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I spent almost 6 years in the aviation industry, and wore beautiful uniforms with amazing footwear and makeup which was more than perfect.

Prior to that when I was in college, I had to wear uniform too (special thanks to the kind of graduation subject I chose: Hotel Management).
Somehow I feel I always was in love with the concept of uniforms.

Little did I know that the uniform I was going to wear for the life after being a mother would happen to be my favorite.

From the past 3.5 years, I’ve been sporting a very different uniformed look?…

The look which is so different that it’s probably shocking for the people who know me from the time before I became a mommy. My current look is completely different from my crisp professional pre- mommy look.
It’s a normal phenomenon for people to come up to me and ask why I always wore the same clothes.


I’ve not been wearing the same clothes everyday.
The fact is that I just wear variations of the same comfortable thing, which I call my ‘ uniform‘. ??

To a NON-MOMMY person, my look might sound like a clumsily thrown out look.

But the truth is somehow different!!

The most important FACTORS of my cool uniform are right here:

1. My soft comfy shorts: My whole day revolves around running behind my 3.5 year old naughty daughter and catering to the needs of my 6 month old little baby daughter, running up and down picking up and dropping my girl to the school. I feel it’s unnecessary to restrict myself to wear wonderful clothes. My super comfy shorts have all the possible support to make my life airy?.

2. My hair that is getting shorter day by day: My hair has been out of control ever since I became a mom. More because I never had an opportunity to look at the mirror even once a day. I always ended up as if I had put my hair in front of a blower after wearing loads of gel, by the end of the day. My most beautiful hairdo used to be a bun with my poky hair flying all over my head (which is a look that most hair stylist do for ladies as a party wear hairdo- and well!! This was the look For which most women pay a bomb).

Isn’t this reassuring?.Now that I have two beautiful babies I don’t even have time to make this bun, so ended up getting my hair chopped and got the most loved messy Wet hair look?.Thanks to my new hairstylist ( who I would be reviewing soon), who gave me a wonderful haircut that won’t require any effort for it to look amazing.

3. My all purpose footwear: I wear my animal print footwear most of the times. And when going out with friends or family I prefer wearing my all purpose comfy pumps.

The best part is that, the moment I find a comfortable pump I end up buying almost 10 colours of the same footwear?.

4. My uniform Accessories: I can’t go a day without my accessories, and trust me I’m addicted to mine.
My accessories include: my OVERSIZED SUNGLASSES ( which always hide my sleepless droopy eyes?, and also hide my beautiful black dark circles), JUMBO SIZE COFFEE MUG (to satisfy my daily dose of caffeine, which equals the dose that a normal human being has in a month?), and MY TABLET or MOBILE PHONE ( which is a part of my body, not literally though). I can’t do a second without this particular accessory, more because I use them to write for my website which is more like a mediation for me).

5. My emergency JEGGINGS: These you will always find hanging behind my door. I call these my emergency uniform gear, just incase I have a surprise visitor in my house whom I wouldn’t want to show the more clumsy (mommy) side of me?.

I totally agree that this look is different than my pre- mommy look.
But, I feel what else would one expect from a woman who has a 24/7 job.

The fact is that I love this over exerting job of mine and I totally love my uniform.

Do you wear a similar look like mine?
Please leave me a comment as to what is it that you do differently. I would love to know.

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I strongly believe in breaking all the stereotype ways of parenting.
For me parenting is all about love and fun. My girls and I believe in jamming out in the car, in dancing in the rains, and in miracles. We believe in smiling till our cheek hurt and laughing till our neighbours’ ears burst. Parenting definitely comes with loads of challenges,but trust me facing these challenges becomes much more easier by having a fun and a happy attitude towards it.