Children’s day ideas that I’m sure no one gave you before

Children's day

Children’s day ideas that I’m sure no one gave you before

Tons of extra love, ‘brutal honesty‘, ‘Pullable cheeks‘ and galore of infinite questions is what could describe children the best.

This children’s day let’s appreciate the blessing children are and make them feel that they are loved and valued.

Here are some cool ideas to make children’s day special for them:

1. Attend a free event: This day doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Google out some events around you that your child could enjoy.

2. Get into the groove of children’s day: In simple words, ’Baccho ke saath bacche ban jaaye‘. Make sure you dress up in silly clothes and plan a treasure hunt. Take lots of funny and silly pictures so you could have some fun memories treasured from the day.
Check out this fun TVC from Cadburys that I really love:

3. Plan a surprise picnic: Grab your child’s favorite snack and hit his favourite picnic spot. Make sure you carry a ball or any other outdoor game that your child loves.

4. Children’s day disco party: Get into the ‘dance mode‘ and put some fun music. You could decorate the room with some fun lights or d.i.y. decorations. It doesn’t have to be too jazzy since the idea behind it is just to get in the party mode. Teach your child some fun dance moves and learn some cool moves from him too.

5. Pretend power cut: This one is my favourite and we do it often. Let there be some candles around and put the lights out. If your child is too small you could grab a torch and have a story telling session. What’s even more fun is to have a pretend excavation time, pretend that you are exploring some cave and explore the deep secrets of your house.

6. Water fight: This is the only kind of fight which its allowed at my house. Anytime, anywhere we indulge in water fights. And the best part is that no one is allowed get angry during this fight. Yes you might end up tiring yourself cleaning the mess it creates, but trust me it’s totally worth it.

7. Plan a camping under your dining table: No I haven’t gone nuts and you will thank me later for this. Put a huge bedsheet on your dining table and get under the table for some real camping fun with your children.

8. Don’t share your chocolates today: Yes! You read me right. Let’s have one Cadburys Chocolate for everyone. Let your little ones enjoy their chocolate without the fear of someone requesting for a bite. Each one gets one and in the end get an extra one which you all could share ( advising this, just so you don’t feel I’m preaching wrong habits of not sharing?).

Children's day

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  1. Loved your post and all the lovely ideas as well. I love to dance with my kids anytime anywhere. Its so much fun my daughter who is so shy she also joins me which makes me happy as she feels secure and comfortable to give company to mom. I am gonna try some of these amazing ideas. 🙂

  2. Wow these are some really great ideas. Loved the idea of disco party. In fact me and my daughter also like to go mad with loud music and just dance on the beats. I loved the picture or yours with your daughter. God bless you both.

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