Anmol Infinity Scarf Review | A perfect nursing cover+ style accessory

Anmol Infinity Scarf Review | A perfect nursing cover+ style accessory


***Disclaimer: This product was bought by me, and I was in no way paid or compensated for my honest and unbiased review***

I have breastfed my elder daughter till she was two, and wish to do the same for #mylittlemuffin too. I certainty do not believe that mothers need to cover themselves up at all while breastfeeding.
However, I typically cover myself up while breastfeeding. Specially because my baby is a distracted nurser and I’m not very comfortable to breastfeed without a cover.
I was not even aware that nursing scarves existed when I was a first time mommy. All I had to my rescue was the typical old style feeding cover, which was usually a broad stole or my baby’s light weight blanket. When I was expecting my second baby, I made a DIY scarf which became my life for the first 6 months ( I shall soon share the tutorial post for that)

When I came across the new infinity nursing scarf that Anmol had launched, I was super excited to buy this beauty, that would not only look good but also have multiple functions.

The best thing about Anmol infinity scarf is that it’s a great accessory for having a Bohemian style statement and also helps you have one less item to carry in your mommy bag since you wear this beautiful accessory.

My first reaction:
I totally fell in love with the colours. It looked simple, yet stylish.

Price: Rs 780
Fabric: 100% cotton.

The high fives of this product:
1. Anmol infinity scarf is a simple infinity design which has no extra snaps to work with.
2. It simply wraps around your neck neatly and can be expanded to use the same as a nursing cover.
3. It comes in some amazing colours.
4. These are made of child friendly dyes.
5.The fabric isn’t sheer and provides full coverage, which makes it a perfect cover for moms who aren’t comfortable in breastfeeding without a cover.
6. Its made of a lightweight and soft material.
7. This scarf is breathable, so you won’t have to worry about getting your baby all sweaty.
8. It’s a great option to cosy yourself up during winters too.
9. It’s useable in many ways, which makes it versatile.
10. It can even be used as a blanket to cover your baby while you are out.
11. To use it as a nursing cover, you simply have to unwrap and nurse.
12. You can peep in while you nurse.
13. It’s machine washable.

Infinity scarf

Not so high fives:
Well for me this product has no low fives, just that I wish Anmol offered an infinity scarf matching with all their carriers. I was lucky to be able to get my hands on a scarf which matches my baby carrier.

Mylittlemuffin conclusion:
This Anmol infinity scarf far exceeded my expectations. It is a great option if you wish to use a cover while breastfeeding. If you don’t wish to use it as a cover, it still is a must have to give you that no effort stylish look.
It’s by far my favourite accessory for fashion statement on- the- go.
It can be a perfect baby shower gift.
The best part about this scarf if that my nosy, wiggly and investigative little girl loves it too. She usually pushes the nursing covers away, showcasing me to the world (which makes me highly uncomfortable), and smiles at the world around. My girl still manages to wiggle out of this cover, but has a hard time uncovering me to the wonderful world around.

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Mama Earth -gentle cleansing shampoo review | Toxin free choice for your little muffins

Mama Earth -gentle cleansing shampoo review | Toxin free choice for your little muffins

Mama Earth -gentle cleansing shampoo review

If you are searching for a safe and efficient shampoo for your little one your search ends with Mama Earth’s Gentle Cleansing Shampoo.

Mama earth is Asia’s first Made safe certified toxin free brand. This brand is by a parent, for the parent. The founders Ghazal and Varun’s world flipped upside down when they were expecting their first child. The once daring and carefree couple became safety wardens like most of us parents. Like any other new parent, they were worried about which products to use for their new little muffin. They researched a lot and found that most baby products contained toxins that were harmful for the little ones.

What they did next, is what makes them different.

They didn’t just worry about their own baby, but were concerned about all the little ones they knew. Hence, they decided to create products that would be completely safe for the babies and would be toxin free.
Hence Mama earth was born, which offers products that are mommy and baby friendly, toxin free and meet stringent international standards.

All their products are free of:

  • Sulphates
  • Parabens
  • Mineral oil petroleum
  • Dyes
  • Synthetic fragrances

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by mama earth for my honest and unbiased opinion.

My first reaction to the product:
I came across this brand for baby products a while back. The fact that they claimed to be 100 percent toxin free got attention of many mothers around.
They have the most cutest packaging I must say. My daughters immediately fell in love with the bottle which had cute animal picture on.



The bottle looked sturdy with the cap shut tight.
I had a tough time hiding the bottle from my younger one, since she would totally refuse to leave it.
A beautifully cute note on the bottle is something that you just cannot miss.


Ingredients and product description on the packaging:


Price: Rs 299 for a 200 ml bottle.
Availability: Amazon, Firstcry and BabyChakra ( OK ! So if you are a BabyChakra momstar , you can avail a 10 % discount on their range of products).

The high fives of Mama Earth Gentle Cleansing Shampoo:

  • The shampoo is in the form of a clear gel which has a medium running consistency ( shown in the video below)
  • You would just need a tiny bit of its quantity to clean your baby’s little head.
  • It gives a good lather when mixed with water.
  • It’s a coconut based shampoo which cleanses and conditions the hair at the same time, leaving the hair smooth and clean.
  • The lavender oil present in the shampoo leaves your baby’s head smelling tempting the entire day. ( I personally love lavender oil and have been crazily sniffing my girls head?).
  • It being tear free gives it extra brownie points.

Not so high fives of Mama Earth Gentle Cleansing:
The only thing missing by far with this product, is that it’s available only online, which I personally don’t feel is a low point actually, because don’t we all shop online all the time.

Mylittlemuffin conclusion:
I have used Mama earth ‘s Gentle Cleansing Shampoo for both my daughters, and I feel the search for a perfect shampoo for my little muffins ends here. Since they both have curly hair, their hair were most of the times dry. Mama earth cleansing shampoo leaves their hair smooth and refreshing throughout the day.
I would highly recommend this product.
Don’t we all want to try something that is absolutely safe to use for our little ones?

Check the below links to check out other products offered by mama earth ( reviews for the rest of the products coming soon):

P.s. Always try any new product on yourself before trying them on your baby.

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ChuChuTv Review : helping your babies get ready for their preschool| review mylittlemuffin

ChuChuTv Review : helping your babies get ready for their preschool| review mylittlemuffin


ChuChuTv : helping your babies get ready for their preschool
ChuChuTv had been a part of our lives since over 3 years now. It’s probably the first Indian YouTube channel which is creating amazing videos and has become a family member in most of the houses that I know.

ChuChuTv has over 3 billion views and more than 3 million subscribers, which proves the popularity of this amazing channel.
As a mother of two, I totally understand the importance of videos for the development of a child.
When I became a mom I knew for sure that my girl won’t be raised listening to the new age music. The songs being made with the most absurd lyrics. I wanted to keep my child aloof from this world of double meaning songs.

And chuchutv beautifully came for rescue.Chu chutv

I have always believed that allowing your child to have a screen time was extremely important, but also knew that I had to be careful with the kind of videos that my girl would be watching.

One fine evening when my girl was watching a series of rhymes videos on YouTube, she started watching a video of ChuChuTv. She immediately fell in love with the opening jingle of ChuChuTv, shouting out the word ‘ChuChuTv‘ in the most cutest baby voice.
Not only my girl, but I know almost all babies around me are fans of this YouTube channel.
I have come across mothers thanking this YouTube channel for helping in the growth of their children.

ChuChuTv believes in making animation videos which give out a positive message along with the ability to entertain your kids.

ChuchutvBe it about promoting the value of sharing and helping others through rhymes like “Chubby Cheeks” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep“or teaching the importance of exercise in a way that your kids would understand through videos like “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes“, this YouTube channel will be your’s and your child’s companion through this beautiful journey of motherhood.

ChuChuTv doesn’t believe in doing the usual nursery rhymes. They change them to create a positive impact on the kids who watch their channel. They aim torwards inculcating good thoughts in the children’s mind which would make them better adults.

ChuChuTv had got a talented team based out of India, which comprises of artists, marketers and educators who work really hard at creating videos that will help you along your parenting journey.Chuchutv

Most of the members of their team have little kids at their homes, which helps them to think from a child’s point of view.

I am a fan of ChuChuTv and so is my girl.
Like I mentioned above that we need to limit our child’s screen time. And when you give this screen time to your child make sure you watch this channel and you would love the smile they would bring to your child’s face.
Here is my girls favorite video from ChuChuTv.

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