Stand out from the crowd of bloggers

Stand out

Stand out from the crowd of bloggers!

If you worry about how to stand out amongst your fellow bloggers then this blog is definitely worth a read.

Good performance and hard work are important to advancing your journey as a blogger, however unfortunately these aren’t enough for your work to get noticed.
The truth is that many of your fellow bloggers are doing a great work too.
You would have to do something more than that to stand out from the pool of bloggers.

Stand out

Firstly, ask yourself these questions:
How do you ensure that people remember you?
Have you worked on a strategy to make a long lasting impression on your audience?
What quality makes you different and do you know of ways you could stand out from the rest of the lot?

A noticeable difference is required, not a massive one for sure to begin with.
Remember the simplest differentiation could be a key to establishing your brilliance.

One simple key is to BE YOURSELF to stand out.

Read on to know what helps me stand out from the crowd:

1. Contribution :

Involvement and dedication always stands out. If you are working with a team of other bloggers on a project, make sure you are more prepared than the others. Do your homework well with the resources available. Ensure that you show up prepared and ready to work. You will definitely be noticed if you make a significant contribution and actively engage in the group activity.

2. Communication :

It’s wise to pay attention to how you express yourself, not only in your blogs, but also on the phone, in the emails and during a face to face encounter with your peers and people who follow your work. Be a better listener and be respectful and confident in all your communications. Ensure that you maintain eye contact, give full attention and try to honestly absorb what people are saying.

3. Attitude :

A professional and upbeat attitude always stands out. Be positive, passionate, engaging and enthusiastic. Even on the hardest days it’s important to stay upbeat and confident. The world always enjoys the work of people who are constructive, pleasant and encouraging, rather than destructive, rude, complaining and indifferent.

4. Think creatively :

Don’t be afraid to take risks and consciously make an effort to step out of your comfort zone. It’s wise to look for innovative solutions to keep your audience engaged.

5. Take away :

Make sure you bring good content to the table for your audience, the content that could be anything from being informative, to something that makes them laugh, to something that inspires them.

6. Be their go to person :

I personally don’t leave a single DM or email unanswered. I started blogging because I wanted to help moms who face various situations while raising their little ones and if I’m not approachable, it just makes no sense for me at all. Be there for them when they need to be emotionally uplifted.

It’s important to always remember the reason why you started blogging. If you love your work you would always be motivated to create great content for yourself and your audience.

Be unique! Be you!

It’s ok to get inspired but let your work talk about exclusively you. Don’t ever lose your charm and your style of blogging just to copy someone else’s style. The world likes unique content. Don’t lose your originality!

What is it that you do differently to keep your audience engaged?

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  1. This problem is a major one in the blogging world, everyone just writes the same things over and over again! You have given some practical tips to find your own audience and stand out.

  2. This article is a treasure chest for all the new bloggers out there ❤️ will definitely look forward to reading more from you

  3. Hi, I identify with all your points so wel! When I started blogging I was always under the stress on how do I match up with other bloggers who are already doing so well. You points cover all the aspects any blogger should follow.

  4. I’m totally with all that you say about preserving our uniqueness while blogging & giving engagement the real importance while being cordial. This is an amazing post, Preetjyot.As

  5. This was a very insightful post, Preet. Much needed when everyone in today’s date is a blogger. I have bookmarked this post. Creating unique content will definitely help one stand out.

  6. This is a great blog with a good takeaway for budding bloggers who wish to grow their blog. I also believe it very imp to be unique and stand out of the crowd to be noticed.

  7. Those are some great tips. It’s easy to get lost in the sea that’s the blogosphere and these are some great tips to stand out. I like this prompt. I will try to take it up.

  8. That is a great article in terms of tips for people beginning with blogging. I also try to standout and think creatively than others.

  9. It’s not easy to develop individual identity especially in the crowd that people recognise from the work. This is so helpful tips from your experience.

  10. Absolutely loved reading this, Preet. Looking for our own space in the see of bloggers often gets into our head and it starts to affect negatively. This was really a helpful post, being consistent with your effort is one thing that I have definitely learned over the past years in this blogging industry.

  11. When I read the title of your article, I was intrigued and wanted to know how to stand out, but always somewhat apprehensive of the tall list you would give.
    This article is a reassuring read! To stand out is so much simpler and straightforward 🙂

  12. Nice post , agree with you , being proffesional helps and sometimes we need to think out of box to stand out in a crowd 🙂

  13. Your content definitely stands out. Being natural and ourselves is something we should never forget. We all have unique qualities that we should highlight.

  14. Loved the tips you’ve shared. Attitude is extremely important as per what I see. Irrespective of who you are, if you are a fun-loving person and approachable, it becomes much more with the community.

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