Are you one of the mother who constantly is trying hard to get information out of your child like an FBI agent, and always ends up knowing nothing in the end?

Do you want to know of questions for kids which will help you in your investigation?

Do you keep asking the below questions to your toddler everyday?

“How was school today?”

“What did you do at school today?” Questions for kids

I am a very inquisitive mother. I love peeping in my daughter’s class after I drop her off to school, just to get a glimpse of what she does there. I totally love to know what my child have been up to all day. But it can be like getting blood out of a stone.

If your kids are anything like mine, when you ask them what they did that day, they invariably say “nothing” or everyday say the same thing “ played with toys” or ” read books“.

Perhaps they just plug them into some kind of zombie juicing machine at school and they truly do nothing. I suspect not!

After a month long wait of banging my head in the wall everyday, I developed a questionnaire for my little daughter, So I don’t bore her with my everyday questions and in order to make the investigation process more fun and interactive 😉 .

Knowing how to ask questions to get answers is a great PARENTING skill !!!Questions for kids4

Here is the list of questions that completely changed the way my daughter interacts post school. The discussions have become more fun, and it also encourages my 2.8 year old daughter to be a great speaker. Make sure you choose a different question everyday, so you don’t kill the fun.

  • Who did the naughtiest thing today?What did they do?
  • What was the hardest thing you did today?
  • What did you do at break time?
  • Who did the kindest thing?What did they do?
  • Who said the funniest thing today?What did they say?
  • Did your teacher do a somersault today? No? Oh, so what did she/he do?
  • What was the best thing you did today?
  • If you could change one thing about school, what would you change?
  • Who did you play with?
  • Did anyone help you today?
  • What is the most interesting thing you learnt today?
  • Who would you like to play with that you didn’t play with?
  • Did you help anyone today?
  • Who did you see that you don’t normally see?
  • Did you get scared today?
  • Who didn’t you see that you do normally see?
  • What was your favorite bit of the day?
  • What was your least favorite bit?
  • What is the best and worst thing about your school?
  • Who did you sit next to at lunch (or snack)?
  • What was your happiest moment?
  • What was your saddest moment?
  • What is the best and worst thing about your teacher?
  • What was your favorite bit of lunch or snack?
  • What is different about today and a year ago?
  • If your class was the crew of a pirate ship, who would do what?
  • If your teacher got attacked by a giant shark who would be in charge?
  • Did you remember any jokes to tell them?

Always ask open ended questions rather than ones which have a “yes” or “no” answer.

Keep it positive, what was good, rather than what was bad.Questions for kids2

Although I do like to ask about sadness from time to time just to see if there are any problems that my child wants to talk about (or don’t want to talk about.)

Silly questions like pirates, somersaults and shark are good to get them to laugh, even if you don’t get a sensible answer.

These are great questions that you can use to start a conversation with your child post school. It’s great to get a glimpse of what your kids are up to when they are away from you.

It’s a great habit to get into.

Remember: If they start telling you about their lives when they’re little, they’ll carry on when they’re older.

What is your favorite question to ask your kids?




I strongly believe in breaking all the stereotype ways of parenting.
For me parenting is all about love and fun. My girls and I believe in jamming out in the car, in dancing in the rains, and in miracles. We believe in smiling till our cheek hurt and laughing till our neighbours’ ears burst. Parenting definitely comes with loads of challenges,but trust me facing these challenges becomes much more easier by having a fun and a happy attitude towards it.