Is it a criminal offence to raise an English speaking child in India?

This is yet another rule of stereotype way of parenting that i have broken.

I am an Indian and I speak English sufficiently well to qualify to answer the question above   and trust me when I say this, I do not look down upon people who don’t speak English.

It is true that English speakers are held in high regard in India and there are several reasons (both good and bad) for that but it doesn’t mean that the contrary is true as well. Respect for English speakers doesn’t translate to disrespect for non speakers and that is irrefutable.english speakingkidYou know who Indian English speakers truly detest? It’s those who speak in a foreign accent just to look cool. Now that I think is something that we all agree upon.

Is it a criminal offence to raise an English speaking child in India?

Yes!!! That’s my question to all the parents out there, to the educational institutions, to our national leaders, to all the celebrities out there , to people who are taking care of educational department in our country.

Why is it that most of the times I come across people questioning me , why my 2.6 yr old child speaks only in English?
Why does it offend our society so much?
Come on let’s be practical. No offence to anyone, but I am not the one who is running the educational institutions or making the school curriculum or an owner of a big multinational company (which emphasizes on English being the spoken language at work).
Yes my daughter speaks in English. Because that’s the first language spoken at our home since firever. 

Don’t we feel that our brain works brilliantly when we want to write something in our first language?
Aren’t we all at ease when watching movies in our first language?
Haven’t we all seen people in our school suffering since it was difficult for them to pen down their thoughts in English during exams, since their first language was different and their brain was more comfortable thinking in that language ?
Haven’t we seen people who lacked in spoken English suffer during college campus interviews?
We have to accept the fact that all the schools and colleges have their subjects being taught in English . We have to accept the fact that all the work places prefer an English speaking environment. We have to accept that English is internationally spoken and is accepted .

I would like to share an experience with you all.english speakingkid2
While I was flying as a cabin attendant I came across an elderly captain who was from a background where English wasn’t given too much of an importance. While this captain must be taking home a bomb of a salary, he had to suffer because of his English. I had overheard fellow co-pilots taking him for a ride, making fun of the fact that the ATC never understood his language.
I felt bad for this senior captain. Why do people get too harsh with non-english speaking people and why are they looked down upon. Aren’t we being unreasonable.
This is my personal observation, that it’s tough to learn English for a child, however Hindi or any other language is easy for them to grasp. My child has started going to school and I realise she has learnt a lot of words in Hindi, and to my luck she knows these words’ meaning in English as well.
I am not here to judge any language or any country. But have a little request, before we want to judge a family that raise an English speaking child, let’s judge our educational system first, let’s change the environment at work places. And if we can’t change all that, then let’s respect the parents who are making an extra effort to help their child survive and excel in this English oriented world.

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