Some truths that I learnt only because I was a flight attendant

Here are some truths that I learnt only coz I was a flight attendant once:

  • Being nice can create magic: I had a passenger once who was traveling alone. I found her eyes red with crying. After the service I went up to her and asked her if she was alright. She spoke her heart out with me about an issue she was worried about, which made her cry. All she wanted was someone to hear her out, which I did. While the other passengers were deplaning, this lady was waiting till everyone left, and gave me a hug, and with tears in her eyes thanked me for listening to her. The feeling was just so great. The feeling of being able to be helpful to that lady. A moment of being nice can really create magic for someone.
  • Making everyone happy can be impossible at times: Hundreds of passengers on board. Each would have their own set of preferences. Someone would want the cabin to be hot, and someone would want the temperature to be low. Some people like loud boarding music, some may not. Some may not like Cabin attendant roaming in the cabin all the time, and some may find it very pleasing. Not everyone on your flight would be in a good mood. Just go out there and do your best. Don’t let any negativity affect you.
  • Distance is a very important aspect of a cabin attendants’s life: While traveling all over the World or around the country you may end up making many friends. At times this distance might affect you. This distance may not make any difference regarding love at times, and at certain other times you may feel erosion of a personal connection.
  • If you get a good sleep, it can act as a game changer for you: On certain early morning flights, specially the ones during winters, I would hardly get any time to sleep, and moreover the idea of leaving my bed and quilt early in the morning while all others in the house would be sleeping, can be a sick feeling. But on certain other days where I would have got enough sleep, and would get my favourite coffee to start my day, I would end up having a great day full of energy and enthusiasm. So please go get your share of the rest and make sure you take care of yourself. I am sure all those who have flown as a cabin attendants would have had such days. What you can do on such days??? I know exactly what… Simply get up, pick up, clean up and start afresh… Cheer up girl!!
  • The unexpected call from the Crew Planning Department is not always for worse: And I really mean it. Today when I look back at my flying days, I realise, I have made the BEST of the memories on these unexpectedly assigned flights. It’s actually wonderful to let go of your worries, expectations and the need to control everything around you. I have learnt that these unexpected adventures have added more colours to my life. Have fun and embrace such memories.
  • Language of smile is universally understood: At times you would end up flying to destinations where you would find many people with whom you may not be able to converse because of not knowing their language. In places like these smile can give a familiar comfort. As a cabin attendant, we get an opportunity of constantly meeting people from various different backgrounds, hence it makes us wonderfully aware that a smile means the same thing all over the world.
  • Always double lock your hotel room door: I have heard my friends complaining that they have either experienced housekeeping staff opening their door with their master key ( I’m sure for cleaning there room), or due to the hotels mistake another guest had been allotted the same room as theirs and hence have tried to enter the room with their room key. Hence its advisable to double lock your door, unless you don’t mind getting into adventurous situations. 😀
  • Most uncomfortable situations that you are into won’t stay around for long: Cheer up and enjoy yourself. Long flights eventually land some day. Delays are typical. The “funny passengers” exit your life soon enough. This uncomfortable time won’t stay forever. Sit back and just enjoy.
  • There is a story behind every face you see: There have been some wonderful and memorable stories behind many passengers that I interacted with. I still remember a small girl who was traveling alone to her granny’s place. The story behind her traveling alone touched my heart and I will always remember it. She was traveling alone to her granny’s, just because her mother was no more and she said, had her mother been there she would have definitely visited her sick mother. A small little 9 year old girl she was. So tough. So brave.
  • You would get some friends for life: I have a few friends whom I met during my flying career. No matter where we are, how less often we meet. I know for sure we can always count on each other.
  • Always be thankful: Roaming around the country and around the world. Getting all the luxuries possible. Those endless chit chat sessions in the steam room in a five star hotel. Those fun swimming pool sessions. Well!!! Not everyone gets to live this life. Be grateful and be happy about the fact that you have for an opportunity to live this super fun life.
  • The risks that you would take would be worth it: One of my favorite memories is when one of my very good friend and I decided to break the rule of our transit home. We got some drinks and food and pushed out television out in the balcony. Took the blanket and placed that on the balcony floor. Kept a few pillows and sat down to watch our favorite movie. Meanwhile the housekeeper of that transit home knocked the door and within few seconds we changed back the whole setting. And after he left we were back to fun 🙂 . This risk and many more risks like that have been worth it. They have created some unforgettable memories.
  • There’s will be times when things may go out of your control: There were times that I had not followed a single week schedule as per my month’s roster. Either I used to get pulled out from a standby for a four day long layover of would end up getting a call from crew scheduling an hour prior to a flights reporting, requesting me to operate as they had no they alternative. One has no control with the uncertainty of events, in a cabin attendants life. But the fact is complaining won’t help, coz situations like these won’t be under your control. This is life, so learn to let go and enjoy. You will find many chances to exercise you’re freedom of choice.

Preetjyot Kaur
Preetjyot Kaur is an Internationally Accredited Life Coach for Kids and a Certified Parenting Coach who strongly believes in breaking the stereotypes. She helps her clients to learn how to fulfil their dreams by helping them train their mind, manage emotions & energy to achieve what they truly desire. For over 6 years she has mentored quite a number of kids and parents to move closer to a better way of living.


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