Struggling with life? | Don’t Let it defeat you

Struggling with life?

Struggling with life and feeling that you are failing at it?

As a Life Coach I come across many kids and adult clients who are from all walks of life. Each of them have an intense desire to change and improve their thoughts and way of living. However, despite making all the efforts they feel that they aren’t able to do so and that’s when they seek help from people like me. I really feel half the battle is won the moment you realise that you need help to cope with difficult things in life and make and effort to reach out to the right people, because that shows that you are ready to make the change.

A part of me wishes to tell all these people how amazing they are, however I do understand that struggle overpowers you mostly because of self doubt and not believing in yourself.

Life offers unlimited opportunities to everyone, it’s just that we need to mindfully be able to recognise these and make the most of them.

Struggling with life?

Do you know why you must be struggling with life and feeling that you are failing?

Struggles instil great amount of strength, tenacity and courage within us. But before they do that, they might end up leaving us drained out and defeated.

Limiting beliefs is what traps most people.

” I am unable to do it due to lack of time.” or

” I can’t do it due to shortage of funds” or

” I can’t do it because it sucks out all my energy.”

Limiting beliefs like these are perceptions our mind creates to procrastinate or avoid doing something completely. These beliefs will keep on effecting your decisions till the time you don’t take charge and challenge them.

Desire and Belief go hand in hand

You will continue to struggle with life and it’s challenges until you take charge and gain control over it. You might have a strong desire to change your life and turn things around for yourself, but if you do not have the determined belief in the fact that you will be able to reach your goals, you would end up fighting a lost battle. It will drain you out and will give you an illusion that you are severely failing in life.

Struggling with life?

Emotional Blind spots

Every one has one or more emotional blind spots, which are mostly based on perceptions and assumptions about the world and ourselves that aren’t true. One of the main reasons why people end up refusing to acknowledge or question certain things about themselves is that they might not like the answer they find at the end. Hence, people just accept things as the truth which leads to an illusion that could make them give up even before they started.

Don’t assume something to be true. Try to sit with yourself and find out why you are feeling a certain way. Think about why you feel that giving it up would be much easier than failing at it.

The question is : Why assume that you would fail at it even before trying?

Struggling with life?

Self Sabotaging Patterns of Behaviour

Our emotional blind spots lead to self sabotage patterns of behaviour. Most people interpret any kind of new information in a way that their prior conclusions or assumptions remain intact. This is one of the many reasons people seek help from a life coach or a mentor. A life coach can help you identify your emotional blind spots and help you feel empowered so you can overcome struggles or obstacles.


In my next post I will share with you why you could be Struggling with life .

I really hope this post helps you look at Struggles differently and helps you find your blind spots in case you feel you are Struggling with life.

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