Loving myself makes me a happy Parent

love yourself

Loving myself makes me a happy and content Parent.

No! That doesn’t make me a selfish Parent.

Hang in there and read the quote on the image below please.


loving myself

Now read this again!

Keep reading this affirmation again and again until it hits you hard.

Keep reading it until you picturize yourself in this situation.

Keep reading it repeatedly until you are able to imagine your face when you follow this affirmation.

Imagine how your day would be when you have taken care of your own needs first.
Do you see a smile of contentment on your face?

Yes! Yes!

That is what you need.

That smile of satisfaction is the secret weapon that can help you deal with any challenge.

Tell yourself this:

” Loving myself makes me a happy Parent”.

You are Important!
You can’t forget yourself while parenting..

loving myself

Loving myself and taking care of  my happiness won’t make me a selfish parent.

Loving myself ensures that I’m always working towards being a better parent for my kids.

If you saw my yesterday’s stories on Instagram, you would know I woke up on the wrong side of the bed just because Loving myself wasn’t on priority list last week. Watch the video below to see how my Instagram family helped me get my mojo back.

The monthly cycle chose a wrong day to strike ( the day when I had lots of tasks to take care of).

I took a breather, had my coffee, cuddled with my girls, did some ‘ choote maate’ with them (if you are a Punjabi you would know what it means?), played loud music on the firestick and sat with my coffee.

And if you read the above paragraph carefully, you would know that all the above actions were the ones that could make ME happy and I didn’t worry about my long To-Do list.

I didn’t do any chore, I didn’t worry about my assignment, or any other stuff that was troubling me in the morning.

Now that’s the power of self love.
It’s serious business girls…
It really works..

It always works in fact.

Much love to each one of you who made me chuckle with your epic suggestions to my cranky stories. You too were responsible for making my day brighter??. And love to those who couldn’t reply, but silently wished I would get my mojo back?.
Now write this affirmation down and read it to yourself like you would take a multivitamin ??


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Much love,
Preetjyot Kaur
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  1. That’s such an important reminder. Families aren’t just the child(ren). And, it’s important kids understand every person in their family is important. They learn this by watching us. Taking care of ourselves isn’t selfish…it’s essential. I’m so glad you took the time to reboot your day!

  2. Self-love is very important. Today, I shared about self-worth and self-love on my Insta feed and now I am reading this post. Self-love is never selfish. Infact, It fosters healthy relationship. We cannot make others happy with we are not feeling happy from within.

  3. I love this and wholeheartedly agree with it. When we are happier, we are better parents and taking care of ourselves is very important.

  4. Yes I completely agree with you.it is very important to take care of ourselves first to serve others. Otherwise it is easy to feel burnt out and get a sense of irritation for completing mothering and other household responsibilities. Loved the quote too, will surely try for myself.

  5. THis is great for mums who feel low with all the work that is expected out of them. Trust me, spending time with my little kids is a stress buster though they keep on talking non stop hahahha….

  6. Loved the quote at the start Preetjyot. It is so important to care for our own needs also. I tend to skip out on that at times. These positive affirmations are so needed on a daily basis.

  7. Absolutely correct, Preet. I remember reading something similar on your Instagram post as well and absolutely loved it. It is indeed imperative to pay attention to our happiness 🙂

    1. Hehehe! This is my most favourite topic. Ever since I had a new Job profile , I came across so many mothers who’s main struggle is with SElf Love. Half the things in our life can be managed if we indulge in some self care.

  8. Loving oneself is the 1st step to living a happy and content life. I always emphasize on making oneself happy and also practise the same with my family members and self, encouraging everyone to do what makes him/her happy.

  9. I agree Preet it’s really important to love yourself and then only you can keep everyone happy and I always believe in this …as I always say I love myself is the important thing everyone should beleive in

  10. I agree with you, Preet. Self-love is important for our own well being & it is not at all selfish. I can keep others happy only if I am happy & content, that’s when I can give my 100%.

  11. Mother’s always overlooked themselves while taking care of family. Indeed Self-love is very important. And it doesn’t make you selfish.

  12. This is absolutely on point. Parents need to take care of themselves, it does not make them selfish!!

  13. Your post reminded me of the time when my son’s pediatrician told me about the same thing… She asked me to take care of myself so that I remain happy and healthy… She added that if I stay happy, everyone else around me will also be happy! Thanks for reiterating the thought!

  14. Love yourself in any and every role you play in life; for if you won’t, nobody will.
    I have learnt this lesson the hard way. Wish would have read this article back then.

  15. Awesome post. Self-love is simply valuing your self-worth, how can it be selfish Never!! Yes, That’s Sad truth many times self-love is misunderstood by the insane crowd. I believe to lead a contented life Self-love is extremely important!

  16. There was a time when I was completely forgot about myself, only work, work and wok. It lead me to a lot mental pain and physical issues. Now, I’m spending time on me.

  17. Firstly, I have been following your insta account for a few years now and I love it.

    Secondly, I am pro-self-love. After all, how can we care for others if we don’t care for self?

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