Check out how simple Lunch box notes got us closer and brought a lot more joy into our life.

I was going through a  terrible guilt when we had to move to a new city again.
My daughters loved their school in Udaipur, and a part of our hearts broke when we had to leave the city.
Honestly! My husband and I shared the news with our daughters the moment we got to know of it, since we wanted to prepare them for the big change well in advance.

The school in udaipur did for our girls which none of the schools I know ever did. More than leaving the city, it was the thought of leaving the school, the principal, teachers and their school friends that was making me feel low.

Lunch box notes

But I knew this move was important for our family.

Choosing the right school was on the top of our to-do- list.

We flew down to Delhi for a week, to ensure we got the school and house sorted.

The Big day was now just a day away. The kids were a nervous but a little excited too to start afresh. They weren’t sure how soon they would make friends again and get used to the change.

I had sleepless night a day prior and kept thinking of how I could make this transition easy for our daughters.

Just then I got this idea of writing small notes for my daughters.

In the morning I kept 5 minutes aside and found a quirky joke for my elder daughter and wrote a small “Have a great day! We love you” note for our younger one ( I informed the younger one that there was a small letter and she could take her teacher’s help to know what was written in it).

Lunch box notes

The note was a total surprise for my elder daughter because I knew she could read.

The girls went to school and I was smiling ear to ear thinking about how happy the notes would make the girls. I then went to pick up my younger daughter first, who hugged me tight hug and said ” I love you too mumma”.
She then said, “Mam read the note! She said mama papa loves you. I smiled and finished the lunch quickly. I’m happy mumma. “

Lunch box notes

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Not that I had never heard a “I love you” before😁 ( We hear it a hundred times a day), but this time it was special. This small little note cheered up my little girl. It made her remember that her Mumma and Papa have got her back, even when they aren’t around.

Just when this beautiful feeling was sinking in, it was time for me to pick up my elder one. This time I was nervous. Her IQ level is great and I didn’t want her to think that her mother had gone totally nuts. The moment I reached her class, she hugged her sister and me, and we started walking towards our car.

She was smiling all the while but didn’t say a word. I was worried, because that’s quite unusual of her. She usually starts yapping about the school activities the moment she sees me.



Lunch box notes

We reached the car and just when I was about to start driving, she asked me stop. I turned behind with a weird expression. She planted a kiss on my cheeks and hugged me from behind.

My elder daughter – ” You are the cutest mumma. I found your surprise joke and it was so funny. I laughed so hard. The kids sitting around me came to see why I laughed. I read the note aloud and we all laughed together. You know mamma, those kids have become My friends now. We later sat together during the free class and made some drawings’.

Woah! woah! woah!
I had tears in my eyes ( which I have even now, while penning the incident down).

I didn’t expect the notes to do so much for my daughters. My only intention was to make them smile, in case they felt a little lonely at the new school.
The notes did much more for us than that.

It made our girls realize that we were in this together.

Days passed by and I was enjoying writing the notes for them. The cheer in their eyes showed how much they loved these little notes.

Soon a little twist in the tale happened. It had been just a few weeks in the new house and we had guests staying over. In the midst of all the work at home I skipped sending them the notes.

After skipping it for 4 days, I somehow didn’t feel the need to write them anymore, because I felt that the girls were comfortable at the school and didn’t need the notes anymore. I felt they were good to go all by themselves.

But seems like I was wrong.

On the 4th day of missing the notes, my elder daughter came to me and said ” Mamma someone stopped writing the fun notes..hunn?”.

I was taken aback.

Me: ” Do you want me to keep writing them? I thought you didn’t enjoy them much”.

My elder daughter : ” Are you kidding mumma? They were the coolest. I really like such quirky jokes. You know, in fact my friends too enjoyed reading them with me. We used to laugh the entire day thinking about the jokes. “

Me: ” Really? If you enjoy them so much I will keep writing them for you forever. I promise! ”
My elder daughter: ” You are the best!” . She hugged me so tight that I could hardly breathe.

Ever since then I pledged to keep writing the notes for my daughters.
Our house has become a museum of notes ever since.
You will find small notes on the cupboards, on the fridge, the doors and even the walls.

Lunch box notes

Every note stuck on the wall has a story to tell.

If I miss writing the note for the girls one day, I send them two the next day as a bonus.

I’m sure by now you must be urged to try this too.
Go ahead and do this little thing for your kids and you will be surprised to see your child’s reaction.

If your child is too small to read, you can make some doodle or draw his/her favorite character with a small ‘I love you’ written on it.

I will be sharing a post on Why you must try writing lunch box notes for your kids as well😬🤟.
Stay around.

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