Decision | Take charge and write your own story


Decision – Take charge and write your own story.


We often obsess over making the right decision.
Did you wonder why?
I believe that most of us assume that the universe would reward us for one decision and punish us for the other. This is why decision making can be really tough for most of us.

I have learnt over the time that the universe doesn’t have any fixed agendas ( unlike what we assume).
The moment a decision is taken, everything and everyone works around that decision. Things eventually fall into place.

There isn’t any wrong or right, only a series of probabilities that shift with each action, thought and feeling that we experience.

We often are unable to take decisions because of some kind of fear.
We fear that our decision would be judged as ‘the wrong one’ by others.
We fear that the result might not be as desired and we might regret it later.

The truth is that decision making gives you an opportunity to write your own story.
You can give desired ending to your chapter.

Don’t ever give away your voice, your strength and your power to someone else.
It’s best not to allow anyone else to be the writer of your story.

Decision is like a vehicle which helps us take action, and the only way to move ahead in life is to take an action.
By refusing to take an action you take a pause on life.
In fact it could also strip you off your responsibility, your voice, your confidence and power.

Take charge and write your own story.

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