Incrementally challenging toys could make your child Smarter 

Challenging toys

Incrementally challenging toys could make your child Smarter.

I’m a firm believer of learning through play.
It’s highly believed that quite a less number of kids are born with mathematical talent, while the rest don’t have the ability to succeed at a higher level. Cognitive science has lately proven this myth to be wrong.
Human brain isn’t hardwired. It continues to develop throughout one’s life. Incremental learning could help in the emergence of new abilities.
Let’s be honest, which approach would you want your child to have?
” I performed well because I worked really hard for it”
” I performed well”.
I’m sure you would prefer the earlier one. A child who has a learning theory of intelligence, understands that with hard work and perseverance, one could grasp difficult situations if tackled step by step and incrementally.
This is exactly what incrementally challenging toys help with.

Challenging toys

Let’s compare Entity and incremental learning, for a better understanding of this.


Entity learners: They believe in a constant level of intelligence – i.e. ” I’m good at hindi” or “I’m bad at mathematics”. They believe that their level of ability is fixed and there is hardly anything they could do to change the results.
Incremental learners: They highly believe in hard work and how their level of intelligence could be affected by it – i.e. “I could have tried harder” or “I scored well because I worked really hard for it”. In this case the learner understands that he could move from novice to master, step by step. Whenever they face a failure, they would increase their efforts or change the tactics.

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Incrementally challenging toys if used at an early age could really help a child develop this learning skill.

Challenging toys

Some Benefits of incrementally challenging toys:

• Your child could learn more than his memory could hold
• The problem of forgetting could nearly be eliminated (95 percent knowledge retention)
• Your child’s memory would last for life
• It would help in comprehensive learning, instead of focusing just on 2-3 majors
• The child would develop a better understanding of various concepts
• The incremental approach of these would help in better consolidation of the knowledge structure (by helping your child keep the big picture in mind)
• The child would have a better attention since he would be focusing on a single issue at a time without missing minutest of the details
• Helps in enhancing your child’s creativity
• The child learns how to resolve contradictions
• Last but not the least, these incremental Toys are fun to engage.

Challenging toys

If you find all this too good to be true, then you must check out the unique collection of Skola Toys which is India’s first range of toys which is specifically designed with learning at its core.
Their toys are self paced and self correcting wooden toys that help kids aged 2-7 learn about various concepts like Numbers, Language, Environment, Culture, Dexterity and Cognition.
Their toy designs are backed by child psychologists, educationists and child experts.


Challenging toys

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however, the opinions in this post are honest. I would never recommend something that I personally don’t like. 


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