Letter to my husband on the day we met

Dear 19 year old Rish,

OK now if you wondering who I am, hold in a little more and you shall know it. Until then just take me as one person who would always wish well for you..
So I’m writing to you today to warn you for things that are going to happen today.
So you are going to meet a crazy girl. She is going to be nervous as hell but won’t show it. You might find he snobbish I’m sure, coz half the world thinks that about her until they talk to her.
I know the moment you two meet you both will feel some magic. Take this magic seriously dude.
You have no idea what this magic is going to do to your life.
Firstly, I know you would want to talk to her and the only way you find it right is by ragging her.. But please avoid it.
She could bring down the entire college if she is ragged?. Yes and don’t take it as a joke, she literally would.

Don’t let her appearance take you on a ride. She isn’t this girlie girl. She is probably the kind of love you always wanted.

OK also let me share one more secret. She is going to go nuts for you the moment your eyes meet. And also let me warn you, she is going to be so much head over heels that she would be in her lala land dancing around the trees with you while you are talking to her. So make sure you shake her up when you want to speak to her.
Try asking her out for a Pepsi date at the canteen while you make her comfortable. I told you right, she is going to be really nervous, she might need a little ice breaking session.

OK so the coming month is going to be really fun for you both. Don’t wait for two weeks to share your numbers. Ask her for her number and I can bet you she won’t say no.

I know in two weeks you will be making all the freshers practice for the fresher’s party since you are the cultural coordinator.
When you go up to this girl to check if she could dance, take her answer seriously. She is a trained dancer dude and could shock you with some moves.
When you enter the class to sit next to her and to rag her, make sure you look into her eyes when she is singing for you (coz the song she is going to sing is literally going to be for you).

Don’t make her an eagle and ask her to run behind another friend who is made a sparrow.

Don’t ask her to wear suits, coz then she would wear all her ‘Dil toh pagal hai’ kind of pastels which you might not want to see her in (for obvious reason that you would fall in love with the girlie girl which she is not?).

OK let’s skip the rest and get going to the big day.

25th August 2003 – Fresher’s party – Big proposal day

Make sure you don’t ignore her the entire day. She will be running around you trying to talk. Pay attention to her, else she will go around abusing you (like real abuses dude).

You know what, let me leave the rest.
Remember just one thing- this crazy girl is going to love you like crazy. You don’t need any more advices as I’m sure you will ensure that both your lives turn out to be beautiful.
She loves you.
She loved you the moment she saw you.
She loves you today when she is writing this letter.
Don’t listen to any advice above. She was doing just time pass trying to give you some unnecessary gyan.
Your love
Your not so girlie girl
Your wife

Here are a few memories from your current life:

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🎀🎀Movie Date – took us 5 years🎀🎀 Oh so finally we did it.. We didn't even try it before, maybe coz there wasn't any movie that we both would have loved watching together without one of us dozing off. . I love mushy romantic movies and he is always in for some action. . The much awaited @tigerzindahai @tiger.zindahai came out. A perfect combination of romance and action. . At 9pm He: are u in for a date Me: (almost in tears-yes I'm that filmy) Yes yes yes and I jumped like a crazy teenager He: Be ready by 10 and make sure the kids are off to sleep. Me: (Ran to feed my kids, changed their clothes and started trying to make them sleep – all this at the speed of 500km/ sec) . My MIL helped in making the elder one sleep. . The moment both were off to their dream land I ran out to change. . Naah not to do some makeup n wear a hot dress, but just to wear my jacket😂. . I was so excited that didn't even wear a kajal and ran down the moment he called. . It was like how we were back in college- Sneaking out to spend time with each other. . . We had too many goofy moments for the world to know we were doing this for the first time ever. . Stay tuned to know what else happened that night. There were so many crazy incidents from the night that I thought why not pen down all on my blog😬. . . . . . . . . #dateline #datejust #dateparty #dateideas #datenights #datenight #datedays #dateday❤️ #datealive #datewithdaddy #datenignt #dateday #datewithmommy #date #datetime #datenightwithbae #dateyourself #datewithbae #datelook #dateyourhusband #datewithmylove #datenightselfie #indianmomblogger #momblogger

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Being a hotelier's wife and girlfriend for over 14 years, I had accepted it that this man here would never come back home on time on any special day. . Well, he proved me wrong this time. Just when I was coming back home from the Karvachauth Pooja, he called to check where I was. We were right in front of the elevator, the door opened and he was right in front of me. I was so awestruck that didn't react for 25 seconds. . We spent the rest of the evening together while our girls were in bed on time. These are the little joys of life that keeps me going. Don't we all love little surprises? #mommyblogger #indianmom #festiveseason #KCflaunt #lovehim #hotelierwife #momlife #bringingbackfun #indianmomblogger

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  1. Why wasn’t I in the same college to witness this cute love story? This is so much like a successful movie which broke the records on the box office…

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