The festival of colors is just around the corner. More than anything, I love the spirit of Holi.

This is a fun festival, and often people get carried away, and forget to remember the safety norms. It’s very important to know about safety while celebrating this fun festival.HoliWe should first of all make our children understand the true spirit of this festival. Colours are a fun way to rejoice and appreciate the gift of love. The love that we get from people around us. 

Here are safety tips to help you enjoy this Holi…

  • Use natural colors as far as possible. In case natural colors aren’t available, get good quality of colors.
  • Use a lot of moisturizer or coconut oil or olive oil all over your body, before and after playing Holi. This will ensure that the color is not stuck on the skin and would be easily washable.
  • If you have a sensitive skin, you may use an antiseptic cream or lacto- calamine ointment before playing.
  • Apply generous amount of oil on your hair too and try to wear a scarf to protect your hair.
  • Try to protect your eyes while playing with the colours.
  • Use more of pink and red colours, since these apart from looking good can easily be removed. The other gaudy colours like green, yellow, orange, purple have more harmful chemicals in them, and should be avoided.
  • Protect your nails by applying a thick coating of paint on them- both on fingers and toes.
  • You may use a cleanser, instead of a soap to remove the colours, as the soap tends to make the skin dry.
  • Try to take a bath quite later, after the entire Holi celebration is over, since taking frequent baths or washing face several times, will ruin your skin. Also this may harm your hair, as using too much shampoo has a drying effect.
  • A DIY colour remover: use besan mixed with curd and turmeric when u take a bath.It removes the colour easily.

As far as possible use Herbal / Natural colors instead of Synthetic colors because these festivals are for enjoyment.

Enjoy your festival with loads of love.

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