Don’t change yourself after becoming a parent

Don't change yourself

Don’t change yourself

Have you already started feeling that Parenting took away a part of you that was important to you once?

Have you Changed yourself after becoming a Parent?

Do you miss being yourself?

If the answers to all the above is YES, Please read on to know about the one thing that my husband were quite sure of during our first pregnancy.

Don't change yourself

Rishi and I lived by our Parenting Mantra since the beginning – “Don’t change yourself for your kids, they deserve to know the REAL YOU.”

My husband and I never changed ourselves or our lifestyle when we became parents. This was a conscious decision which we knew would help us in the long run.

We never stopped dining out.

We never stopped going for our long drives.
We never stopped binge watching late at night (we make the kids sleep well in time so we can chill together).
We never stopped our outings with friends ( just that our choice of restaurants changed a bit). We never stopped being ourselves.

As a conclusion our kids know the real us.
And thankfully, they love us for who we are.

The kids easily adapt to their Parents’ lifestyle. It’s only us who make our own life complicated by giving up things we love.

I did stop Reading for  few years which was my favorite thing to do, but that was just because I personally was finding it hard to focus on just one thing.
I have now got back to reading though and my girls and I totally love bonding over books.

The only thing that changed is the fact that we have to now work according to our kids’ schedule, which I feel is pretty OK since that helps us follow a schedule too.

Don't change yourself

Parenting is a beautiful journey if we don’t change ourselves.

Have you changed after being a parent?

If yes then it’s never too late to be the REAL You in front of your kids.
Trust me! They would love to see you have a smile of contentment.

Don’t lose yourself.


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  1. Hmm …after marriage…almost ladies give their time to kids and family and forget their personal life …nice written and kahin na kahin mere liye bhi helpful h ❤️❤️

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