Author: Preetjyot Kaur

Here are the best Read aloud Books for your 0-3 year old muffin

Make sure you practice reading out aloud (which a skill, trust me!!), with your little muffin. It’s a skill to be able to draw attention of a child, by changing your volume, pace or voice.

You should pay attention to what you are reading. Make sure you reflect the drama and emotions through your voice. These emotions would also be visible on your face. The best trick here is to act silly.

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A cool Chocolate Face mask

Do you feel guilty every time you indulge in chocolates? Here is a perfect way for you to fulfill your chocolate fix without feeling guilty. Who said chocolate is just for your tummy. You can use for to make your skin yummy too. The delicious raw dark chocolate, is truly a delectable treat, but with health benefits.

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