My daughter’s first letter to Santa | disclosed something really sweet about her

My daughter’s first letter to Santa, disclosed something really sweet about her


She was all excited to write to Santa for the first time. She came up to me and said “mumma I want to write a letter to Santa,  will you help me“.

I wasn’t sure how this would happen as my girl had just learnt alphabets and didn’t know how to frame words. 

I told her ” baby I think mumma would only write,  you tell me what you want”.

Mylittlemuffin : ” Mumma I told u #I want to write please,  you tell me the alphabets and I will write”.

Her wishlist was long,  so I had no idea if she would stop writing midway.
And then we grabbed a pencil and paper and she kept telling me what she wanted to write and I just told her the spellings.
I was surprised at her confidence. Not even once did she stop and looked confused. She knew what she wanted right inside that tiny little head. Totally headstrong to finish her first letter.
Once her letter was done with, she insisted that I write a letter to Santa from her little sister.
When I asked her, “I don’t really know what she wants, she is just one, and how would I write for her?”.

Letter to santa

Mylittlemuffin said: ” Mumma I know her more than you, she gets excited looking at the bubbles and also everytime I colour, she grabs my crayons and starts scribbling on my colouring book. I know she badly wants a bubble maker and a colouring book.”

This made me feel so amazed that this caring and observant little – BIG SISTER.

So now, mission number 2 began!!


I wrote a letter to Santa from her little sister too.. She dictated this time and I wrote for her…

The letters looked beautiful… Pure and true… And with so much love…
The second one was even more special that showed the love that mybigmuffin has for her little sister.

We quickly put these in a sock hanging on our Christmas tree…
I love it, how inspite of the fact that she had never written words,  she was ready to take the risk…

What I learnt from my 4 year old,  was- that no matter what you SHOULD not stop doing what your heart wants you to do… Even if U haven’t ever done that before… Go for it and just do it…
The fact that she remembered to get a letter written for her sister too, was so cool.
She knew what her little sister needed.

I wish each year we follow this magical ritual of writing to our dearest Santa.

So now that inspires me to write a letter to santa… Have been a long time since I have done this..

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Letter to Santa

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    1. I’m glad to hear that your niece also wrote a letter to Santa! It’s such a magical and exciting time of year, especially for children. Wishing you and your family a happy and joyful holiday season!

  1. Sista love it is. How so you handle so much cuteness and innocence? You are such a blessed soul to have such adorable babies

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I feel incredibly grateful to be able to experience the love and joy that comes with raising children. While it can certainly be challenging at times, their cuteness and innocence make it all worthwhile. Parenthood is truly a blessing!

  2. This is soo cute…this reminds me of my childhood days..wen I used to write letters to my uncle….. Well he wasn’t my secret santa but he fulfilled my every wish n he was first one to knw abt my wishes…

    1. I’m happy to hear that my post brought back fond memories of your childhood! It’s wonderful to have someone in our lives who knows our wishes and supports us in fulfilling them. Thanks for sharing your story!

    2. That’s a lovely memory to have from your childhood! Writing letters to loved ones can be such a special and heartfelt gesture, and it’s wonderful to have someone in your life who always supports and fulfills your wishes. Thank you for sharing your experience, and I’m glad the post brought back happy memories for you!

    1. That’s adorable! Kids are so innocent and creative. It’s amazing how their imaginations can come up with something as sweet and charming as a letter to the tooth fairy. I’m sure it must have been a precious moment for you as a parent.

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