Educational toys : How to pick up the right ones for your kids

Educational toys

Educational toys are the change that will take the process of learning to the next level, since they can Kickstart your kid’s play and support his or her development.

While one might feel choosing the best Educational toys for the kids would be easy, it does indeed require a good amount of effort. Finding the best educational toys could be difficult for both teachers and parents.

The best toys for the kids are the ones that engage both their minds and bodies.

Since most parents believe in sensible buying, they want to be sure before making the investment in toys.

The perfect toys are the ones that challenges kids and help them learn in a fun way.


Educational toys

Here are a few points that could help you pick the right kind of Educational Toys for your kids:

  1. Choose Educational toys that inspire experimentation and problem solving:

Playing is a great way to develop new skills over and over again. Educational toys that enable kids to find solutions on own or with little or no guidance – play a great role in helping kids develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. Such toys also help in developing their hand-eye coordination and spacial relations.

  1. Keep your kid’s age in mind:

Most toys these days have age related information mentioned on the packaging. This can really help, however please remember that it’s only a guide. It’s advised to consider your kid’s stage of development to get a better insight into what would work the best for your kid. For example, if a toy that has small parts states that it is for a 2-year-old and your kid has a habit of putting things on his or her mouth, you must avoid buying it. Your child’s development stage should always be considered.

  1. Invest in quality rather than quantity

It can be really tempting to purchase the option that is comparatively less expensive, as most of us fear that the kid could outgrow it soon or feel that you should get more options for him or her. However, it’s best to invest in toys that have good quality standards to avoid accidental breakages. A broken toy could not just be disappointing to the kid, but could also be a potential safety hazard.

  1. Pay attention to your kid interests:

It’s important to allow your kid’s interests guide you to the appropriate toys. If you find your child indulge in art and craft, get him or her something that could help enhance that skill. If your kid likes mathematics or science, something that is STEM Oriented could really help them.

  1. Keep your kid’s skills in mind:

Imagine someone handed you something that you don’t know anything about and you have absolutely no interest in it. Getting your kids toys that could frustrate them or make them throw a tantrum is just not the right thing to do. You must keep in mind the motor skill and abilities needed to play with the toy. Your kid should be developmentally comfortable in playing with it.

The level of the educational toys should be slightly above the kid’s skill level but easily attainable too. Too advanced toys could lead to tears and frustration.

  1. Entertainment Value:

The educational toys should ensure that the process of learning doesn’t get boring for your kids. Every kid deserves to have fun while learning.

  1. Should add Social Value:

Toys that can be played with a partner/ partners can really help develop a kid’s social skills. Playing with peers or family helps kids become more familiar with compromise, negotiation and cooperation which are important life skills.

One brand that matches all my above points is Sparklebox.

Their Educational toys can help lay a strong foundation of your kid’s concepts. Their brand is conceptualized and ideated by the Alumini of IIT and IIMs and is trusted over 50000 parents across the country.

They have a vast range of age-appropriate educational toys that will help your kids understand the concepts taught in their schools in a fun and engaging manner.

What I like the most about their educational toys is the fact that they have many kits under various categories like Math kits, Art and craft kits, Literacy kits and Science kits.

To know more about them do check out their website

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