Language development from Birth

Language development

Language development of your newborn by talking often :

Talking is the biggest milestones for a baby and there’s a lot that a parent can do to help the baby to be a master at chatting once he grows older.

When does the baby start recognising the mother’s voice?

The baby can hear your voice even when he is inside your womb. On birth he would instantly be able to relate the same voice to your face. He may even recognise the other voices that he would have listened to when he was inside the womb.

Language development

How early should you start taking to the baby?

The earliest you start, the better it would be for the baby’s speech and language development. Even though you might feel it’s just a one sided conversation, the baby absorbs a huge amount of language by just listening and watching you. On paying full attention to the baby while your are talking to him, you would be able to recognise the little attempts that the baby makes to respond to you, by having an eye contact, smiling, laughing or crying.

How much should you talk to your baby?

The more you interact with your baby, the better. Babies learn at a phenomenal rate, and the more you stimulate the speech and language skills, he would be able to pick up more about the world around him.

When does language skill start developing?

The baby’s brain develops and matures in the first three years of life, which is the most crucial time to acquire language and speech skills. For this skill to develop at its best, it’s really important to expose the baby to the speech and language of others, since birth.

How does a baby communicate?

‘Behaviour’ is the baby’s special language. Babies communicate and send messages across by making sounds, moving, making facial expressions and by looking at people or objects around them.

Language development

Why is it important to talk to an infant?

The baby uses crying and eye contact to communicate with you, and listens to every sound and word you make. You would often find your baby gazing at you and watching your mouth while you talk to him. Doing this helps a baby understand the basics of communication. The truth is that , from the birth itself the baby absorbs a lot of information about various words and talking. Talking to your baby helps in good language and communication development. If you talk to your baby by using a lot of different sound and words, it would help the baby to understand the language and would also increase the number of words that he would be able to understand and use. Talking with babies also helps in their brain development.

What sort of talking should one do with an infant?

Talking to the baby shouldn’t be made a very big deal. You can start by telling about the usual everyday tasks that you perform or maybe talk about whatever you’re doing at that time with the baby.

Would the baby be confused the if the parent talks too much to him?

It doesn’t matter how much you talk to the baby. Any amount of taking is good for the baby. But since babies like quite times too. It’s advisable to choose another time of the day to talk, if you find your baby restless, grumpy or tired.

Talking to your baby would help in the development of which skill?

Talking to the baby helps in developing their social and communication skills.

Do talking toys help in development of baby’s language skills?

Though talking toys are labeled to be educational, they are generally misleading. Nothing can be compared to the parent talking to the baby. Toys usually lack in developing language skills as they lack interaction. Learning is a social activity that definitely requires interaction, which toys can’t do.

Why is it crucial to help the baby develop a speech skill and not leave it on chance?

If the critical period when the baby’s brain is best at absorbing language is allowed to pass, without any exposure to language and speech, then it would be more difficult for the baby to develop speaking skills early. An early intervention in speech and language can help a child be more successful in skills like writing, reading and interpersonal relationships.

Language development

Is it advisable to introduce more than one language to the baby?

Growing up in a family where more than one language is spoken can be beneficial for the baby. Babies adapt to different languages very well. It’s important to understand that the delay in learning a second language isn’t a language disorder. Most babies have the capacity to learn more than one language.

Why is it important to identify a problem in speech and language early?

Speech and language problem has a significant effect on a child’s academic and social behaviour and communication skills. The problem won’t persist or get worse if it’s identified and treated early.

How does it help in future?

By talking to the baby, you help the baby far beyond improving his vocabulary. Talking to the baby, helps in developing the baby’s social and communication skills. It helps them make friends later in life, and also makes them brighter, since they are better able to discover the world around them. Researches prove that taking to your baby has a direct impact on how your baby would do in school and in his career in later life.

What to do if you feel the baby’s isn’t picking up talking skills?

Each baby develops at a different pace, and at this early stage it’s really important that the baby interacts with you by various non verbal ways that are mentioned in this post above. If you feel the baby isn’t responding well even when he is 4 months old, it’s advisable to speak to your doctor.

Stay Tuned for more tips on Speech and Language development.


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