Parenting During Pandemic

Parenting During Pandemic

Parenting During Pandemic

Parenting During Pandemic is hard. The children are likely to show emotions and feelings that they must have not shown before.

Not just children, but for parents too this has become an overwhelming journey.

Even though it isn’t a great feeling to see one’s children in an emotionally weak state, we must accept that it’s perfectly OK if they show some signs of anxiety or sadness.

What’s important is to deal with this anxiety or any other new emotion in the right manner. Parenting during pandemic is tough but with the right kind of approach, you can help your children deal with any kind of emotional or physical obstacle.

Parenting During Pandemic

With each passing day you might end up seeing a million shades of your children.

Each of these shades require equal amount of attention and love.

I know this is difficult, since we too could be dealing with our own set of struggles during this pandemic, but we have no option but to protect our kids emotionally right now else the new change (due to the pandemic) could leave a long lasting unpleasant mark in our children’s heart.

Here is what I suggest you do on a daily basis, which will reassure your children that you totally get what they are dealing with ( These tips work like magic for us personally) :

  • Hug more  –  Hug tighter and longer when they are low and are in distress. They need extra affection when in distress. Hugs act as an instant relief.


  • Say “I love you” a zillion times throughout the day (for no specific reason at all) – This is something that we must do anyways. I am sure you understand how life could change once the children grow older. Doing this will ensure that you have a strong bond with your children throughout your life.


  • Keep appreciating them for the little things they take care of – They must be reminded that every contribution of theirs is valued.


  • Let Go when they goof up: This is something that I strongly believe in. Try to stay calm when they make a mess or do something else that you ideally don’t like. They are trapped inside, and we must let go of these small incidences. I personally only react seriously when there is something that could endanger their safety. But that too I ensure that my tone isn’t aggressive, but is assertive.

  • Dedicate atleast 1-2 hrs to them during the day (no mobile phones during this time) – This too should be done on  a regular basis. Children need our quality time to develop a strong bond with us which will only grow stronger with time.


  • Give them space when they need it, to calm themselves on their own


  • End the day by telling them how grateful you are for having them. Tell them how you feel and give them a chance to share their own fellings with you openly. Even if you feel low, tell your children, as this will reassure them that all feelings are important. Having Heart to Hear talk with your children would go a long way.

Parenting During Pandemic

This is how we have been dealing with our children’s mental health since even before the pandemic hit us.
I really hope this helps.
Do you find parenting during pandemic difficult?
How are you dealing with your children’s emotions?


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Much love,
Preetjyot Kaur
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  1. The pandemic had helped us coming closer to our kids. We did a lot of activities together and yes, hugged a lot more! How true, we have to give them space and spend time with them too.

        1. If Hugs and I love you become an integral part of our lives, it will definitely bring kids and parents grow a strong bond even when the kids grow older. This is what the researches have proved.

  2. Pandemic has been more tough on children than on adults as they lost of their freedom to enjoy their childhood. So yes being calm and patient with them and giving them time and attention is very important.

  3. These are excellent tips for dealing with the children but I will go so far as to say that is at its that we can use for dealing with everyone in the family. I think giving each other space and yet having conversations about gratitude and giving more hugs is a fabulous idea for everyone.

  4. This Pandemic was kind of a test of Parenting for me. Your tips are always so helpful. I have been following all this and it not just made kids calm but us too to sail through this period.

  5. Yes parenting is a challenge during this pandemic times. Online schooling and 24 hrs with kids it does get tough for me to cope up. I can totally understand what you have written but yes I tell my son at night that I love him so much.

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