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STEM education

Stem education foundation by Skola Toys 

The toys that our child plays with has a huge influence on his development. It’s important to introduce your child to the world of educational toys which would allow him to learn while having fun, during his growing years.
Any kind of toy would offer value to a child’s developing brain, however instructional, learning or educational toys would produce a specific value to his development.

I have been recently introduced to the world of STEM education since my daughter’s new school follows this system and I would like to share my learning about it with you all.

STEM education is getting all the attention it deserves. The four core subjects science, maths, engineering and mathematics make up STEM education system which would probably lead the world in future. This system would ensure that your child is prepared for tomorrow’s demands.

You would find many programmes, camps, classes and even toys that focus on this system.

If you are raising a future scientist or a creative child, STEM education is what you should be looking at.
Educators have begun to nurture the curiosity of the children by introducing their developing mind to STEM toys. Parents too have turned to STEM toys to gain the momentum at home as well in order to teach these important concepts early in life.

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What are STEM toys and how do they help in STEM education?

These are multifaceted toys that help a child to explore one or more, or all the four categories of STEM: Science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These toys basically foster at least one of these subjects.
STEM toys are used mainly to reinforce these important learning skills in a way that would ensure that the child has fun along with learning.
These toys would be just toys for you unless you understand the benefits of STEM education.
The best thing about these is that they don’t seem like a burden to a child, and still contribute secretly by providing learning benefits to him.

You would find these toys in bright colours, unique designs and features that would excite the child.

Benefits of STEM toys:

Enhances divergent thinking: These toys encourage divergent thinking and help a child approach different situations in life with an ease. So you no longer would have to keep worrying about instructing your child all the time. These would help your child be a master and creator of his destiny.

Enhances creativity: Children who begin playing with STEM toys early in life develop great creative and problem solving skills quite early. Today children have come up with some fascinating innovations and creations that would amaze you. It’s easy to track back such an innovation or creativity to the early use of learning toys.

Promote spatial awareness: Studies have proven a strong connection between spatial skills and construction play. STEM toys help a child develop an interest in construction. These children often build great structures that would portray use of their intelligence and fine spatial skills. They learn to use their imagination even before they commence constructing a structure by creating a mental image of the same. It’s been proven in the past that children who have played with STEM toys outperform their peers in spatial skills and visualisation.

Hand eye coordination : STEM toys help a child to develop a good hand eye coordination early in life which helps them in technical learning studies like engineering and science. It’s easier to learn this skill at an early age since it becomes really difficult to develop a good hand-eye coordination when one grows up.

One brand that I recently got introduced to is Skola toys that have a great collection of Pre-STEM toys.
Skola toys prepares a child for STEM learning in a fun way. Their toys help in the development of fine motor skills which not only help in engineering but also helps a child to think creatively, enhances concentration and cognitive ability. I found their toys really attractive because of the creativity and uniqueness used in designing them.

Here are few toys from their collection:

• Cascade cars help teach a child about cause and effect which exposes a child to science. It helps a child to register, process and comprehend.

STEM education

• Colour wheels is a visual treat for a child due to its vivid range of colours. It helps in developing a child’s fine motor skills and this activity also involves examination, observation analysis and discovery.

STEM education

For all the parents out therethere, who understand the importance of Pre STEM education and want to cultivate innovation for your child’s successful future, do check out Skola toys and I’m sure you too would be amazed to see their unique collection.

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