This is how I keep my child safe: when visiting busy places

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We often step out with our children to crowded places. Be it an amusement park, a temple, a mall, or any exhibition.
In the midst of trying to make your child’s vacation happening, we often miss out on a very important thing. That is making sure your child is safe in such a busy environment.

Have you told your child what to do if they get separated from you in a crowded place?
Here is what can make you be at ease on your next busy outing.

Go ahead and teach your child these five things before entering a crowded place:
1. Teach your child their distance limit: It’s really important for your child to know how far they can go. Let your child know how close you expect them to stay to you. For a toddler you might want to have a rule of always holding a parents hand.
For a little older child a rule that makes it not sound too harsh is ” I can see you and you can see me ” Rule.
You can choose your own judgement, but make sure the child understands this before you enter the crowds.
2. Tell your child to freeze and yell your name: Let your child know that if you get separated make sure they stand still at one place and yell out your real name instead of “Mommy” or “Daddy” , so it’s easier for you to locate them.
3. Teach your child how they can identify a safe person: Your child should be able to judge the best person to approach in case you get separated. Generally, the employees working at the spot you are visiting are “safe people”. For places like a beach where there are no employees, teach your child to look for a mom with kids. It’s observed that mothers are often the most willing and best equipped people to help kids, also it would be easier for your child to approach a mother.
There is a great way to teach your child how to identify a safe person. Take your child or to a grocery store, a bank or a library. Ask your child to identify whom they can trust amongst the people around.
4. Teach your child what to say: People would find it difficult to assist your child if they are not able to figure out that your child is lost. Your child will definitely be panicky on getting separated from you in a crowded place. So don’t assume that your child will know how to tell a stranger that she is lost. Make sure you do a role play, and teach them to convey in simple terms that ,” I am lost “.
5. Teach your child about their personal information: Make sure your child knows as much personal information as possible, including their full name, parents full name, mobile numbers and their address.
It your child is too young to remember this, write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in their pocket or shoe. You may also write this on your child’s arm with a marker, which I usually do.

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