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Garlic supplement from Zenith Nutrition – odourless garlic with great benefits

Garlic is not only a delicious culinary ingredient which gives a distinct flavour to food but is also really healthy and is used to cure various diseases, exactly why odourless garlic supplements are gaining the popularity they truly deserve.
I have recently started using Garlic Supplement from Zenith Nutrition and would love to share my experience with you all.

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Vitamin B2 supplement review and its benefits |zenith nutrition 

There is something that could help us have a healthy lifestyle and that is a health supplement. If taken moderately and as per the instruction of your doctor, health supplements could do wonders for your body.
One such health supplement that I recently started using is Vitamin B2 from Zenith Nutrition.
I would like to share with you all the benefits of this Health supplement.

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Children’s day ideas that I’m sure no one gave you before

Tons of extra love, ‘brutal honesty’, ‘Pullable cheeks’ and galore of infinite questions is what could describe children the best. This children’s day let’s appreciate the blessing children are and make them feel that they are loved and valued. Here are some cool Children’s day ideas that I’m sure no one gave you before .

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Amniotic fluid and it’s importance : how choosing a good maternity hospital could help

I was detected with oligohydramnios during my second pregnancy and learnt that about 8 percent women have low level of amniotic fluid. I was lucky to have found the right maternity hospital that helped me throughout my pregnancy. If it wasn’t for my gynaecologist, I would have been in distress. Exactly why I suggest all expecting parents to choose your maternity hospital wisely. 
If you would like to know more about oligohydramnios and how your maternity hospital could help you, please read on.

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STEM education is getting all the attention it deserves | Skola toys

STEM education and toys are getting all the attention it deserves. The toys that our child plays with has a huge influence on his development. It’s important to introduce your child to the world of educational toys which would allow him to learn while having fun, during his growing years.
Any kind of toy would offer value to a child’s developing brain, however instructional, learning or educational toys would produce a specific value to his development.
I have been recently introduced to the world of STEM education since my daughter’s new school follows this system and I would like to share my learning about it with you all.

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Gift of learning is what your kids need this festive season.

With the festive season right upon us, we all are gearing up to shop for gifts for our loved ones. You might be one of the person who has received a long wish list from your little one for some cool new gadget or some trendy toy.
However as a parent I’m sure you would want the Gaming consoles, iPads , tablets or any other gadget out of focus this festive season. The best gift for your child could be a toy that is low-tech and which could help develop his cognitive, social, emotional, motor and language skills.

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Wandering Foodie Sweets – Takes the guilt out of the guilty pleasure

Festive season is around the corner and we all are gearing up for it and are excited to satisfy our sweet cravings. I have to share about something really exciting which could take away the guilt from the guilty pleasure. I was sent two boxes of healthy sweets from Wandering Foodie for my honest review – A box of Sattu ladoo and an assorted ladoo box called Treats , and I can’t wait to tell you all about these really healthy Ladoos. Check out my detailed review of this healthy brand of sweets.

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The mysterious world of white noise and it’s benefits – Introducing Fade away sleep sounds

The biggest challenge that new parents face is helping their little ones fall asleep. As a new mom I often found myself struggling every night trying to make my baby fall asleep, and if I succeeded ever, I used to keep awake the entire night just because my body was too exhausted to even doze off. During this time only thing that never failed to surprise me was white noise. White noise is a combination of all the different frequencies of sounds with an equal intensity. It’s a unique kind of sound signal which is capable of overpowering any kind of background sound.

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Softens complete baby care products review

Check out my detailed review of Softsens Baby care range. Being a mom for the first time, we end up doing a lot of research & experiments. With so many baby care products in the market, finding the right product for your baby could be overwhelming for a mother. It’s more of a ‘ trial and error’ process, till the time you hit the right cord, and you end up sticking on to it forever.

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