Hidden away in the inside of my jacket I found

Hidden away in the inside of my jacket I found the boarding card of the flight I took when I was travelling to Mumbai for my wedding. This was nothing less than an adventure ?

This too had a story to tell just like all other remarkably adventurous things that happened before Rishi and I got married.

Throughout 7 years of our long distance relationship we came across people who could swear by their life that we wouldn’t end up getting married.
Because everyone thought this was unrealistic.
Moreover when we decided to involve our families things became all the more difficult.
Everytime it looked as if things were going right for us, something silly would happen shattering a part of me.

Hidden away

But despite all that, we knew we were ready to do anything to convince the people in our lives.

After 4 years of convincing, we finally were to get married.
Honestly, I was scared as *hit.
Scared that something wrong might happen again.
I couldn’t believe it was finally happening.
My wedding outfit and trousseau were ready.
My bags were packed and were distributed to my relatives so they could carry in on their respective flights to Mumbai.
I was working with an airline back then and I booked my parents’ and my ticket through staff travel (which was a concessional ticket and I paid merely 800 Rs. per ticket).

I was up late night finishing up the last minute stuff when my friend asked me to take out the ticket print out.

I opened my mail and saw the ticket.
I couldn’t believe what I saw!
I called my friend to cross-check and she was taken aback too.
What had I done?
And how in Earth was it even possible?

My ticket didn’t exist ? Where was it hidden away?
Yeah! It seems I missed booking the bride’s ticket ?

The entire brigade had already left for Mumbai and I was stuck in front of my computer wondering how would I tell my parents about the goof up.

I was sure my mom would freak out. She would feel that this had happened because it’s God’s way of telling us that this wasn’t right for me.
I tried sending a mail to the inflight services, but since it was too late at night nothing could be done.
I really wanted to book the ticket on the same flight as my parents since I wanted to keep this Goof up a secret.
I looked up at the website and it showed that the flight was completely booked.
I panicked but couldn’t show my parents.
My friend who was staying at my place, advised me to either book another flight or reach the airport and try my luck.

I took the risk and after 2 hours left for the airport.
My friend kept my parents busy while I quickly ran to the booking counter.
They did have a last moment cancellation.
I couldn’t believe my Luck. I paid an exorbitantly high price for the same ( if you have worked for an airline you would know how much it hurts to buy a full fair ticket ?).

Hidden away

I ran inside and joined my parents and friend.

I was grinning ear to ear.

I finally reached Mumbai and Met him.
I hugged him tight and whispered in his ears ” we finally made it”.

Hidden away

Life for me has been nothing but a never ending adventure and I wouldn’t have wanted it otherwise.

Everytime I felt something wasn’t coming to me easily, I knew it was the right thing for me and I would give in all I had to achieve it.

This marriage was one such adventure.
While the ‘Kayanat’ tried its best to stop it from happening, I gave in my heart and soul and made sure I made it happen for us.

This Ticket that was hidden away brought back this adventurous memory. It was hidden away for years until it popped out just recently.

Hasn’t it happened with you too?
Life throws in a lot of hurdles to test you.
Things that are meant for us don’t come easy.
Isn’t it?

Maybe that’s what makes us value things even more.

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Much love,
Preetjyot Kaur
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  1. Hahaha.. this is such amazing story you pulled out from the back pocket of the memories. Lovely, wish we get such cool and brezzy surprises not to this extend 😉 but man would love to get some free tickets. This time might run far from him for some me time though 😉

  2. This is so so adventurous. I couldn’t have handled this much stress or adventure on my wedding day. Dude you handled it so well. And now when you will share this story with your girls ten years from now, imagine what their reaction would be. ?

  3. what a wonderful adventure you had just before your wedding day!I would have broken out in hives if it had happened to me!

  4. Such an interesting story. Truth is stranger than fiction indeed. Kudos to you for hanging on and never giving up. And, congratulations!

  5. Ha ha ha this was amazing! No wonder they’re called bridezillas 😀 Yes I do think that when life throws you curveballs, it is a test of your endurance.

  6. Such an amazing and thrilling time you had while going to your own wedding. And you found that wonderful memory right in your pocket. Such moments make us nostalgic right and happy at the same time!

  7. If I was at your place I would have freaked out badly, and just like your mom, I would have taken it as God’s way. But then that’s the power of love that gave you the strength to keep going & God had to make way. Loved reading your post!

  8. OMG! I was like “whattttt!!” when I read you hadn’t booked a ticket for yourself! This shouldn’t happen with any bride or groom. Nicely written, Preetjyot.

  9. Omg! Preetjyot, my heart acutally skipped a beat when I read the line that you forgot to book your own ticket. I can understand the panic and stress levels you must have had at that moment. Reading your full story has been no less than a bollywood movie and it was indeed a paisa wasool read(winking). Nevertheless, any thing that happens in life, happens for good is my belief.

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