Growth curve – A great way to track your kid’s development

Growth curve

Growth curve – A great way to track your kid’s

A baby grows spectacularly in their first year of life and I’m sure just like me you too must have clicked month by month pictures to prove it. However, in the next few years this growth slows down a bit, which shouldn’t stop you from documenting it.

Trust me, it won’t be long before you would be missing these early years.

Being a mother of two I have witnessed how different kids develop new skills and abilities at an individual pace and in a steady progression as they grow. Both my daughters reached their respective milestones and developed various skills at a different pace.

Even though a little delay in their milestone never bothered me, I ensured that our paediatrician monitored the growth of my kids on every visit through their growth curve.

Growth curve

Development and growth always go hand in hand. Normal growth is a crucial indicator of a kid’s overall wellbeing and health over the time.

Being a dynamic process, growth is ideally evaluated at every paediatrician visit as it helps the parents gain crucial information about one’s kid’s health.

What is the major difference between growth and height?

Height signifies how short or tall one’s kid would be at any specific time.  On the other hand, a kid’s growth is predominantly the dynamic measure of how a kid’s height changes over time. This is used to determine if there is a need to make amends in a kid’s nutrition.

What is a growth curve?

A Growth curve assesses the way a kid grows over a period of time. This growth curve is determined when a kid’s height and weight (or any other measurable aspect like head circumference) have been plotted as dots on a growth tracking chart. When these dots are joined, you should have a growth curve. Hence, looking at the growth curve over a couple of months is the best way to assess the growth of a kid.

Growth curve

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A growth curve will help you observe whether your kid is growing normally, slower or faster than expected which would provide an early warning if his or her health needs some extra attention.

Growth curve is any day a better method of assessing the growth, rather than a one-time assessment of a kid’s height and weight.

It is a great and sensitive tool to help a parent figure out if one’s kid’s growth is within the healthy range.

A strong bond between the parent and kid, adequate sleep, good nutrition and a safe and nurturing environment at school and home would ensure that kids have the best chance of developing as they ideally should.

How to use a growth curve for your kid’s development?

So, how to use a growth curve for your kids’ development in India? Measuring a kid at home through a growth curve is a quick and easy way to monitor his or her growth.

I recently came across PediaSure’s Grow Right Tracker which comes as a handy tool to calculate a kid’s percentile in India. This tracker is adapted from WHO charts and it easily helps a parent determine the degree to which physiological needs for development and growth are met during the early childhood period. It helped me identify the gaps in my kid’s growth and I’m working toward bridging them using techniques like food art, story-telling and the like.

I have decided to go on a 90-day journey with PediaSure’s Grow Right Tracker and can’t wait to share with you our observations. Stay tuned on my social media channels for more on this.


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  1. Growth tracker gives you. the understanding of the nutritional requirement of your child and gives you the comfort of designing the diet of your child accordingly. Great Post.

    1. Yes, growth charts and tracking your child’s nutrition can be challenging, but they are important to ensure that your child is growing and developing properly. Using a growth chart tracker can be a helpful tool in understanding your child’s growth patterns and identifying any potential issues early on. It’s always a good idea to consult with your child’s pediatrician or a nutritionist to ensure that your child is getting the proper nutrition and care.

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