Letter to my siblings – my crazy 4 gang

Letter to my siblings

Letter to my 3 siblings.
P.S. I am blessed with 3 siblings ,1 sister and 2 brothers.

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Today’s prompt is ‘Letter to parents/inlaws/siblings/kids‘.

Dear crazy 3,
I know you know pretty well that life would totally be out of focus without you 3 being around. We do end up fighting almost 50 percent of the time, but trust me I wouldn’t wish to be made fun of for singing like a frog or chased around the house with a fake lizard, by anyone else but you guys. You definitely have to deal with me and love be back, no matter how mean I get for no reason or how my voice could bring down the entire house.

Letter to my siblings
I too have to love you guys back, but I’m totally cool with that?.
The truth is that no Mahayudh could stop us from loving each other.
Thank-you sister for wishing to do everything I did and making me feel way cooler than I was in real. This has been the best compliment I have ever received.
Thank-you sister for tolerating the wierd haircuts that I have given you all my life.
Thank-you my Brothers for making me tough to face the most ridiculous jokes coz you always find things funny about me even when it isn’t.
Thank-you brothers for making me a part of your boys gang and teaching me the tricks of W.W.F. ( World Wrestling Federation).

Thank-you guys for supporting my stupid rock concert ideas, where we used to make a gang and perform.
I take this opportunity to let you know that you guys are and will always be my people. My first and the best crazy gang.

Letter to my siblings
I can be as crazy as I please and say or sing whatever I wish to, which I usually do, and I’m sure you would still put up with me.
You are the reason for me being able to be comfortable being myself.

You guys have always inspired me, even though I was the eldest one amongst us.
I am proud of each one of you and I know you will keep giving me reasons to boast about you guys to the world.

I love you guys for laughing at my jokes and supporting me, though I know technically you laugh at me coz probably I am usually the only one who finds the jokes funny.

Letter to my siblings
The truth is that no one knows me more than you guys do and that’s not coz you had to, but I know you wanted to.
Thank-you for bearing my stupid dance competitions, my crazy ideas, my experimental tiny balls chicken dish, my stupid logic of cycling on the same trail everyday, and many more such wierd incidents.
You guys were and will always be my rockstar gang.
I will always love you.
Your not so old- older sister??.

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  1. Wow this is such a beautiful way of expressing love for your siblings. Loved reading the letter and all the more loved the pictures as they showcase the love, affection and bond so well.

  2. Haha such a fun read this was! Totally agree with the fact that siblings are one of the bestest parts of your life. Rockstar gang..haha!

  3. Hahahhaha Can we please see the pictures of the hair cuts you gave?? ???? btw. I’ve also been the one on whom all the WWF methods were tried upon by my brother. ???

  4. Wow, it is lovely reading about you all… Suddenly I have started missing my brothers (I have no sister). I have a smile on my face while reading the post…

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