Author: Preetjyot Kaur

12 Fun LAUGH-OUT-LOUD Reads to have a laughing session with your child

Have you come across a book for your child that made you fall down laughing?

I am sure that’s a rare case !!!
Yes!! There are definitely some fun books that would make you laugh out loud!!! If you are looking to have a fun laughing session while reading with your young ones, read on.
Here are some books that will definitely make you laugh your lungs out:

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Fun April Fool’s day pranks to pep up a Flight Attendants day !!!

Are you a Flight attendant?? Go play these fun pranks and enjoy this April Fool’s Day!!!Trust me nothing can be better than cracking a joke at your work place to brighten up your day.
Now for a cabin ATTENDANT since the work place is 36000 feet above the sea level, the pressure of safety and security is really high. Hence, its really important to let go at times.

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