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With the summers just around the corner, I feared babywearing would become difficult. I was worried that the dreadful sun would make it difficult for me and my baby to roam around in the baby carrier.

How I wish someone would invent a baby carrier with the feature of an air conditioner. So, until this miraculous Carrier comes in our life, we need to be ready to accept the fact that baby wearing in summers is, going to be, Well!! Hot!! Very hot…

I am a baby wearing mommy, and with my two girls it’s a boon for me. Stepping out of the house without any help, with my girls has become a very easy task.

But like I said the summers approaching, I fear of troubling my younger one.

This urged me to get a solution for this problem. A solution to make my small baby’s life easier this summer, while I would be carrying her around with my toddler.

Here is what my research says, that should help you wearing your baby in this dreadful summer:

1. Dress your baby and yourself for the occasion: wear airy and light clothes (linen or 100% cotton is what I would personally suggest). A really important point to remember is that the carrier acts like a layer of cloth too.

2. Keep sun protection in mindBaby Legs or other leg/arm covers are an easy way to provide light protection while staying cool.

3. Make things feel less sticky, by keeping a thin layer of fabric between your baby and you. This can be done easily by wearing a high neck shirt. You may also keep a thin piece of muslin or cotton cloth between your baby and you (the best part is that this can be easily swapped out).

4. Try being in shade as much as possible. This may seem obvious, but if you’re anything like most parents are, you may be stubbornly trying to go about your business without any regard for the weather. The hottest days are the best time to slow down a bit. This is the time you need to take it easy as much as you can, and stay in the shade as much as possible.unnamed

5. It’s wise to try to schedule your activities for the coolest part of the day, which would be early mornings, and before or after the sun is at its peak.

6. Make your own shade, if it’s not possible to stay in the shade. The easiest way to do this is by keeping both of you in hats whenever you are out. Try to get baby hats with Velcro so the baby can’t easily remove it. And just in case your baby hates hats, try wearing a hat with a big brim, big enough to provide comfortable shade to the both of you. If you too don’t prefer a hat, keep an umbrella handy with you, which would help you make your own shade.

Babywearing7. Water can be used in summers to keep your body cool. Of course you should drink plenty of liquids (and keep your child hydrated as well) but water can also help you cool off in other ways. This one is my mother’s favorite. Carry a small spray bottle with water in it, and spray spritz on hand, feet and hair. The best part is that: if you have a toddler or older child, they are usually thrilled to help with the spritzing! 

8. Go out in the water, in a swimming pool or Beach. There’s nothing like splashing water on yourself in summers.

9. Air would help you keep your baby and you cool this summer. Buy or make a small hand held fan. They really work.Fan10. Wear the thinnest and the lightest of the be carrier that you have. This is for people who are a baby wearing fan and usually have more than one type of a baby carrier. The best for summers would be linen ring slings or the Wrapsody Breeze wraps. For a little one, the Wrapsody WrapDuo is amazing for its fast-drying and wicking properties (and the best part is that it can go in the water too!)  

Wrapsody WrapDuo 11. Just in case your carrier has a sleeping good, you may use it as a little extra shade.  The tail of a ring offers extra coverage, too. 

Always remember to choose your baby carrier keeping the weather in mind.

Also, Back carries and hip carries feel cooler in the hot weather, so try one of these if your baby is older. 

For an infant, it is always recommended to carry your baby in the front, for you to be able to monitor your baby.

In case you choose to wrap your baby, please choose a carrier that involves very few layers around you, such as a rucksack carrier or a kangaroo carrier.

Here in my secret tip, which won’t be a secret anymore. I keep a change of clothes for both my girls in a zip lock pouch with a cooling pad. When i feel they are feeling too hot, I change their clothes and make them wear these cool clothes.  I know it can be a little hassle to do this, but trust me at the end of the day I have a happy and comfortable child. And yes their cool clothes keep me cool too!!!

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