Author: Preetjyot Kaur

Dining out with kids – When to start

Dining out with the kids and the trick that helped me get started.Dining out with the kids can be overwhelming for most parents and since I keep getting queries related to this I thought of sharing about our journey. In this post I have shared how it all began for us.

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Body positive kids could be the game changer

One of the most important tasks as a parent is to model and nurture healthy self esteem in our children. It does take a lot of time and care to help a child adopt the habit of body positivity. It won’t be an easy feat, and I must warn you to be ready to be bombarded with some tough questions that have extremely tough answers.
Read this post to know how I work towards immunising my daughters against poor body image.

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Self love is the key

Self love is the key to being a happy mother.
Don’t be too hard on yourself to become a better parent.The world around you changes overnight after you become a parent. A baby doesn’t just fill your life with new responsibilities but also influences your sleep, daily schedule, your diet and most importantly the amount of time you spend in the washroom. Read this post to know how I fell in love with myself all over again.

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Feed your Child’s Brain

When I say feed your child’s brain, you really are technically feeding the brain first.
Even though genes play a significant role in determining a child’s intelligence, research shows us that nutrition also plays an important in developing intellectual capabilities during formative years.
Today I would be talking about food that would not only promote good health, but would also give your child the best possible nutrients for his brain to concentrate, remember and think clearly.

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