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A letter to the younger me on my first day to college

Dear 18 year old Preetjyot,
Hang in there girl, I have a big secret to share with you. Something that could change your life forever. I’m your future self and I took special power from the Momsteins to send you this letter to let you know what you are getting into.
It’s your first day in college and I know you are pretty nervous, so I thought I will let you know that this new phase is going to be the most rocking one.

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Incrementally challenging toys could make your child Smarter 

I’m a firm believer of learning through play.
It’s highly believed that quite a less number of kids are born with mathematical talent, while the rest don’t have the ability to succeed at a higher level. Cognitive science has lately proven this myth to be wrong.
Human brain isn’t hardwired. It continues to develop throughout one’s life. Incremental learning could help in the emergence of new abilities. Check out my post to read about some awesome benefits of incremental challenging toys.

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A crazy letter to Santa from a crazy mother | a letter that all mothers wish they could write

Here’s a crazy letter to Santa from a crazy mother | a letter that all mothers wish they could write
I write this letter to you hiding in my secret hideout place (my awesome W.C. in the washroom), the lights are shut (so my girls wouldn’t know I’m in her), and my phone’s torch is being used along with my daughter’s crayon that I just smuggled out of her precious crayon box.

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Garlic supplement from Zenith Nutrition – odourless garlic with great benefits

Garlic is not only a delicious culinary ingredient which gives a distinct flavour to food but is also really healthy and is used to cure various diseases, exactly why odourless garlic supplements are gaining the popularity they truly deserve.
I have recently started using Garlic Supplement from Zenith Nutrition and would love to share my experience with you all.

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Buying a car : Tips for new parents

Buying a car can be really overwhelming if you are expecting or if you already have a baby, that is because your preferences change after you become a parent.So I along with my husband narrowed down on a list of what was important for us while buying a car. Here are some tips that helped us in buying a car.

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Children’s day ideas that I’m sure no one gave you before

Tons of extra love, ‘brutal honesty’, ‘Pullable cheeks’ and galore of infinite questions is what could describe children the best. This children’s day let’s appreciate the blessing children are and make them feel that they are loved and valued. Here are some cool Children’s day ideas that I’m sure no one gave you before .

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Amniotic fluid and it’s importance : how choosing a good maternity hospital could help

I was detected with oligohydramnios during my second pregnancy and learnt that about 8 percent women have low level of amniotic fluid. I was lucky to have found the right maternity hospital that helped me throughout my pregnancy. If it wasn’t for my gynaecologist, I would have been in distress. Exactly why I suggest all expecting parents to choose your maternity hospital wisely. 
If you would like to know more about oligohydramnios and how your maternity hospital could help you, please read on.

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STEM education is getting all the attention it deserves | Skola toys

STEM education and toys are getting all the attention it deserves. The toys that our child plays with has a huge influence on his development. It’s important to introduce your child to the world of educational toys which would allow him to learn while having fun, during his growing years.
Any kind of toy would offer value to a child’s developing brain, however instructional, learning or educational toys would produce a specific value to his development.
I have been recently introduced to the world of STEM education since my daughter’s new school follows this system and I would like to share my learning about it with you all.

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