Raise Honest Kids with these Tips

Raise Honest Kids

Lying comes natural to kids!

This isn’t an empty opinion from a mom who is overtired.. This fact is confirmed in several studies.

1. Question Unacceptable Behaviour:

It is vital for kids to understand what it means to do something wrong. Due to a lack of emotional understanding, lying to avoid any future conflict is expected. Kids easily understand poor/unacceptable behaviour when we question it correctly. Questioning correctly helps guide them through realizing the negative outcomes

2. Start making a Good Deed Chart daily:

Your kids must do a deed for someone else, and describe it on the chart daily.

It’s fun to watch that list grow. It makes kids visualize what it really means to do good things for others. It is a great way to teach them a sense of โ€œrightโ€.

3. Keep it Real:

As long as it’s mild, when kids witness how grown-ups work through a difficult emotion or a conflict , it can be a great teaching moment.

Parents must ensure that the kids see how different disconnects and conflicts are resolved or faced in real.

4. Lead by Example:

We must lead by example if we want our kids to be honest. Explain to the kids why and how we must not lie just to get away with something. If for instance there is a situation where you confronted and faced the truth, you must ensure that you explain to your kids why you did so and why it’s important to have a clear conscious.

5. Teach Them to Accept Consequences:

Kids naturally have an inclination towards avoiding dealing with any kind of negative consequences to their actions. Make the most of any opportunity to show your kids that they must learn to accept responsibility for her actions.

If your kids have lied or have tried to deceive you, you must understand that it is normal childhood behaviour.

It is a parent’s job to teach them right from wrong. Take out special time to guide them away from lies and towards an environment where they can openly speak the truth.

They would definitely thank you for taking the extra time to teach them this important life lesson.


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  1. Kids dont want to lie. So as a parent, we need to understand the reason behind their lie. Most of the times, we are surprised to know that it is because of our actions. Sometimes uncertainty about our actions can lead to the path towards dishonesty.

  2. These are some great tips to raise honest kids. I feel it is very important to be a roll model because kids follow more our actions rather than our advice. also, making a timely communication with kids is must to know that things and feelings that they are feeling or going through in certain phase of life.

  3. Parents set examples for their children. Thus, it is rightly said that your kids will learn it the way you do! Kids remember the examples. Thus, we must give enough examples to our kids while teaching any value to them. Start making a good deed chart is a great idea to teach kids a sense of right.

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