Anxiety in kids Decoded -Part 1

Anxiety in kids

Anxiety in kids – Part 1

Did you know that kids from the age of 7-17 often suffer from anxiety or depression?
In this blog post I will help you decode both the cases. Identifying these can help you take necessary help right in time.

Many children have worries and fears, and may feel hopeless and sad times and again.

You may watch the video below to understand this in more details.

Strong fears often appear at different times during the development of a child. For example, toddlers are often very distressed when their parents are away, even if they are cared for and are safe.

Even though worries and fears are typical in children, extreme our persistent forms of sadness and fear could be due to anxiety or depression.

The symptoms of both primarily involve feelings and thoughts, hence they are called internalizing disorders.

Let’s decode Anxiety in this video: I will be sharing details about Depression in kids in my next post.

A child maybe diagnosed with anxiety when he or she doesn’t outgrow the worries and fears that are typical in young children. Or when there are so many worries and fears that they start interfering with home, play activities or school.

Here are a few Examples of different types of anxiety disorders:

• Being clueless and scared when the parents are away (separation anxiety)
• Developing an extreme fear of a specific thing or/and situation,
such as domestic animals, insects, or in some cases even going to the doctor (these are basically phobias)
• Feeling overwhelmed at places where there are people ( including school)
• General anxiety, where a child worries about the future and about the bad things happening around.
• Repeated, sudden, unexpected and intense fear ( panic disorder) . This includes symptoms like difficulty in breathing, feeling shaky, dizzy or sweaty.

If you observe signs of anxiety in kids around you, let’s get on a discovery session and discover new horizons.

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