Plant lover – who was once a plant Killer

Plant lover

Plant lover – who was once a serious Plant Killer.

From being plant killer all my life to an obsessive plant lover,  the journey has been wonderful.
I have seriously come a long way.
I always loved plants but somehow was always known to kill them unknowingly.
I became helpless to an extent that I used to just admire plants from far at my childhood home. I couldn’t afford to let another plant die?.

In fact my mom even tried passing on some gardening knowledge to me, but it didn’t help either.

Plant lover

Last year I decided to give our love another shot ( I’m assuming that plants love me too?).

I got some plants from a nearby nursery and two sets of plants again died up on me, making me feel miserable and Question my love for them.

During the beginning of the year 2020, I started my research. Made a journal and researched about the plants we had at home. Learnt how to propagate plants. Also found out how I could grow plants from easily accessible seeds at home.
Found out what they needed and how I could keep them alive.
I don’t remember names of all the plants, but looking at it I can say how to take care of them.

Plant lover

Even though I know I took a long time to learn to care for the plants, I am glad I didn’t give up.

I now have set up a schedule to water my plants, both indoor and outdoor.
I don’t have a zillion of them, but enough for me to be able to care for them well.

This is one obsession I am really proud of.
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I have an interesting story of a plant I revived after it died up on me 5 times.( Will share soon).

Gardening gives me Sukoon and the soil is therapeutic.

The Attitude of never giving up is what I learnt from my plants. They never gave up completely on me. Probably that’s what gave me a push to learn how to care for them. Plants teach us how to thrive even when there is no hope.

They teach us how

Are you an obsessive Plant lover too?
Isn’t it something to be proud of??


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Plant lover


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  1. oh . This is so so relatable . I was a plant killer too . I am now extra cautious when it comes to managing the plants. Gardening is the best therapy

  2. Very honest post.. I am also a plant killer unknowingly. But reading your post I think I should also give it a try.

  3. I love plants but not much into garderning ,whereas my hubby is plant lover in new house he planted 30 plants and he took care of them cutting ,watering, adding manure. I love to see his passion growing with each plant sapling growing.

  4. That’s some astounding Plant love, and such a pleasant transformation. Plants do teach us to thrive and so much more. Lovely post.

  5. My journey has been similar to yours. I couldn’t keep even a Tulsi alive earlier and now have many plants that I care for dearly now. It truly is therapeutic.

  6. home gardens have started picking up and my mom started her own simple yet effective growing of Vegetables and flowers at home, managing everything at home and not using pesticides.. can soo relate…

  7. I was a plant killer too and now I am much better but not a pro. I am still scared but agree that gardening is therapeutic and fun.

  8. I have always loved plants but never got the space and time for planting more of them but now whatever few plants I have I give them adequate care and love and like you said its therapeutic.

  9. Its always great to meet a kindred plant lover. I have also killed my fair share of plants, especially succulents. But it just takes will power and grit to not let it pull you down. Keep up your passion.

  10. That’s quite an inspiring blog. Mom loved plants and planting and keeps growing nad taking care of them.

  11. Since last couple of years on diwali, I am collecting children in neighborhood and giving them message that grow plants instead of bursting crackers. Few parents revolt but I will try again this year. It is important to grow plants in our house as forrests are being destroyed for fun.

  12. I am so there with you on this post. I killed so many plants cos I loved them too much (either over-watered them or over-fertilized them). I have finally kept a gardener to keep me in check, he does all the heavy lifting while I just admire my plants

  13. This is so my story! Before owning a few plants of my own, I thought gardening was a child’s play. That’s when I got introduced to delicate plants like Croton. It took me 6 months to finally help them from not dying. I soon realized that gardening was a work of patience, love and lots of knowledge. Thanks for sharing your story, Preetjyot.

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