5 Reasons why I choose to buy fewer toys: Toy minimalism benefits

Toy minimalism

Toy minimalism benefits

Let me share with you the 5 Reasons why I believe in toy minimalism.

Toy minimalism

Every few months I get rid of some toys or hide them away for my like little muffins’ benefit. You could call it ‘ Toy minimalism‘.
My little girls have gained a lot by giving away their toys and to know how, please read on.
Everyday while my girls play, I sip on my coffee and grab my favourite book to read. I don’t completely zone out, but watch them and listen to them too. What toy minimalism has lead to, often surprises me and I wonder why I didn’t try doing it before.

I had to get rid of the toys because I was worried about them being crushed under my feet everytime I would try to walk around the house.
I was worried of turning into a screaming and yelling monster mom who would keep pushing her kids to clean up their toys.
I was worried that my kids would end up pleading me to buy them every toy they would get their eyes on whenever we would step into a toy store.
Most of all, I got rid of the toys since I knew somewhere within, how much my girls would gain from Toy minimalism.
Frankly, I wasn’t worried about them missing out something without a mountain of toys, but was thrilled to see them gain something out of it.

Toy minimalism

Here is what my kids gained from Toy minimalism:

Enhanced creativity and innovation:

This process gives kids a chance to discover their creative side.
My girls have a huge collection of Barbie dolls and all they would do is dress them up all day, do their makeup and try some hairstyles on them.
Then came a time when the dolls were hidden. Now this was the time when they explored the world around them a little more.
Do you think they missed their dolls?
Well not at all.
I saw them playing with the doll dresses. They made hand puppets by wearing them on their fingers. Later I saw them pretend playing with them and running their clothing store. They made me buy these Barbie clothes from them and in the process learnt about the exchange of currencies as well.
Don’t we all want our kids to foster such traits.

Learn to practice sharing:

The truth is that humans weren’t evolved to share. This social behaviour was developed as a way to keep peace amongst humans. It must be practiced since it doesn’t come naturally.
Living with fewer toys helps a child to explore his boundaries and limitations and he gets to exercise this crucial social skill more often.

Opportunity to practice Independent play:

I have observed that my girls play more independently when they have fewer toys. Kids would find their toys easily if there are fewer carefully selected toys. It would be easy for them to take the toys out on their own and place them back too.
I no more hear ‘I am getting bored’ or ‘ what should l play with’ . Since the options are openly available, it helps them to dive in and play. You would also see your kids think out off the box, discovering new ways to use their fewer toys.

Less stress for mama:

I’m sure you would agree that clutter creates a lot of stress. How in the world can we expect a little kid to keep his toys organised if we can’t achieve the same task ourselves. Too many toys can end up having you scream all throughout the day for something that isn’t even achievable. There is so much peace when everything is in its place, isn’t it? Fewer toys would definitely ensure that everything has its place and the child won’t find it too difficult to take toys out on his own.

Conscious purchasing:

I wanted my girls to make a choice on their own about if they really needed a particular toy, if it’s of good quality and if at all they already have something similar.
With time I have observed that my 4 year old does analyse and understand the importance of purchasing toys consciously.
She understands that there shouldn’t be impulsive purchases. She totally gets it If I give her a reason why we shouldn’t be purchasing a particular toy and what else we could choose instead.

Elated mama:

All the above points adds up to a perfect recipe for a happy mama. Fewer toys means no more nagging, more of sharing, independent play most of the times, creative discoveries and understanding the concept of conscious consumer.
All this will give you a happy high. A high that would spread a happy atmosphere in your house.

So trust me on this and go hide some of your child’s toys and watch him learn a lot in the process.

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