A letter to the younger me on my first day to college

Dear 18 year old Preetjyot,
Hang in there girl, I have a big secret to share with you. Something that could change your life forever. I’m your future self and I took special power from the Momsteins to send you this letter to let you know what you are getting into.
It’s your first day in college and I know you are pretty nervous, so I thought I will let you know that this new phase is going to be the most rocking one.

Here are a few things I want you to know :

1. Don’t park your car horizontally. The seniors would end up thinking that you are one snob who wants to take up the entire parking space. They would park bikes all around your car, if you don’t park your car vertically across the wall. Well even if you forget this advice, let me tell you that you are a genius girl. Despite of the bikes purposely parked around your car, you will manage to shock all with your driving skills dude. Well let me also tell you one more secret, you are going to be a world famous F1 racer.
Well I’m kidding. But you won’t be less than a racer?.

2. Plz oh plz don’t wear those long earrings today. It will give out a wrong message to the boys in your college that your are one girlie girl. Let them see the real you so they aren’t shocked when they see the WWF wrestler hidden behind that girlie girl?.

3. Ohk now hold your breath and listen to me carefully now. The boy who you are going to literally notice today when you enter the college is going to change your life. But don’t show it to him at all. Don’t secretly keep looking at him, coz trust me he is going to notice it and tease you all your life. Instead of secretly noticing him, just go out there and take his number as soon as you can. You really won’t regret doing this.

The coming one month is going to take you to the world you never thought you would go to. The world of love is waiting for you.
This boy I’m talking about is going to make you fall in love with him head over heels. He will take you on the most wonderful journey. Journey of love that will fill your future with so much love that you better be ready for some real fun coming up your way.
OK I can’t keep it to myself. He is going to be YOUR MAN. You both will fight all odds to be together.
Don’t fear when you get to know that he is from another city. Don’t fear when you get to know that he would be leaving Delhi after an year.
You both will sail through next 7 years beautifully. You both will shock the world and prove them wrong by still being in love even though you would be in different cities.
The entire Kaynaat will give you infinite opportunities to keep meeting and eventually be together forever…
Well I guess I have spilled almost all the beans.
I better keep shush and leave the rest on you to figure out on your own?.
Take care
And be yourself
33 year old Mrs. Preetjyot Kaur Mehra (yes the ‘Mehra’ is for real.

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  1. Yes and you tell her that she’ll have this amazing webpage which people would feel super jealous of ?

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