Imagination : Your limitation exists only in your imagination


Imagination is something that can help us be productive in life.

Honestly, I feel lack of imagination limits our adventures in life.
While growing up, Imagination helps us to explore the untold world which can be a game changer.

If as a child you have had an active imagination, you would be more likely to dream and strive for great things as an adult. This is why it’s really important to encourage children to explore their imagination. They need to be given wings to experiment, so new horizons open up for for them.

The sad truth is that kids are often told to ” Stop Dreaming” and snap out of their imaginary world. This is the worst thing you could do to a child as it accelerates aging and too often the child would feel unsatisfied when she grows older.


For an example: Imagine if your child asks you for guidance.

Child: “What should I be when I grow up?”.
Parent: ” Anything you wish to be.”

And if this child isn’t encouraged to explore her creative thinking, she would give up without even trying to figure it out for herself when she grows older. This could be considered as a failure and it clearly denotes that one’s imagination is the only limitation.


In simple terms only a stuck up imagination can stop one from achieving her goals, hence if you have explored and triggered your thinking process, nothing could stop you from achieving your goals.

However, if one doesn’t have any imagination, her abilities and strengths would be limited since one needs imagination to overcome various difficulties and problems in life.

Raise your thinking to a higher level and achieve your goals by learning to use your imagination.

Your imagination can motivate you to move closer to your goals in life.


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  1. Imagination rules the world. Every industry or product is based on imagination only. First, we dream and then we make it possible. U said it right. We should not confine their imagination in 3-4 career alternatives. Let them explore and dream.

  2. Imagination is a beautiful gift then anyone can have and cherish as long as they want. Talking about kids then imagination is their first step toward achieving their dreams. If they don’t imagine, or visualize themselves then how can they move forwards towards their dreams?

  3. I remember words of my mom from your post “think big if you want to achieve big” it’s very well said that our thoughts, our imagination sets our boundaries to achieve things!!

  4. Can I agree more with you buddy. A kid’s flights of imagination can aid him evolve beautifully and we as parents can motivate them more and more for the same

  5. Imaginations are the wings of creativity. Think, learn and live in the ocean of imaginations. Results may shock anybody. It has immense power to represent yourself in a unique way.

  6. Imagination is a gift we all need to cherish. With kids talking about a land that does not exist and filling the land with their imagination is good. Parents can get into the talking and make kids believe that imagination is the root of your dreams.

  7. Such a simple thing but said so beautifully! Imagination is what sets us apart and if we curb it we’re left nowhere. It’s fun to see what kids are capable of if they’re allowed to get creative.

  8. Imagination is a beautiful and on the hand a strong thing . When it is with kids , imagination is the first step towards their dreams. You have beautifully penned down dear .

  9. You are right, Preet, having an imagination means being able to dream and those dreams later on become our goals. Children should never be discouraged from dreaming & using their imagination. Great post!

  10. This is what I also believe, we shouldn’t restrict the kids rather I love to explore the whole world in my dream. An imaginary mind can see such dreams only.

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