Author: Preetjyot Kaur

When your child won’t stop interrupting – Bring in the “Excuse me” Rule

Have you come across times when your child just constantly interrupts you? Screams ,shouts and tries to do all possible things to gain your attention , just to give you a small message, while you are in the middle of a very important conversation. Do you feel embarrassed by your child’s behavior when he interrupts ? And do you know what to do in such a situation?

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Driving while Pregnant – A complete safety guide

Are you scared of Driving while pregnant ?
Every parent is worried about how to protect their little muffin even while he is “still in the oven”. Pregnancy comes with a long list of do’s and don’ts.
What about driving while pregnant?
Do you wear a seat belt?
Do you go without?
Do you just start walking everywhere?
If you keep worrying about these questions, don’t worry and read on to know all about it.

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