the cap shut tight. I was relieved when I saw that it was a spray bottle( which is so much easy to use).

I had a tough time hiding the bottle from my younger one, since she would totally refuse to leave it.
A beautifully cute note on the bottle is something that you just cannot miss.

Natural insect repellent

Ingredients and product description on the packaging:

Natural insect repellent

Price: Rs 299 for a 100 ml bottle.
Availability: Amazon, Firstcry and BabyChakra ( OK ! So if you are a BabyChakra momstar , you can avail a 10 % discount on their range of products).

The high fives of Mama Earth Natural Insect Repellent for babies:

  • This mosquito repellent comes in a spray bottle, hence its really easy to use. It sprays a thin mist and easily covers the skin
  • Just a little spray does the job well
  • It’s a product made of natural ingredients, no chemical or deet used at all
  • It’s key ingredients are natural essential aromatic oils : Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Citronella
  • It would definitely keep the mosquitoes away from your child and you
  • A single application is all that is required
  • It’s got a pleasant fragrance which is a rare in other mosquito repellents
  • It’s non greasy
  • Since it’s in a spray form, it lasts for a longer time

Not so high fives of Mama Earth Natural Insect Repellent :
The only thing missing by far with this product, is that it’s available only online, which I personally don’t feel is a low point actually, because don’t we all shop online all the time.

Mylittlemuffin conclusion:
I have used Mama earth‘s Natural Insect Repellent for both my daughters, and I’m so happy that there exists a product that could protect my girls from the mosquitoes and at the same time be so gentle on their skin.
It’s refreshing fragrance is it’s high point definitely.
It’s a complete value for money and I would highly recommend this product.
Don’t we all want something that could make babies unattractive to mosquitoes.

Check the below links to check out other products offered by mama earth ( reviews for the rest of the products coming soon):

P.s. Always try any new product on yourself before trying them on your baby.

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