Stop your child from hitting : things to remember

stop hitting

When should you stop a child from hitting?

I know it isn’t an easy task to figure out how to stop a child from hitting!
For the first time Parents it’s an even more shocking and tedious  process.

How one helps the child stop hitting would look different for different age groups, however in this post I would share my expertise of what worked for my thousands  of parents and kids clients.

Firstly  instead of feeling how your perfect child  could do something so mean,  GET TO WORK. Commit to addressing  it each time it happens.  With this it would be a short lived problem and could get over within a couple of months.
You could start with some of the tips right away (I will share those tips in my next post).

Truth: Your child understands you and is capable  of learning  Self Control

Kids can understand  way more than you think,  even before they start talking,  and they definitely  can decode your tone and body language. Most times we parents let a lot of behaviours  slide because we feel that the child isn’t  going to understand.
What I mean to say is that when your child starts hitting, he can understand  almost everything  you say and you must use your facial expressions  and tone to make your words more clear to him.

How long does the toddler hitting phase last?

Even though a hitting phase doesn’t last for long, it doesn’t go away on it’s own. As a parent you would have to work on it every time you see it happening  or this phase might end up staying for longer and might even get worse.

The only  bad news about this process is that it won’t be off the hook in a day or two.

But the Good news is that the earlier you start working  towards helping  your child, the better!

Also, the more calm and consistent  you are, the faster your child would understand  what’s  expected  and develop  a sense of self control.

Worried about your toddler hitting your new baby?

It’s possible to see changes right around the time a new baby becomes a part of the family. In most cases , it could be some kind of a development  timer as well.
However  it’s hard for Kids who demand more attention  and independence but aren’t  able to get it as much as they  would like due to the entry of a new baby.

To help your child develop  a healthy feeling  towards the baby and avoid any kind of jealousy,  allow  them to snuggle with you along with the baby.
Keep pointing  out how much the baby loved it when they ….(were gentle, danced,  sang, made the baby smile, etc).
Make sure you also spend one to one time each day with your child doing simple things that won’t exhaust you.

Stay tuned to my next post where I will share :  basic steps to get your child to stop hitting.

YOU CAN READ STEP 1 HERE: Stop your child from hitting : Step 1

stop hitting


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