Dear Coffee.. A letter to my favourite Drink.

Dear coffee

Dear coffee,
I really wish ours was a mutual love affair. I wish you needed me in your life as much as I need you. We both know that this wouldn’t be possible.
The truth is that if I stopped drinking you today, you won’t even notice.

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Today’s prompt is ‘Letter to an inanimate object‘.

Everyday the first thing I do after my morning chores are over, is grab a huge mug and spoon out the most appropriate amount of coffee and sugar. Whisking the coolest combination is my stress Buster. It’s the most chilled out moment of the day for me, when I spend undivided time with you.

Dear coffee

If instead of this ritual I would indulge in brewing some tea, would you even care?
Naah!!! I’m sure not.

For you I’m probably one of the millions who start their day sipping you. For you I might be One crazy woman who chooses to be lost in the ocean of caffeine.
Your love is embedded deep in my heart, so quitting you isn’t as simple as it may seem. I know if I try, my heart and brain will ache for you.

Dear coffee

You don’t only help to kick-start my day with so much energy, but you give me a listening ear during my work breaks.
Gosh I just realised I might be making you sound negative. So let’s change the track?.
You have come to the rescue at the time when no one else could help.

I still remember those 3 a.m. flights. I can’t even imagine how I could have managed to handle grumpy sleepy passengers without your help. Those coffee shots gave me those extra wings.

I remember how my fellow crew used to love the shots I used to make for them too.
I found you pretty late in life and I really thank my husband for being in love with you too. I remember our coffee dates 14 years back where you always stood by us, listening to our stories but never poking your nose in. You were like that 3rd friend who accidentally happens to join a couple on their date.

Dear coffee
I love you from the bottom of my heart and trust me it doesn’t really matter if you love me back the same way or not.

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