I support the Farmers – The biggest Protest Ever

support the Farmers

I support the Farmers and their Protest.

I might have been quiet in the past, but I’m not blind.
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support the Farmers

They walked through the streets with their resolve. They are camping and cooking on roads so that all of us sleep under roof and have food to eat. They gave up their comfort because that was the price of their livelihood and future. That is the bargain they have made.

It breaks my heart to see the media misguide the viewers, which is passing on false information that has absolutely nothing to do with the farmer’s protest.

During the Winters, these farmers are fighting for something that would effect all of us eventually. I support the farmers!


support the Farmers

Our farmers know the new laws aren’t in their favour.
Do you think WE (the citizens who are sitting cozy in our houses) know better than what they know? They would definitely know all about something on which their livelihood depends.
Do you think We (the citizens who are dependent on the media) would know how these laws would affect millions of farmers in our country?
Do you think there aren’t enough Educated members in the families of these farmers, who could explain to them what exactly do the new farm laws state?

No one is misguiding these farmers.
In fact no one can!
They know what they are doing.
They have come prepared and the real pictures and videos from the protest sight will give you jitters.

support the Farmers

If you can’t support them, I totally get it.

But I urge you not to believe everything you see or hear through the News channels.

It’s someone’s life we are talking about, and they know better than any of us.

But I can’t sit here quietly witnessing an open injustice happening in our country.
I wanted to make a video to share my thoughts but I got emotional midway and thought of writing it down.

If you want to know more about this protest please check out the highlighted stories on my page under ‘Farmersprotest’ (Tap on the link)

I stand with our farmers!
And I am not worried if anyone disagrees with my thoughts..
Incase you think differently, feel free to not share your thoughts here?
Also, please remember this movement is not about any religion, caste or political party. It is about the basic rights of the farmers.

support the Farmers


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