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Letter to my boss

Letter to my boss:

Letter to my boss, who has changed my life for good. It’s been over 7 years since I have been working on my own terms, all thanks to my Real cool boss. Read on to know what I wrote to her.
Dearest Boss,
Subject: Letter to my Boss
Let me begin by thanking you for being the coolest boss ever. I have worked for some awesome organisations in my life but I have to confess none of them were as kickass as you.
You have given me an extra pair of wings so I could be that super person who could wear many hats and still manage to stay sane.
When I first left my aviation career, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my life.
All I knew was that I had to become a mother before heading on to my next new job.
Quiting flying was the most difficult decision ever, more because I was addicted to that awesome lifestyle.
But frankly you are responsible for me a treasure box of cool memories.
Letter to my Boss
Thanks to this job that I am able to manage my two little muffins and work for you at the same time.
Thanks for not being demanding ever.
You have always given me that space and encouraged me even when I came up with the most stupid ideas.
Working for you is like an extended vacation.
I know you know how much I owe to you.
The confidence you instilled back in me is what I will always be grateful for. You believed in me when I was losing it all.
You pushed me when I felt I could never go back to work.
I wonder how you never gave up on me.
I wonder how you make me do things that I’m not sure if anyone else could.
The best part about working for you is that you let me work at my own leisure.
You let me choose my projects.
You let me explore my creativity.
You let me take care of my responsibilities as a mom and a wife while I’m at work.
Most importantly you let me be me.
I respect you for being the best boss ever and inspiring me to work harder than I ever have.
I love you.
And I never wish to quit because I’m sure I won’t wish to work for any other person but you. Now that I’m addicted to you.
Much love,
Preetjyot Kaur
Life coach for kids.
Parenting Coach and
Founder at Mylittlemuffin.com
Letter to my boss
P. S. I’m blessed to be my own cool boss.
I work on my own terms and with all my heart and soul.
All you work from home moms, don’t you all feel this way about your boss?

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Much love,
Preetjyot Kaur
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  1. I know how it feels like leaving a job that you love. But its cool how you have risen to the circumstances and found love in what you are currently doing. All the Love to you!

  2. Exactly how I felt when I couldn’t take up the job of my dreams cause I was pregnant. Started blogging recently to be my own boss. You are such an inspiration ☺.

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