Are you scared of Cradle cap?? Check these awesome home remedies to cure it…

Don’t be scared if you notice a patch of skin on your newborn baby’s head that looks odd and unattractive. Before you become alarmed, especially if you’re a new momma, your baby is most likely experiencing cradle cap, which is very common and although not visibly desirable, will not cause your little muffin any serious discomfort.cradlecap

Often confused with infantile eczema, cradle cap doesn’t typically cause significant itching, which often occurs in cases of eczema. Like eczema though, cradle cap is not contagious, and please remember it’s not caused by poor hygiene. So breath easy and read on to learn how to naturally fix this common problem!cradle cap8 Natural Remedies for Cradle Cap

Most of the time, cradle cap does not require medical intervention, and it will clear up on its own within a few months. So you actually don’t have to do anything to get rid of cradle cap.

If you want to make efforts to lessen the cradle cap or possibly speed its disappearance, then you always want to take the safe and natural route! That means not turning to over-the-counter cortisone or antifungal creams, which can be toxic to a baby’s delicate skin.cradlecap2

Let’s talk about some safe, natural and easy ways to help your baby’s cradle cap. These remedies are both very inexpensive and often highly effective at decreasing those lingering problem patches.

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