Cover letter of a Stay-at-Home Mom – getting back to work

cover letterIts difficult to imagine what it would be like if I would be getting back to work after being a stay at home mom for so many years.

Even though I’ve moved mountains during this gap, my resume shows that I haven’t worked. A traditional resume would never quote my performance.  

Here is a cover letter that most Stay-at-Home Moms would relate to. Cover letter of a Stay-at-Home Mom

Dear Sir or Madam,

Kindly find attached my resume.

If you have already gone through my resume, I’m sure you would have this one big question ask me, just like any other person who would see my resume would have.

The big question that, why do I have this long substantial time gap in my work experience?

Yes, it’s true that I haven’t had a REAL JOB since almost 4 years now. I would like to explain the blank space on my resume.

Prior to 2012, I was a flying as a lead cabin attendant with my country’s leading airline, for over five years. It’s one of the most challenging jobs. I was successfully able to keep my job for years, and was even promoted as a core lead soon enough.

But, everything flipped upside down, when I called my first child, since I decided to be a stay at home mom, so I could take care of my little one, and enjoy motherhood and never miss any milestone in my baby’s life.

This important time of my life is represented by a huge blank space on my resume.

But, I would like to inform you that I actually have been working really hard at raising my girls.

The truth is that I would have probably tried returning to my earlier job of being a Cabin attendant, but it came along with a lot of problems. It requires odd hour flights, layovers ( where I would have to stay away from my kids for many days), and also the job requires to be available for any urgent requirement round the clock.

That just wouldn’t really work for me anymore.

Since all that is strikingly visible on my resume is the blank space, I would like to fill in the gap but sharing what skills I acquired while staying at home with my kids in the post 4 years.

I haven been a part of any workforce since the time I became a mother, however there is a lot of work that has been happening in my life ever since then.

I’m an extremely hard worker. For instance, I didn’t give up when my newborn wouldn’t totally refuse to sleep through the night for almost a week after her birth and my husband was transferred to another city ( I was supposed to join him soon enough). I found all about sleep training, and within a few days, my daughter was sleeping.

It might not interest you enough, but I great at negotiating. I can convince a fussy toddler to eat cabbage and cauliflower, go clean up the play area and wear shoes on her own because I am dedicated to what I want to do. I’m also great at compromise.

I’m also growing in patience. In fact, most times when I’m making breakfast, my toddler would run and try to pull my pants off. Most times I’m about to lose it, but instead, I take a deep breath and close my eyes, because I don’t prefer screaming at that precious little muffin down there.

I always complete a task. When my girl refused to share her though with her friends, the talk that I had with her eventually shaped her decision and she agreed upon taking turns and playing. cover letter ofI had just that bit of a time to mould the character of my little girl.

So I would like to state that, although these baby rearing years leave a blank space on my resume, but truly in my life they represent the deepest, richest and the most successful challenges of my life.

Like many stay at home mothers, in the last 4 years, I have gained a lot experience and success that have absolutely no mention on resume.

I can easily make a baby sleep with nothing more than just the sound of my voice.

Making up words to a lullaby on the top of my head had become my expertise now.

I am thankful to you for taking out time to consider my Work Experience. On the paper, it might seem that I haven’t made any valuable contribution in the past years, however I for this letter has proven than my wish had grown exponentially.


A stay-at-home mom

P.S. Even if this letter ends up being in trash, I wouldn’t have any hard feelings. 

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Much love,
Preetjyot Kaur
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