Breastfeeding : The toughest choice I had to make as a second time mother


The world is tough on moms but I’m glad we stand united and choose not to judge each other’s choices.

There comes a time in every mother’s life, when she is caught up in a situation where she knows that the choices she makes might haunt her all her life.

I went through the same phase when my second baby was born.

I breastfed my first child for 2 years and the second one for 1.6 years.
If that makes you feel sorry for my younger one please #GoAheadJudge .

I had a great difficulty with breastfeeding when I first became a mom. I fought this battle with all my heart and soul and eventually was able to breastfeed my elder one for over 2 years.
I will always be very proud of being able to overcome the physical obstacles I had to face back then.


Second time around I was a confident mom who began her breastfeeding journey with a bang. I was sailing through it smoothly until one day when something unexpected happened.

Everyone would agree that breastfeeding takes away a lot of energy from you. It can be exhausting.
And this time I was an older mom with double the responsibilities.

I not just had to take care of both my girls and their need but was also working from home. I started getting really tired and used to wake up and cry every night because I felt that I couldn’t do it anymore.
It felt as if my body was giving up.

My husband intervened (he knew how sensitive this was for me).
He also knew I wouldn’t want to give up on breastfeeding my younger one until she was 2.

He shook me up and brought me to reality. He said that for us it should be more important that both our girls were happy, healthy and had the same enthusiastic mom around. I was told I couldn’t take that fun mom away from them because of a guilt.


I just couldn’t take the big decision if hadn’t got my husband’s support.

I was not worried about how the world would react to it, all I cared about was how I would judge myself for doing it.

We mutually decided to introduction bottle to our younger one. We did it together, and the little one took it really well.

Maybe, she too could feel her mom’s plight.





Today while penning this down I have tears rolling down. Not because I’m sad.
But because I’m elated that I sailed through it and made it happen for both my girls.

I was ‘ME’ again for them. I was no longer a tired and exhausted mom.

We won our small little battle .

So to all of you who love to judge a mom on her choice of breastfeeding or bottlefeeding.
Go ahead and judge us.
We just don’t care! Because it’s only ‘We’ who know what’s best for our babies.

Have you been judged for your Breastfeeding/bottle feeding choices?

What are your thoughts on this?

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Much love,
Preetjyot Kaur
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  1. I have been a mom only once, wished to experience the second time but the moment just never came in my life. Reading your experiences makes me wish I could have. Nonetheless no regrets.

  2. I like the way you arent bothered of being judged. I also feel breast feeding is a personal and a physical choice. Nothing else matters

  3. Loved your post, I went through this situation and still going through my younger one is just10 months old agree some time breastfeeding become so exhaustive so, can totally relate with you, I believe better to keep your ears off sometimes and do what is best for our kiddos and for our family !

  4. You are strong woman I know…and I do believe that noone can judge you or have right to judge…yes ..your daughter need a happy mom!! I just loved your decision!!

  5. The life of a woman especially your mother becomes easier when they have perfect support from their partner and family just like in your case and I’m glad the little one got used to the bottle easily

  6. Ahh. The never ending debate of breastfeeding… I believe it’s a personal choice of the mother by the way my son is also 18 months and I am thinking to put him to bottle feed… But he is not ready to switch… Can u share some tips…plz ?

  7. I loved reading your post. I breastfed my son till he was fourteen months old. the sad part was I was judged in my own house. My mom in law always used to tell me that I was always feeding the baby! I really felt bad as if I was doing something wrong. My son is three years old now and I feel that people have this bad habit of commenting about everything. I am strong now, I wish I could’ve been more stronger then !

  8. This is a heartwarming post, when we decide to bring a life to this world it’s just not a decision to have a baby. But the one which makes us warrior. Probably not on a glorified level, but a warrior of our own terrain and life. Breasfeeding a child or not to is a personal choice.

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